Cheap flights to Aurora

Cheap flights to Aurora

Cheap flights to Aurora

Chicago/Aurora Municipal Airport opened in April 1966. It's located in Sugar Grove in Illinois, United States. It's 8 miles (13km west) from the city of Aurora. The City of Aurora manages the airport. It is located 50 miles (80km west) of Chicago. It is designated as an reliever Airport to Chicago's O'Hare, and Midway.
The three-letter location identifier used by most U.S airports is the same for IATA and FAA. However, Chicago/Aurora Municipal Airport was assigned ARR by the FAA while AUZ was assigned by IATA to Alto Rio Senguer Airport (Argentina). The airport's identifier for ICAO is KARR.

Cheap flights to Aurora

Where are the best places in Aurora to visit?

 Cherry Creek State Park

 Stanley Marketplace


 Aurora Reservoir

 Arapahoe Park

 Plains Conservation Center

 Aurora History Museum

 Vintage Theatre

 The Colorado Freedom Memorial

 Launch Pad Brewery

What are the Top Airports in Aurora?

Denver International Airport

How to book the cheapest flight to Aurora?

Do not wait to book your flight to Aurora. This is the one way that savvy travellers make sure they get the best price. Book in advance to get more choices and cheaper flights. Research all options to find a great deal. You should research all options if you are traveling to multiple airports. If so, make sure to compare the costs of flying to a less crowded terminal. Another way to save some money is to be available to book in a flash. Don't miss a great deal! Grab it now.


What is the name of Aurora's airport?

If you're flying by plane, there's no need to spend too much time deciding which airport you should fly into. Aurora only has one airport - Denver Intl. Airport

How far is DIA airport from central Aurora?

The DIA airport lies 18 kilometers from central Aurora. This makes it an easy commute to the city's center.

What airport is best to fly into Aurora?

Your Aurora getaway will begin when you pass through Denver Airport's exit doors. It's the main airport for the city and is located 18 kilometers from its center.

How many airlines fly to Aurora?

Aurora has 21 airlines that connect to 194 international airports.

Which airlines fly to Aurora?

For Aurora flights, it is common for travelers to fly with United Airlines (Swift Airlines), Delta Air Lines (Delta Air Lines) Los Angeles is where the majority of these flights originate, with United Airlines being the most active on this route.

How many nonstop flights are there to Aurora?

It is easier to fly to a foreign place if you don't have to stop at any of the annoying stops. The good news for those who are planning to fly to Aurora is that there are about 5,417 nonstop flights per week.

Where are the most popular flights to Aurora departing from?

Most sought-after flights to Aurora depart from Clinton, Glendale, and Aurora airports.

How long is the flight to Aurora Airport?

The location you fly from will determine how much entertainment you get. Average flight time between Clinton and Aurora is 2 hours 55.5 minutes. It takes approximately 2 hours and 21 mins from Glendale to get there, and 2 hours and 45 for Aurora.

How to book the cheapest flight to Aurora?

Don't wait to book your flight from Aurora. It's the single move that savvy travelers make to get the best deals. You can book your flights in advance and get more options. Research all options is another way to score a bargain. Consider whether there are multiple airports near your destination. If so, consider the cost of flying into one that is less busy. A quick way to save money is to always be booked. Do not hesitate to grab a deal if you see one.

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