American Airlines Transfer Miles

American Airlines Transfer Miles

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American Airlines Transfer Miles

American Airlines Transfer Miles


American Airlines is the biggest airline by passengers carried. American Airlines has a vast network that flies more than 6,000 daily flights to over 350 destinations in 50 different countries. This means that you may be able to find the perfect flight schedule by using an American flight.

We will discuss how to fly on American Airlines with credit card points and airline miles.


American Airlines AAdvantage


American Airlines AAdvantage program is the best way to book AA flights. Because it's the airline's program, you will have more options. American introduced dynamic pricing for award tickets in 2019. This allows you to book almost any American flight with miles, as long as your Saver level awards are still available.

American has a general flight award chart that can be used to redeem certain levels of AA-operated flights. However, the prices listed should not be considered as a guideline as they are subject to change if MileSAAver tickets are unavailable for your flight.

  • Web Specials (variable)
  • MileSAAver Discount on Peak
  • MileSAAver
  • AAnytime Level 1 (variable)
  • AAnytime Level 2 (variable)

Only Main Cabin tickets are eligible for the lowest MileSAAver Off Peak award, but there are great redemption options at the regular MileSAAver level to redeem First and Business Class seats all over the globe. Here are some examples of AA-operated flights from the continental U.S.

  • One-way Business Class Flights to South America Region 2 (Argentina Brazil Chile etc.) 57,500 Miles
  • From Europe, Business Class: 57,500 Miles
  • One-way Business Class Flights to Japan and Korea: 60,000 Miles
  • 85,000 Miles One-way First Class Flight to Europe

Prices rise at AAnytime levels. When dynamic pricing is in play, flight redemptions may be lower or (usually), higher than the award chart. The benefit of using AAdvantage points is that, if there is Saver space available, these rates remain the same regardless of whether or not there are connecting flights.


Transfer Partners

  • Marriott Bonvoy Points (3:1)

American Airlines AAdvantage is not a partner of any major transferable credit cards points currencies. You won't be able redeem your AAdvantage miles for flights unless you have enough AAdvantage points. To top up your balance, you can transfer Marriott points. You can also earn AAdvantage points by flying with One world airline or by getting an American Airlines credit card.

One of the most popular ways to book American Airlines flights is to use the Mileage Program of Alaska Airlines, the newest One world member. Alaska has a fixed-price award table for flights with partner airlines. You can find out how many miles you would need by selecting your departure and destination regions.

American's Saver award redemption rates are mirrored and only Alaska Airlines miles can be booked if there is Saver space. You can search Alaska Airlines directly to book Alaska miles. However, it may be easier to search for Saver space on American's website and then double-check the dates on Alaska Airlines.


Transfer Partners

  • American Express Membership Rewards (1 :1)
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards (1.1)
  • Capital One Venture Rewards (2.5.1)
  • Marriott Bonvoy Points (3:1)

British Airways is a popular option to redeem points for American Airlines flights. This is because you can transfer points from two of the most popular credit cards to British Airways miles at an equal exchange. Amex and Chase points are not transfer partners, so you can still book American Airlines flights using points.


How can I transfer my American Airline points?


You cannot transfer miles to American Airlines accounts, such as to a friend or family member. The maximum transfer amount is 200,000 miles each year.

Transfer costs 1.25 cents per Mile plus a $15-40 processing fee.


Transfer American Airline Points to Transfer Partners


American Airlines points can't be transferred to other airlines or partners. You cannot redeem miles for perks on partner airlines unless you use AA to redeem the miles.


Reasons to Transfer American Airlines points


There are a few reasons you might need to transfer your miles from AA.

  • Your points are about expire
  • There are no redeeming opportunities.
  • Gifts for a friend or family member
  • The money is essential


How to Transfer American Airline Points by Yourself


You have two options: sell or transfer your AA mile. To transfer your AA miles, go to the AA website and log in. The recipient must have an American Airlines account. Although the transfer should be immediate, it can take up 8 hours.

Transferring your vehicle isn't as easy as it looks. If you are selling, it can be difficult to find a buyer. They may also offer a lower price than the current 3 Cents per mile. However, if you are desperate for the money, it is likely that you will spend many hours looking for the best deal.

To complete the transfer, you will need to enter tedious details on the website. What if I said there was an easy way to transfer American Airlines points to another party?


Next steps to transfer AA miles if you can't do it yourself


Deontay is the best way to transfer your AA miles quickly and easily. You can instantly check, sell or transfer points. This simplifies the whole process and makes it easy to follow.

Deontay eliminates the need to log in to American Airlines' website. All the information you require will be available in just a few clicks.

This is just the beginning. DoNotPay takes the hassle out of finding the best deal and then comparing them all. This is the only way to get your miles' worth.

DoNotPay is a great way to transfer American Airlines miles

Most cases when you need to sell or transfer American Airlines miles, it is imperative that you do so immediately. It is too time-consuming to wait and search for the best deal, or redo the entire process if it fails. DoNotPay is the best tool you can use.

DoNotPay is the best option because:

  • Fast - You don't need to spend hours trying solve the problem
  • Simple - You don't need to be a painstaking worker filling out forms or keeping track of the steps required to solve your problem
  • Success - You can be sure that we will make the best care possible for you


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