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Chair Airlines

Chair Airlines

Chair Airlines, Zurich, Glattbrugg, Switzerland, 8152

Key People : Shpend Ibrahimi, CEO


Phone : +41 44 577 6100

Website : Chair Airlines

Founted : 2014 (as Germania Flug)

About Chair Airlines

Chair Airlines has been flying passengers to some of the most beautiful and famous destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East since mid-2019. This allows us to be flexible and agile in the market. Chair Airlines is a young airline that focuses on safety, professionalism, friendliness and "freshness". Our primary goal is to ensure our passengers have a wonderful time. Respectful interaction is key to our success. This includes with our passengers, employees, business partners in Switzerland, and with the local environment. We are accountable for our actions and take ownership of them. Our passengers' well-being is at the center of everything we do. Continuous controls ensure high standards of safety and quality service. We use market analysis to identify trends and market needs. Our network is adaptable accordingly. Chair Airlines is a trusted partner. We only work with companies that are dynamic and suit our needs. It is easy to build trust and work together at eye level. We are a trustworthy employer and committed to developing our employees.

Chair Airlines  Reservations

Chair Airlines Booking Numbers

You can book flight tickets via the Internet, phone, or e-mail (Chair Airlines Service Center,; telephone number +41 45577 61 00), or through a travel agency, or at the ticket windows that Chair Airlines has commissioned.

Chair Airlines Classes

The airline only offers Economy Class. This is a professional service provided by friendly and dedicated crew who will assist passengers with any questions.

Chair Airlines Facilities

The airline does not have an in-flight entertainment system. However, the airline does provide newspapers and magazines in-flight, depending on availability and route flown.WIFI is not available for chair flights.All flights offer passengers a complimentary drink and snack, regardless of the distance or duration. You can choose from water, soft drinks, or hot drinks.For longer flights (3h 45m+), passengers will be served a hot meal as well as snacks and drinks.

Chair Airlines Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport (ZRH), is Switzerland's main international airport and hub airport for chairs. Since 2015, the airline uses Zurich Airport to serve as its main hub. The airport has three runways and one terminal building. It handles millions of passengers each year.

Chair flies to many destinations in Europe, West Asia, and North Africa. These include destinations like Beirut, Sharm El Sheikh and Bern, Zurich.

Chair Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass


You can check in online up to 24 hours before departure. Only your booking reference is required, which can be found on your confirmation. You can print your boarding pass, or you can download it to your mobile phone.

Check in at the Airport

Zurich Airport check-in is located at check-in 2, row 5.

All other destinations should be checked at the airport information boards the day before you depart.

We open our counters 2,5 hours before departure. Check-in closes approximately 45 minutes prior to the aircraft's scheduled departure. Passenger who fails to arrive on time is disqualified from travel.

Please bring the following documents to the check-in counter in order to receive your boarding pass:

  • Booking confirmation
  • Photo ID valid for official purposes
  • Documentation required for international flights
  • All required documents such as medical certificates and documents for animals that you fly with

Chair Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Checked Baggage

General free baggage allowance for baggage in cargo hold

Children and adults (from 2 years old): 1 piece maximum 23 kg
Children under 2 years old: 1 piece maximum 10 kg

A stroller or a child seat can be checked in free of charge, in addition to the usual checked baggage allowance.

Additional Baggage

Would you like to have an extra piece of luggage? These are your options:

Additional baggage of up to 23kg CHF90 per flight leg
Additional baggage of up to 32kg CHF 140 per flight

You must book additional luggage at least 48 hours before departure by calling our service centre or booking online through the "Manage Booking" function. You must pay the fee at time of booking. Additional baggage cannot be booked at the check-in desk.

Excess Baggage

Additional baggage will be transported at a cost of CHF 50 per leg. You must pay the excess baggage fee at the airport with a credit card. A baggage item cannot exceed 32kg.

Pet Policy

We cannot transport blunt-nosed cats and dogs (brachycephalic animal) like bulldogs, pugs, and Persian cats. Blunt-nosed dogs and cats have narrow airways, which can cause shortness of breath. Circulatory problems can be caused by stress or high temperatures at the destination or departure airports. Your pet could experience serious health issues or even death during the trip.

We must be notified at least 48 hours in advance and the transport arrangements must be confirmed in writing. We can only transport dogs, cats, and tortoises per flight.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation fees will apply in the event of cancellation total of group booking:

Between the confirmation date and 60 days before departure

20% cancellation fee

59 to 21 days before departure

50% cancellation fee

From 20 days before departure

100% cancellation costs


Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

If a ticket is purchased more than seven days prior to departure, the airline must either: Allow consumers to cancel their reservation and receive a complete refund without any penalty for 24 hours

Four major U.S. airlines have increased their baggage fees over the past month. It's only $5 more, with domestic flights seeing the first checked bag go up to $30, and the second at $40. The fees are per person.

Most airlines won't allow small or light dogs into their cabin. Because they must fit comfortably under the seat in front, this is a problem. You will likely need to transport a large dog in the cargo hold if you're traveling with them.

Chair Airlines Policies

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