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Cape Airline

Cape Airline, Barnstable,, Massachusetts, U.S., 02601


Phone : 508-771-6944

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Founted : 1989

Key People : Daniel A. Wolf (Founder and Board Chairman)

About Cape Airline

Cape Air, is Associate in Nursing airline headquartered at Barnstable Municipal flying field in Hyannis, Massachusetts, u. s.. It operates regular somebody services among the Northeast, the Caribbean, Midwest, and jap MT. Flights between Hyannis and island, Massachusetts, unit of measurement operated beneath the island Airlines complete, to boot operated by Hyannis Air Service, Inc.

The The airline was co-founded in 1988 by company pilots Craig Stewart and Dan Wolf, and capitalist Grant Wilson. Initially, Cape Air flew between Provincetown and Bean Town in Massachusetts, but throughout the primary Nineties new routes were supplementary to destinations across southeastern geographical area. In 1994, Cape Air and island Airlines incorporate and presently offer hourly flights between island and Hyannis. Services in American state and so the Caribbean were supplementary among the late Nineties.

Cape Air was to boot needing to offer services on the geographical area. Cape Air submitted bids to provide service between Newport and Portland among the state of OR. The airline hoped to be elect by the Newport council to receive a financial grant to jump-start the service.Ultimately they lost resolute harbour Airlines, that was ready to begin service previous Cape Air.[6] but, in Gregorian calendar month 2013, the DOT elect Cape Air to supply EAS service between Billings and five communities in Japanese MT, including, Sidney, Glendive, Glasgow, Havre and Wolf purpose. 


 Search for and manage your Cape Air flight reservations on-line. ... TravelPass holders: Cancel or modify your reservation here. 800-CAPE-AIR (800-227-3247) you may contact on this selection to connect with Cape Airline regarding booking /reservation or as well as cancellation. .email: 


Cape Air ... This 11-seater joined the airline's facilities in Gregorian calendar month 2019. Economy class Facilities. as a result of the services unit of measurement short, there is not any in-flight food, drink or amusement. It offers check schedules, flying field information, flight standing, pets, animal service. 

Destination and Hubs 

Cape Air serves thirty six destinations across the Northeast, ground & the Islands, the countryside, jap MT, Puerto RICO Act, the us of America island, and British island. Cape Air to boot operates some routes pattern the name of island Airlines, combined they have a fleet of over ninety craft and operate services to places hubs at St. Louis, Chicago - O'Hare and capital of Tennessee serve Michigan, Missouri, Illinois and Bluegrass State. Fly with us of America to: Chicago - O'Hare · St. Louis · capital of Tennessee

Arrival And Boarding technique

 Please be at the gate, checked in and in conjunction with your pass twenty minutes before purpose in time. for purchasers UN agency receive boarding passes through you may use your on-line pass to travel on to the authority screening stop and visit the Cape Air gate. Cape Air have Associate in Nursing a straightforward four straightforward processes to print your pass. you may visit official web site of Cape Air beneath manage booking section Your pass is your “ticket” to board the plane, but technically your price tag is generated as Associate in Nursing “e-ticket,” or Associate in Nursing electronic price tag, once you book your flight. Your pass area unit generated upon arrival, either on-line or at the arrival counter


 Cape Air will refund all or any unused portion of a price tag that is purchased with a refundable fare, likewise because the fare, taxes, and different charges When sometimes a bag is missing or remains unwanted, they go to make every reasonable effort to search out and are available the bag at intervals twenty four hours. for extra information visit its official computing device. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Yes. you may cancel your flight once arrival or at any time before the flight. However, unless you have a refundable airline price tag, it's unlikely that you are going to induce any a compensation.

The airline will reroute your checked bag to your destination (or wherever you raise them to) as best it'll, and it will deliver the bag to you at no charge

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