American Airlines Status

American Airlines Status

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American Airlines Status

American Airlines Status


Have you ever wondered how to get the coveted upgrades and other perks that come with American Airlines AAdvantage elite status. It's not just about seat upgrades. Let's take a look at the perks and how to earn them.

This is how it looks:

  • