Cheap flights to Victoria

Cheap flights to Victoria

Cheap flights to Victoria

Victoria International Airport, Victoria (British Columbia), Canada. It is located 12 nautical Miles (22km/14 mi) north-west of Victoria, on the Saanich Peninsula. Most of the airport (including passenger terminal) can be found in North Saanich. However, a small part of the airfield extends into Sydney. Victoria Airport Authority runs the airport. YYJ operates nonstop daily flights from YVR to Vancouver International Airport (about 15 minutes). This is a major airport with many international routes. Victoria International offers nonstop service from Victoria International to Seattle (SEA), Toronto, Montreal (YUL), Edmonton, Winnipeg (YEG), Winnipeg, Winnipeg (YWG), Saskatoon, Kitchener/Waterloo, Yukon (YKF), as well as several other smaller cities in British Columbia. There is also seasonal nonstop service from the airport to several Mexican resort areas. In September 2019, non-stop service between Victoria (USA) and Seattle was cut 50% by Delta Airlines.

Which are the top places to see in Victoria?

Victoria is both a great place for travel and a great place where to live: Victoria, the state capital, was ranked as the most liveable place 6 years running by the Economist, and it’s also been voted the world city with the best coffee, beating out the traditional favorites of Rome and Vienna.

  • Grampians National Park
  • Torquay and the Great Ocean Road
  • Great Otway National Park
  • Phillip Island
  • Alpine National Park
  • Bendigo
  • Wilsons Promontory National Park
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Healesville Sanctuary
  • St Kilda

What are the Top Airports in Victoria?

  • Apollo Bay Airport
  • Ararat Airport
  • Avalon Airport
  • Bairnsdale Airport
  • Ballarat Airport
  • Ballarat Airport
  • Bendigo Airport
  • Coldstream Airport
  • Birchip Airport
  • Barwon Heads Airport
  • Corryong Airport

How to book the cheapest flight to Victoria?

Do not wait to book your flight from Victoria. It's the number one tip that savvy travellers use in order to get the best deals. You will have more options and lower prices if you book well in advance. You can also research all options to find the best deal. You should also research the cost of flying to smaller airports if your destination has multiple airports. A quick booking is a great way to save money. Do not wait to grab this amazing deal.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the name of Victoria's airport?

Victoria Intl. is the only airport that serves it. Airport (YYJ).

How far is Victoria Airport (YYJ - Victoria Intl. ) from central Victoria? From central Victoria??

It’s 24 kilometres from Victoria Intl. Airport (YYJ) to downtown Victoria. Make things easy by working out the best way of commuting from the airport to the city centre before you arrive.

Which airport is the best for flying into Victoria?

Flying to Victoria requires landing at Victoria (BC Airport) (YYJ - Victoria Intl. ). You'll reach the downtown area in 24 kms if you get off the plane.

What are the most popular airlines that fly to Victoria?

Victoria is connected to 11 international airports by 7 airlines.

What airlines fly to Victoria

When flying to Victoria, most travellers choose to fly with Air Canada or WestJet. These flights are the majority that arrive from Fleetwood. Air Canada is the airline that serves this route most often.

What are the nonstop flights to Victoria?

It's easy to arrange a Victoria adventure with the 202 weekly direct flights.

Which airport is the most popular for flights to Victoria?

When traveling to Victoria, many travellers depart from Langley and Newton airports. What is the flight time to Victoria Airport? You can expect a flight time between 43 and 45 minutes if you fly from Langley to Victoria. Newton-bound passengers can expect to arrive on the plane in 29 minutes. It's approximately 29 minutes from Fleetwood.

How do I book the cheapest flight from Victoria?

Do not wait to book your flight from Victoria. This is the one thing smart travellers do to get the best deals. Book early to get more options and cheaper flights. Researching all options is another great way to get the best price. Do you have more than one airport? If so, research the cost of flying to a smaller terminal. Another way to save money is to be available to book in a flash. Don't wait to grab a great deal if you find one.

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