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Founted : 2007

Key People : Shawn Simpson (CEO)

About Boutique Air

May be a commuter airline primarily based in port of entry, California. The airline offers charter services likewise as scheduled traveler services backed below the Essential Air Service (EAS) program. shop operates the second largest PC-12 fleet within the us with twenty six craft. A shop airline is associate airline that differentiates from the competition through distinctive client expertise and personalization.

What quite planes will shop Air fly? Boutique Air operates a contemporary fleet of Pilatus PC-12 craft. The Pilatus PC-12 may be a product of Swiss craft manufacturer Pilatus craft Ltd. the corporate, based in 1939, has engineered over one,200 PC-12 craft since the primary model's introduction in 1994.


 You can book  travel on  Boutique Air through Service charges might apply for booking or dynamical award reservations, betting on ticketing, ... For any info will contact on Ph: 855-268-8478 or Email: 


 Boutique Air solely has baggage agreements with United Airlines and yankee Airlines. Bookings can ought to be created conjunctively via Description, should be command in lap for completeness of flight. Examples: tiny purse, shoulder portable computer bag, tiny backpacks. Placed within the automobile trunk. Boutique Air may be a domestic carrier that operates smaller, eight or 9 seat regional craft to dozens of destinations across the U.S. 

Destination And Hubs 

Destinations Cortez (ends Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2022) Denver (ends Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2022) Phoenix (ends Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2022) Phoenix (ends Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2022) Phoenix (ends Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2022) Massena etc

Arrival pass Online

Register begins twenty four hours beforehand of your scheduled time of departure. Please take care to visualize in a minimum of forty five minutes before scheduled departure. For any a lot of info will check on its official web site. 


Boutique Air doesn't charge baggage fees. A 'Personal Item' should be sufficiently small to sit down on the passenger's lap for the length of the flight; their  flights cannot accommodate overhead or underseat bags. All alternative baggage should be checked with shop Air at the gate or price tag counter for loading into the baggage compartment. We area unit happy to just accept excess baggage at no further price on a space-available basis. as a result of storage capability is restricted, we tend to area unit unable to ensure all excess baggage for every traveler for every flight.

If a passenger's additional baggage exceeds accessible area, we'll embrace it on consequent area accessible flight.

[NOTE: If a traveler is connecting to a different airline carrier, passengers can ought to abide by that carriers baggage policy.

Packages should NOT be air tight and should enable the discharge of CO2 gas. once in checked baggage, the package should be marked "Dry ice" or "Carbon oxide, solid" and marked with net amount of solid, or a sign that it's a pair of.5 kg (5.5 lbs) or less.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Provided you've got purchased your price tag and have the confirmation range, it's not necessary to verify your price tag. However, if you've got any queries or issues please be at liberty to decision our client baseline at 855-268-8478.

Boutique Air features a codeshare agreement with United Airlines associated an interline agreement with yankee Airlines. United MileagePlus members will earn award miles on eligible shop Air flights. To receive mileage credit, gift your MileagePlus throughout the reservation method.

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