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Phone : +237 233 50 55 20

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Founted : 11 September 2006

Key People : Ernest Dikoum (General Director)

About Camair-Co

Cameroon Airlines Corporation (trading as Camair-Co) is a Cameroon-based carrier that serves as the country's flag carrier.

Camair-Co is also known as Cameroon Airlines Corporation. It is the flag carrier for the country. Their services are provided at Douala International Airport.

Camair-Co, which is based out of Douala in Cameroon took over operations of Cameroon Airlines (the previous flag carrier of Cameroon). In 2011, the airline began operations with an inaugural domestic flight between Douala and Yaounde, as well as Douala-Yaounde-Paris.

Camair-Co currently has six aircraft in its fleet: Boeing 767-300 ER and Boeing 737-700. MA60 is also included.

Camair-Co fly to Paris, N'Djamena Libreville Libreville, Cotonou Lagos Brazzaville Kinshasa Yaounde Garoua Maroua Ngaoundere

Book flights to the Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, with Alternative Airlines.

Camair-Co Reservations

Camair-Co booking numbers

Africa (+237) 233 50 55 20

(+237) 670 51 54 09

Camair-Co Classes

Camair-Co offers 3 types of flight services. Camair-Co economy class, Camair-Co First-class (Camair-Co premium class), Camair-Co Business class.

Camair-Co Economy Class

Camair-Co offers three economy class fares: Camair-Co Basic, Main Cabin and Comfort+. Camair-Co's basic economy class offers lower prices, but some restrictions apply. Additional fees apply for checked baggage. Camair-Co is always there to help passengers and offer them the option to upgrade to the top class.

Camair Co Premium Class

Camair-Co Premium cabins have more leg room and other superior features. Camair-Co Premium class offers comfortable footrests and wider recline seats. Camair-Co international flights are best suited for Superior Camair-Co premium classes. Only a few routes are available for the Camair-Co premium Class.

Camair Co Business class

Camair-Co's business class has extraordinary features such as extra legroom and wide recline. There are great amenities like headphones, blankets, pillows, and blankets. Camair-Co Studio's in-flight seat-back screen entertainment system gives you extra enjoyment. Camair-Co's business class makes long-haul flights less boring. Camair-Co business class offers a variety of delicious meals.

Camair-Co Facilities

Although the flight ticket does NOT include meals, there is a meal menu so you can choose your own menu. You can order hot food at your seat if you reserve your meal in advance. This can be booked at the same time as your ticket. You can also request a special diet menu. This must be reserved in advance.

Camair-Co popular Destinations and Hubs

International Destinations

Gabon: Libreville International Airport, (LBV), in Libreville

Benin: Cadjehoun Airport, in Cotonou

Ivory Coast: Port Bouet Airport, Abidjan

Camair Co Hub Airport

Douala International Airport

Douala International Airport, located in Douala (Cameroon), is an international airport. It currently hosts 1.5 million passengers per year and is the country's busiest airport.

There are also services available for a variety of airlines including Air Cote d'Ivoire and Air France. ASKY Airlines and Rwandair also use the airport.

Camair-Co Check-in and boarding pass

Online Check In

Online check-in currently is not possible.

Airport Check In

The airline requires that passengers arrive at airport no later than two hours before the scheduled flight departure.

Camair-Co Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Checked Luggage

All passengers have the right to check 2 pieces of luggage x 28kgs. As the allowance is dependent on the route taken, this will be confirmed at the time of booking.

Carry-On Allowance

Cabin-bag allowance: 1 piece up to 10kg Maximum size: 55cm (length) x35cm (width) x25cm (height)

Pet policy

Camair-Co is available and you can bring your pets aboard.

For $125, domestic Cameroon flight passengers can bring their pets (cats, dogs and birds) on board. Travel outside Cameroon is subject to a $200 fee.

Pets must be placed in a carrier box which fits under the front seat. Camair-Co counts the carrier as one piece of carry-on luggage.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you're willing to cancel your Camair-Co Flight, it is recommended that you consult the Camair-Co cancellation policy before proceeding.

Cancellation within 24 Hours Policy (Depends on origin country and airline)

Camair-Co offers a 24 hour cancellation policy to cater for the specific needs of passengers. Camair-Co offers more flexibility and benefits to passengers while bookings are being managed.

Camair-Co's 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel any flight they have booked through Camair-Co within 24 hour of purchase. Camair-Co will refund your entire ticket price if the booking was made more than a week before the flight departure. Camair-Co reserves the right to cancel any Camair-Co flight within 24 hours.

These data are collected from different sources. However, does not guarantee any change in policy from Camair-Co. For more information, please contact Camair-Co at +237 233 50 55 51

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Camair-Co standard check baggage/hold luggage policy details are below:

  • Standard bag size is 2 bags, maximum 10 bags (up to 4 bags for Camair-Co Connection).
  • Maximum dimensions: 62 inches (length + width + high).
  • Maximum weight: 50 lbs or 23 kgs

Excess baggage fees
Excess baggage will be charged at $85-$95 per bag on Camair-Co flights.

Overweight baggage fees
Any bag that weighs more than 50lbs is considered overweight or oversized. Camair-Co charges extra for overweight baggage. Camair-Co will not accept bags weighing over 99lbs.

Oversized baggage fees
Bags with more than 62 inches in length, weight, or height will be considered overweight. Camair-Co charges oversized baggage fees in addition to any standard, excessive, or overweight fees.

Yes. Fees may apply. These fees are determined by your type of fare, destination, whether you are an active Cameroon military personnel or dependent, and whether you have status in Camair-Co' frequent fleer program, status at an affiliated carrier, or have a Camair-Co sponsored charge/credit card.


Camair-co Policies

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