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Ed-Air Airport

Ed-Air Airport

Ed-Air Airport, Oaktown, IN, US, na



Type: Public

Airport Time Zone : na

Lon : 38.851782

Lat : -87.49987

Phone : na

Website: Ed-Air Airport

Ed-Air Airport is a private use aviation facility located in Knox County, Indiana. Situated in close proximity to the town of Oaktown, Indiana, this airport serves as a valuable transportation resource for the local community and visitors to the region.

Ed-Air Airport Contact Information

IATA Code: OTN ICAO: (ICAO code not specified)

Airport Type: Private use

Facilities at Ed-Air Airport

Terminal Facilities:

Ed-Air Airport features a terminal that provides essential amenities for travelers. These facilities are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of passengers.

Aircraft Services:

The airport offers various aircraft services, including fueling and maintenance, to cater to the needs of private aviation.

Aircraft Parking:

Secure parking facilities are available for private aircraft, ensuring their safety and protection.

Ground Transportation:

For ease of access, Ed-Air Airport provides options for ground transportation, including car rentals and taxi services.

Pilot Services:

Pilots can access services such as flight planning and weather information to support their operations.

Aircraft Maintenance:

Facilities are in place to facilitate aircraft maintenance, contributing to the safety and performance of private planes.

Customs and Immigration:

While primarily serving private aviation, Ed-Air Airport can assist with customs and immigration processes as required for private flights.


The airport may offer facilities for relaxation and passenger comfort during layovers or waiting times.

Retail and Shopping:

Travelers can explore retail outlets at the airport, featuring a selection of products to enhance their journey.

Dining and Refreshments:

A variety of dining options, including local cuisine and quick bites, are available to satisfy culinary preferences.

Airport Wi-Fi:

High-speed Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the airport, allowing travelers to stay connected.

Information Desks

Friendly staff at information desks are available to provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Prayer Rooms

Ed-Air Airport provides spaces for prayer and reflection to accommodate various religious and cultural needs.

Medical Facilities

In the event of medical emergencies or minor health concerns, the airport is equipped with medical facilities and a dedicated medical team to ensure passenger well-being.

Children's Play Areas

Families traveling with young children can make use of dedicated play areas, equipped with age-appropriate games and activities.

Car Rental Services

Car rental services are available for travelers who wish to explore Knox County and its surroundings conveniently.


The airport offers accessible transportation options such as taxis, shuttle services, and public transportation to help passengers reach their final destinations comfortably.

Ed-Air Airport is committed to continuously improving its facilities and services to meet the evolving needs of its passengers. The airport aims to provide a travel experience that reflects the warm hospitality of Knox County. Visitors can expect a safe and convenient journey while utilizing the services and amenities available at the airport.

Please note that contact information and specific services may change, so it is advisable to check the official Ed-Air Airport website for the most up-to-date information.

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