Delta Airlines Web Check-in and Boarding Pass

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Delta Airlines Web Check in and Boarding Pass

Delta Airlines is the world's leading airline and has been for many years. It offers a great experience for its passengers with its excellent service and optional performance. Delta Airlines is a top-rated airline in the United States. 

We will explain how to check in online with Delta Airlines and when and where.The traveller must do the delta early check in before they can take the flight. It can be done online or via mobile. If you check in online, the process is very simple.

Otherwise, travellers will need to wait in line at the airport. Each step of the delta flight check in process is explained clearly below.

Here Are the Ways to Delta Airlines Web Check in

You can check in online with Delta and get your boarding pass. This allows you to confirm whether the traveller will be able to board the plane. You have two options to check-in: online or offline.

It is easy and straightforward to check in online. This process takes only a few minutes on the internet or mobile. Contact a customer service representative at +1 800 221-12 12 if you have any questions about Delta web check in.

Delta Web check-in is simple with the steps below:

  • Web Check-In
  • Most travellers prefer to do their delta check-in online. However, there are a few exceptions.
  • Check-in for domestic flights can be done 24 hours prior to departure via Web Check-In. However, airport check-in must be completed at least two hours before departure.
  • International flights require that the traveller report to the airport at least 4 hours prior to departure. For Delta web check in, the process begins 48 hours prior to departure.

Steps to do Delta Airlines Web Check in

  • You can check in for a Delta Airlines flight with these steps
  • Visit the official website
  • Click the "check in" tab
  • For the details of your flight reservation
  • Enter the flight confirmation number, ticket number, or SkyMiles number
  • Last name of the passenger
  • Name of the airport
  • Click the search button to see all relevant flight details.
  • Choose the flight you want
  • Enter the total number of travellers who checked-in
  • You can enter the number of bags and pay for additional baggage.
  • View, modify and upgrade your seat details now
  • Now, you can make your reservation.
  • Mobile Check-In
  • Check-in for international and domestic flights can be done via the mobile app "Delta Fly".
  • Download the initial delta fly application.
  • Log in now as a guest or traveller to register for your SkyMiles account.
  • To access specific details about your trip, enter the confirmation code.
  • Logging in, the traveller is automatically checked in.
  • Fly Delta App allows travellers to plan their trips.
  • The following operations can be done at the airport, during or after the flight using the Delta mobile app:
  • Take control of your trip.
  • Book your flight tickets.
  • Upgrade to a higher-class seat by paying extra. SkyMiles is also included.
  • Chat lives with a customer representative to get assistance.

Kiosk Check-In

  • You can check in online at Delta Airlines at the airport's self-service counter. The process is similar to the online check-in at delta Airline.
  • This service is only available to passengers who arrive at the airport between 4 - 30 minutes before departure.
  • Self-service kiosk check in allows travellers to select their preferred seat from available options. After the check-in process has been completed, they can print their boarding pass.

How to check in at the Kiosk

  • These steps relate to the Delta early check-in online. The kiosk check-in service allows the traveller to check-in at the airport himself. These are the steps you need to follow to perform the kiosk check.
  • Check-in at the Kiosk counter.
  • Enter the confirmation number or ticket number to get the details about the trip.
  • Select the appropriate option.
  • Upgrade, change or select the seat
  • Additional baggage may be required and paid for
  • Print the boarding pass

The Ticket Counter

  • Delta Airlines offers its check-in service at the airport
  • Check in at the airport is possible only if the traveller arrives between 3 and 1 hours before departure of any international flight.
  • Domestic flights within the United States require passengers to arrive at least 2 hours before departure.
  • The traveller must bring their legal documents such as a passport or visa to check in.
  • Once you have received your boarding pass, verify that all information is correct such as flight number and ticket number.

Delta Airlines Check-In & Boarding Cut-off Times

The check-in online process for Delta Airlines is easy.

Check-in with Bags

No more than one bag is permitted per travel class or route. All of the baggage was checked at the Delta web check in.
Basic economy class does not allow you to carry any baggage. Economy class allows you to bring one bag on certain international flights.

Other classes of travel such as Delta One and Delta Premium Selections allow for two checked bags.
The bag weight limit for economy class is 23kg, while that for premium select, delta and first-class is 32kg.

Delta Airlines has a maximum bag allowance of 10 bags per flight. No additional bag fees are allowed for the 11th bag. Only 4 bags are permitted on Delta Connection flights.

Check-in without Bags (cabin luggage)

  • You can carry on your baggage free of charge with an airline.
  • Check-in Delta Airlines allows one bag per person as a carry-on, with dimensions of 56x35x23cm/22x14x9in
  • A shoulder bag, laptop bag or camera bag can be carried by one person.
  • Although there is no maximum weight limit on carry-on bags for flights departing from these airports, there is a weight limit.
  • Beijing Capital Airport with 10kg bag each
  • Shanghai Pudong airport has a 10kg bag for each passenger
  • Singapore airport change with 7kg bag

Check in with your pet

Check-in at Delta Airlines allows passengers to bring their pets along with them and can ship them as cargo depending on their size.

Delta Airlines does not allow pets to be checked in baggage

  • Pets are allowed in all cabins when flying domestically
  • International flights are not permitted to carry pets in business, first, or business elite classes.
  • Domestic flights can be taken by small cats, dogs and housebirds of all sizes. However, it is best to ensure that the pet can fit under the front seat.
  • Pets in checked bags cannot be transported; only military personnel or state department foreign service officers may bring pets in checked baggage under certain conditions.
  • Only cats and dogs are permitted on international flights.
  • Service dogs and their owners are not allowed in the cabin.
  • Delta Airlines has updated its pet policy to prohibit free-of-cost support animals for emotional issues.
  • Delta cargo can carry any large pet, but it is not guaranteed that they will travel together.

