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Bulgaria air

Bulgaria air, Sofia, Brussels, Bulgaria, 1540


Phone : +359 2 402 04 00

Website : Bulgaria air

Founted : November 2002; 20 years ago

Key People : Yanko Georgiev (CEO)

About Bulgaria Air

Bulgaria Air is the flag carrier of Bulgaria. It is located at Sofia Airport, Sofia. The airline operates medium and short haul aircraft to destinations in Europe and the Middle East. The focus cities of Bulgaria are BurgasVarna. 

Bulgaria Air Reservations

Bulgaria Air booking numbers

+359 (0) 2 402 04 00

Bulgaria Air Classes

You can purchase tickets in the following categories: promotional fares (economy-class hand baggage only) in F, E and Vclasses; fares in special contracts with other airlines in T.B.A.Q class; youth reservations and individual tourism travel in V.G.E class

Bulgaria Air Facilities

Get the Extra Seat service! Sometimes, you just need a little more privacy.

You could get the seat next to you for the current net price. There are no airport taxes or fuel surcharges. The seat will remain available for you throughout the flight.

You can purchase the "Extra Seat" service:
* Through the Customer Service Center of Bulgaria Airlines :, email: callFB@air.bg , tel: + (359) 2 40 20 400;
* In one of the Bulgaria Air offices
* From the agency network – at the ticket issuer
* At the airport prior to the flight

This service is available on all direct flights operated under the airline. It is available from the time you purchase your ticket until the time you check-in for your flight.

Bulgaria Airs popular Destinations and Hubs

Bulgaria Air charters flights for more than 60 top tour operators, air transport brokers and airlines. The airline operates summer flights from Bourgas and Varna to destinations in Germany and Russia, Israel, Lebanon and Poland. The company also operates charter flights from Sofia airport, to popular tourist destinations in Egypt and Spain.

Bulgaria Air Check-in and boarding pass

Bulgaria Air Web check in and boarding pass allow you to check in online 24 hours before your flight. The rules and guidelines for Bulgaria Air Web check in and boarding pass can be modified by the airport and country.

Bulgaria Air Web Check In

Bulgaria Air allows passengers to check in online before they leave for their flight. The simple process of Bulgaria Air allows you to print your boarding card and e-ticket. You can locate your flight itinerary by using your Bulgaria Air ticket number or confirmation number, as well as your name and account number. Online check-in with Bulgaria Air is the fastest and easiest way to check in for your flight.

With the help of web check in at http://www.air.bg/, you can now Check-in to Bulgaria Air directly. Direct phone number +359 2 402 0400 00 can be used by the passenger to contact airline customer service. Special features of Bulgaria Air allow you to speed up your regular check-in. At the airport kiosk counter, you can print your boarding passes. You can manage your Bulgaria Air flight bookings and itinerary by calling the toll-free phone number +359 2 402 03 00 of Bulgaria Air.

Your e-boarding pass will be sent to your registered email address by Bulgaria Air.

Pass for Bulgarian Air Boarding.

Passengers flying with Bulgaria Air can print their boarding passes using their PNR Number. To print your boarding passes with Bulgaria Air, there are four simple steps. Visit the official website http://www.air.bg/ to print your eticket. You can also do a web check-in on this section. Call Bulgaria Air customer service at +359 02 402 04 00 and ask them to email your boarding pass to your registered email address. You can also print your boarding pass and book your flights with Bulgaria Air using the apple and android mobile apps. You can use the kiosk airport Bulgaria Air app to access your Bulgaria Air flight itinerary if you arrive at the airport without your Bulgaria Air boarding pass.

These are the options available to check-in for your Bulgaria Air flight:

  • Online Check-in (Web check in) at http://www.air.bg/
  • Check-in with Bulgaria Air Mobile
  • Check-in at the airport with Bulgaria Air Counter
  • Check-in at the airport's kiosk
  • Contact Bulgaria Air customer service at +359 2402 04 00.

Bulgaria Air Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

All passengers on Bulgaria Air have the right to free carriage of cabin baggage or checked baggage, depending on their tariff. Depending on the type of ticket issued and the tariff, allowances for baggage pieces and weight may be different. You should also be aware that baggage transport on regular flights is subject to certain general rules and policies of Bulgaria Air.

Bulgaria Air has introduced baggage carriage rules on all its destinations, for all tickets issued after May 2, 2011. Based on the dimensions, weight, and quantity of checked-in baggage, the PIECE CONCEPT system was created.

Pet policy

Pets in the passenger compartment /PETC/

  • Maximum weight for the animal and cage: up to 8 kg*
  • Maximum dimensions for the cage: 48 x 35x 22 cm

Pets are not allowed in the free baggage allowance and must be paid separately: EUR70 per way for international flights, EUR50 per way domestically. The fee for the following destinations is EUR80 per way: Lisbon, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

The price for the service is 90 EUR to international flights, and 60 EUR domestic flights.

Regulation 576/2013: Passengers who wish to bring a pet (dog, cat) along with them must read and follow all instructions.

The pet must be transported in a soft bag measuring 46x28x24cm for flights FB1431/1432 between Paris and France. PETC weight is 6kg.

Pets in the Hold /AVIH/

  • There is no limit on the animal's weight
  • Maximum dimensions for the container: 110 x 65x 70 cm
  • Pets are not eligible for the free baggage allowance. The following fees apply:
  • Based on the weight of the animal and the container up 25 kg - EUR 100 per Direction

The fee for the following destinations is EUR110 per person: Lisbon, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

Return flights to domestic destinations from EUR70

The weight of the animal and the container more than 25 kg - EUR 140 per Direction.

For the following destinations Lisbon, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Tel Aviv*, Moscow, St. Petersburg,Amsterdam, Paris, London*,Madrid and Barcelona, the fee is 150 euros per direction.

Domestic flights available at EUR90 return

It is important to request and pay in advance for the service. It would be refused at the airport.

Transport to/from Brussels is not permitted for animals that exceed 25kg with their container.

Conditions for carriage of live animals in an aircraft are /AVIH/

  • The animal must be able to move in the transport container, and turn around or lie down.
  • It is important that the transport container be leak-proof. Lined with absorbent material, such as blankets
  • The container should be impenetrable. Strong plastic containers or wooden containers are recommended. They can be made of non-toxic and harmless materials. We do not allow wire-mesh cages.
  • The container's interior must have no sharp edges, corners or nails to prevent the animal from injuring themselves.
  • All four sides of transport containers should have ventilation holes

Refund and Cancellation Policy

This is the worst travel scenario. You buy a ticket for Bulgaria Air and arrive to find that your flight has been cancelled or delayed. You may find the flight is OK, but your family members or you are denied boarding. What are your rights? Are you due compensation?

From Bulgaria Air , you could get upto EUR600. AirAdvisor makes it easy to claim compensation. We charge only 30% of the amount we collect for compensation. We are paid only if you receive compensation.

Are you a passenger on a delayed or cancelled flight with Bulgaria Air Airlines Learn if you are owed compensation up to EUR600

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Points are calculated based on the price of the ticket. A segment of an international flight can be purchased for between 80 and 1,500 points in economy class. You can find more information on collecting points in the section Points collection system.

No points are credited for flights or other services that the passenger has taken part in, such as charter flights, flights with other airlines, tickets with discounts, free tickets, and tickets at promotional fares. If the ticket number starts with 623 and is not issued to Bulgaria Air, passengers are not eligible for points.

Points are valid for three years from the date of flight.

Bulgaria air Policies

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