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Delta Airlines Reservation

Outline your tentative travel plans. Consider where and when you'd like to travel. These are important things to think about when looking for a package or flight.

  • Keep a record of all your plans so you can refer to them later when you book.

Flexibility is key to your success. Flexibility is key to great deals when you fly.

  • Wednesday is the most affordable day to travel.
  • Last-minute airfares can often be quite affordable, especially when you combine them with a hotel or rental car. This is known as a package deal.
  • Alternative airports are often cheaper and have better connections than larger hubs. Baltimore Washington International Airport is a great option if you are looking to fly to Washington DC. BWI is located just outside Washington and offers excellent transportation to the city.

Compare the prices of flight tickets. Prices for flights will vary depending on when you book and how far in advance. Compare prices on different websites to find the best deal.

  • If possible, book at least six weeks in advance of your flight. To get the best prices and flight deals, book at least six weeks before your flight date.
  • Tuesdays at 3:00 Eastern Time are the best days to book your flight.
  • Information about the best times to fly is available on travel websites. This information is available on Expedia and Kayak, along with Cheap Tickets and Priceline. These sites let you automatically compare prices and factor travel variables into your search for travel.
  • You can compare prices on different travel websites as they might offer different offers.
  • Book your flight on the airline website. You can often find better and cheaper flights on airline websites.
  • Consider one-way travel with multiple airlines to get more options.

Keep track of all offers. Keep track of all details, including flight times and fees, when comparing flights. This will allow you to choose the best flight.

  • Check to make sure these items are included in the price.
  • Check the cancellation policies and fees for each flight. If you do not have these details, it can be costly and time-consuming for you to cancel your flight.

Purchase your ticket. Now is the time to purchase your ticket.

  • Follow the instructions provided on websites. Each site will ask you to enter information such as your name and number of travels.
  • Usually, you can pay baggage fees and select tickets during your booking sessions. This is a great way to reduce time at the airport.
  • To confirm your reservations delta airlines if you are traveling internationally, you will need a passport.
  • Decide whether you are willing to pay extra for travel coverage, or an upgrade in your seating class.
  • Many travel websites and airlines offer additional specials, such as hotel reservations or renting a car.

Print the confirmation and other documents. These documents will assist you in avoiding any problems or questions regarding your booking.

  • The "24-hour rule" applies to your flight booking. The price must be confirmed within 24 hours. To rebook your flight at a cheaper price, you can contact the airline without any penalty.

Call 800-221-1212 to speak with a representative regarding a new or current reservations delta airlines. For your dedicated phone number.

If you are a Medallion(r), Member, please check the Contact Us section of the Fly Delta Airlines mobile application. To expedite your call, if you are a SkyMiles Member, make sure to have your SkyMiles account numbers available.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

24 hours

Delta Flight Reservation Hold Policy

To hold your Delta ticket, you will receive within 24 hours. Unconfirmed bookings will be cancelled immediately. You can continue the booking by accessing your SkyMiles account. Our travel expert will assist you. Complete the payment by paying $25

No COVID-19 requirements are required for travelers connecting to or entering the U.S., even U.S citizens. For country-specific information, please confirm that you are allowed to travel to the United States.

Assigning Seats

After you check-in to your flight, your seat will not be assigned. Your seat number will not be printed on your boarding pass.

Proof of vaccination must be presented at the time of board. You can use digital or printed proof. It must include the full name, date of birth, name of the official source issuing vaccine, type of vaccine and date(s).

The middle is Delta, which charges an average of $15 per flight for each seat you choose for. Prices will vary depending on which type of ticket you choose with the airline. We'll talk more about that next.

Preferred Seats can be purchased prior to departure for flights within the U.S., Canada, and from the U.S.A to international destinations. They are also available on exit-international flights into the U.S. Preferred seats are not available for purchase until 3 hours before departure or after the check-in window closes.

The Delta One Suites are the best seats on Delta One. They are very private and can be found on the Airbus A350, Airbus A330, Airbus A330-900neo and select Boeing 767-4ER.

Every passenger flying with Delta may bring one carry-on bag and one personal item for free (such as a purse or laptop bag that fits under the seat in front).

You can bring on board one handbag and a personal item free of charge when flying Delta. For flights operated by other carriers, carry-on allowances and fees may vary.