Get Delta Airlines Boarding Pass

Every airline wants its boarding to be completed as quickly as possible. The airlines have created boarding groups to speed up the boarding process. Delta Airlines allows airlines to recognize elite travellers and give them priority boarding.

Check in online at least 24 hours before your departure. Click on the "Check In" button in the page header, or visit My Trip. Print your boarding ticket or download the e-boarding card to your mobile device
Delta Airlines divides the boarding class into 10 groups, which are:

  • Pre-boarding: For those who require special assistance or more time to board,
  • Military personnel on duty
  • Delta one-class travellers
  • Delta premium and first-class ticket holders
  • A person travels with a stroller or car seat.
  • Delta Comfort
  • Sky Priority members
  • Main cabin1, 2, and 3
  • Economy class passengers always board at the final.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Check-in times for Delta are the times that passengers have to check in for their flight. This time period is usually between 45 minutes to 1 hour before the flight's scheduled departure time. Delta recommends that passengers arrive to the airport at least two hours before their flight in order to have enough time to check-in and go through security.

The curb side checkpoint is open four hours prior to departure and closes sixty minutes before international flights take off.
Check in at the airport before departure for domestic flights.

  • Online check-in is not permitted for very few travellers.
  • Travellers without a confirmed flight booking.
  • Travellers who require special assistance, such as seniors or infants.
  • Traveller who uses code-share flights.
  • Pet owners who travel with their pets.

For Delta Airlines flights, boarding closes at these times
For domestic Delta Airlines flights within the United States, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time
Most international Delta Airlines flights from/to the USA depart 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. Some non-US airports close boarding 60 min before scheduled departure time. Check for exact details.


Yes, you make payment online at Delta Airlines website You can add your extra bag to manage your booking on Delta Airlines page and check how much weight is allowed for Delta Airlines flights.


On your computer, open your Internet browser and go to
Click the "Check-in” box
Enter your confirmation number, last name.
After you have completed check-in, it will prompt to print your boarding pass.

Check-in opens 24 hours prior to your flight departure. Check-in times, baggage check, and boarding requirements for Delta Airlines may differ depending on where you are departing from and what your destination is. Find more information and help on how to get started with your Delta Airlines flight check-in on

  • Yes, Delta Airlines offers web check-in on its flights.
  • You can check-in online at Delta Airlines.
  • You can web-check in for Delta Airlines flights before departure, and up to 60 minutes before. It is easy to do a Delta Airlines Web Check In.
  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Delta Airlines Mobile check-in
  • Delta Airlines Counter Check-in at the Airport
  • Check-in at the airport's kiosk
  • Delta Airlines Customer Care at +1 800 2221 12 12.

These are the steps that must be taken one at a time If the traveller wishes to check in at an airport, they should go to the check-in desk. The bag should be handed to the airline bag holder, which will be used by the traveller on the flight.
Next, the traveller must go to the airport security gate to reach the departure centre. Get your boarding pass. The preference for boarding is determined by the type and class of the seat. Wait for the boarding turn, then board the plane and fly to your destination.

  • If a traveller wishes to bring their dog with them into the cabin,
  • The pet must be accompanied by a carrier and weigh no less than 8 kg
  • The pet's size and the carrier size must not exceed the size of the user under the seat. Its approximate dimensions are 18in x11in x 11.
  • If the dog's weight and carries exceed the set size, that dog will be considered cargo. After the changes to the pet policy
  • Delta Airlines no longer accepts pets as checked baggage.

  • The type of pet will determine the pet fee. Below are the Delta Airlines fees for pet allowances in cabins.
  • The charges for a flight from Brazil to Brazil are 75 USD.
  • The charges for landing a flight in the United States, Canada or Rico are 95 USD.
  • International flights have pet fees of 200 USD.

  • These are the passengers who can board first if they are in the Sky Priority Zone:
  • Member of the Gold and Platinum Medallion Club
  • Flying as a platinum, gold or blue member
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold Member
  • GOL smiles on diamond member
  • Elite plus a Sky Tram member

Each ticket on every flight is assigned a Delta Airlines ticket number. The security officer can assign and change the ticket number at the airport.

The price of the seat will depend on the type of flight and the type of seat that the traveller selects for the upgrade. Before you make any changes or request an updating, ensure that the seat is available. In most cases, the cost of the seat will increase if it is updated less than a minute before departure. Delta SkyMiles Elite members can upgrade their flight tickets if they are Delta SkyMiles elite members. This is dependent on the status of the traveller elite member.
Travellers who have the basic economy ticket are not eligible for upgradation.


  • Two hours prior to departure, a traveller can check-in at Atlanta Airport.
  • If the passenger is taking a domestic flight with a bag, he must be there 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • If the passenger has checked baggage and is traveling to a domestic destination, they must report the incident at least 45 minutes prior to departure.
  • International flights with checked baggage or not, require that the traveller arrives at least one hour prior to departure.


Delta Airlines allowed certain types of food in checked baggage only if they complied with the regulations of the country from which the flight originated. You can freeze, fresh or frozen the items, as well as meats, fish, and baking products.
These items must be checked in by the airline. The traveller must also sign the liability form at the airport.

All travellers can check in online with Delta Airlines, regardless of whether they are traveling domestically or internationally.
Check-in at delta Airlines opens 24 hours prior to departure International flights close 60 minutes prior to departure. Domestic flights close 30 minutes before departure. Check-in times and opening times vary at every airport. To find out the exact timing, check the website or contact the customer's executive.