Cancel Flight American Airlines

American Airlines' Cancellation Policy

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Cancel Flight American Airlines

Cancel Flight American Airlines


It can be a time-consuming task to plan a vacation. It can be difficult to cancel or change your vacation plans if things go wrong.

Because of the changes made during the coronavirus epidemic, cancelling and changing American Airlines flight tickets has become much easier. Most fees for changing or cancelling many types of tickets have been eliminated by the airline.

This guide will help you understand American Airlines' cancellation, change, and refund policies.


American Airlines' Cancellation Policy

American Airlines cancels tickets purchased directly. Here are some key points to remember:

  • All tickets are fully refundable within 24 hours of booking, provided that your departure date is not more than two days away.
  • You can cancel or change non-refundable tickets without paying a fee but will not receive a refund. Instead, you will receive a travel credit that can be used for another flight within one year of the date you received the original ticket.
  • Basic economy fares are the only exception to the rule that cannot be modified once they have been booked. You'll lose all value if you don't get on the flight you booked.
  • Refunds of fully refundable tickets can be made at any time, provided the original payment method was used.
  • You can cancel award tickets or redeposit miles used without paying a fee.

The current cancellation policy of American Airlines is very customer-friendly, as you can see. American Airlines made major changes in order to increase bookings during the pandemic. They removed virtually all restrictions and fees. You won't need to worry about losing value or jumping through hoops for tickets that are basic economy.

You will receive a travel credit if you change a non-refundable flight ticket. If you switch from a $500 to $300 ticket, you will receive a $200 travel voucher to redeem on a future flight.


How to cancel an American Airlines Flight


You can cancel American Airlines flights on both award and paid tickets almost the same way. Log in to American Airlines at and click the "Your Trips" link.

Select the trip you wish to cancel from your list.

Select "Cancel trip":

Then confirm your cancellation

American Airlines should immediately reinstate your miles to redeem for award tickets. The airline should also issue a travel voucher to pay for tickets.


How to Change an American Airlines Flight


It is simple to change an American Airlines flight online. To change your flight, you can also call American Airlines. These are the steps you need to follow in order to change your flight.

After you have logged in to your account, click the “Change trip” button.

Click the box that says “Yes, I would like to change this flight”, and you can search for new flights.

Choose a new flight among the available options:


American Airlines will then display the updated itinerary and let you know if additional funds are due or if you have access to credit.

American Airlines will show the amount as a "Refund Amount" if you are entitled to a travel credit. In almost all cases, however, the refund will be issued instead of a reimbursement to your original payment method.

American Airlines should send you an email with your travel credit once you have confirmed your itinerary.


American Airlines 24-hour Cancellation


Do you find yourself in a situation where you must make a decision for American Airlines cancellation Take advantage of the American Airlines 24-hour cancellation window. Customers who booked American Airlines tickets can cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking. This applies to all fare types. If you cancel your tickets within the 24-hour cancellation window, the airline will refund 100%.

These are the highlights of American Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy:

  • This option is not offered by American Airlines.
  • Only cancellations received at least three hours prior to departure will be eligible for a refund of the ticket amount
  • The airline will credit your refund amount within one week if the ticket was purchased to travel within the United States.

Cancellation of American Airlines Basic Economy Ticket


American Airlines will not allow cancellations if you purchased a Basic Economy flight. This is unless the cancellation occurs within the airline's 24-hour cancellation period. There are exceptions to this rule. A Basic Economy ticket can be cancelled if American Airlines changes your flight schedule by more than 61 minutes. You can cancel a Basic Economy ticket if you are a military member or if you’re traveling companion dies.


American Airlines Non-refundable Cancellation of Ticket


American Airlines will charge $200 for cancellations of domestic tickets. The cancellation fee for international flights will vary depending on the fare type. The cancellation fee paid can be applied to a future flight provided that the new ticket is cancelled within one year of the date of the original ticket's issue and the original ticket was cancelled prior to the flight departure. In certain cases, however, refunds can be made on non-refundable tickets if the passenger or their travelling companion is killed or if there are military orders that require supporting documentation.



American Airlines offers a refund on cancellations of tickets


Cancellation of refundable tickets is possible any time prior to departure. Within 7 business days, the customer will receive a refund to their original credit card.


Cancellation of American Airlines Award Ticket Tickets


American Airlines flight tickets purchased using AAdvantage miles will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee and $25 for each subsequent award that is reinstated for the same account. Executive Platinum members can book their flights using miles from their account. The award change and reinstatement fees will be waived.


How to cancel American Airlines flights


There are many options available for American flight cancellation. Online cancellations can be made from your office or home. Log in to your American Airlines account and visit the American Airlines Official Website. Select "My Trips", then click on "Cancel Booking". To cancel your trip, click on "Confirm". American Airlines will give you a voucher to cover any funds that are left after paying any cancellation fees.

You can cancel your reservation offline by visiting the airport using the American Airlines self-serve kiosk, or at the ticket counter.

You don't want to lose the value of your ticket if you change your travel plans. Fly finder can help you with flight changes or cancellations. Call us at to get assistance. If your ticket is eligible, we will assist you with refunds. We can also assist you with all your flight and travel booking needs.

Bottom line


Both airlines and travelers have seen a lot of changes since the pandemic. American Airlines has eliminated almost all fees for cancelling or changing flights. You can cancel or change a flight with American Airlines without losing your money or miles.

American Airlines went a little further than United Airlines policy. American does not charge any fees to redeposit miles so you might consider booking a great award flight as soon as possible. If your plans change, you can always get the miles back.


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