Cheap Flights to Alderney

Cheap Flights to Alderney

Cheap Flights to Alderney

Aurigny Air Services Limited, also known as Aurigny is the flag carrier airline of Guernsey. Its head office is located next to Guernsey Airport, Channel Islands. Since 2003, it has been wholly owned and controlled by the States of Guernsey. It provides regular passenger and freight service to the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom. There are also seasonal services to France or Spain. The main base of the airline is located near Guernsey Airport. Other aircraft and crew are based at Alderney Airport. Aurigny is the second-oldest established British airline after Loganair. Its name derives from the cognate that spans Norman languages to Alderney.

Cheap Flights to Alderney

What are the best places to visit in Alderney?

Saye Beach

Fort Clonque

Corblets Beach

Longis Beach

Fort Tourgis

Mannez Lighthouse

Platte Saline

The Odeon

Alderney Museum

How to get cheap flights to Alderney?

These are some ways to book cheap flights:

Find tickets to Alderney airports and cities.

You can search for other airlines that fly to Alderney.

You can browse different departure dates within the same month.

Filter to filter for different departure times on the same day.

Find discount information on different social media sites.

Find deals and discounts on airline websites.

What are the Top Airports in Alderney?

Alderney Airport

Guernsey Airport

Jersey Airport

How to book the cheapest flight to Alderney?

You can save money on your Alderney vacation by listening to this article! Don't wait until the last minute to book your Alderney vacation. Prices tend to be higher just before departure. Do some research online and compare the options. You may be able get a great deal if you fly into a smaller airport. Another way to save some money is to book quickly. Don't wait to grab a great deal.


What is the name of Alderney’s airport?

Alderney Airport (ACI), is the only airport that serves Alderney.

How far is ACI from central Alderney?

ACI is a quick cab ride away from bustling downtown Alderney. It is located approximately 1 mile from the centre of the city.

What airport is best to fly into Alderney?

Before you book your flights to Alderney it is a good idea for you to determine which airport is the most convenient. Guernsey Airport can be reached from downtown within 25 miles. If you land at Alderney Airport, (ACI), then you will be within 1 mile of the heart.

How many airlines fly to Alderney?

If you are planning to travel to Alderney, there are a few options. Choose from two air carriers that serve the city from at most 11 international airports.

Which airlines fly to Alderney?

Blue Islands and Aurigny Air Services frequent Alderney flights. It is a popular way to travel to Blue Islands from Totland Bay.

How many nonstop flights are there to Alderney?

With roughly 185 direct flights operating each week, you’ll be hitting the runway in Alderney before you have time to say, “Are we there yet?”

Where are the most popular flights to Alderney departing from?

The most popular flights to Alderney leave from Newport, Redhill and Totland Bay airports.

How long is the flight to Alderney Airport?

A flight from Newport to Alderney will take 1 hour and 25 mins. Redhill residents can expect to fly for approximately 1 hour and 10 mins. It's approximately 44 minutes from Totland bay.

How to book the cheapest flight to Alderney?

Listen up if you want to save money on your Alderney vacation. Do not book last-minute. This is a common mistake made by experienced jet-setters. Prices tend to rise just before the departure date. Do some research online and compare your options. Flying into a smaller terminal may offer you a better deal than flying into multiple airports. The last thing you need to do to save money is to be quick to book. Grab it now if you spot a bargain.


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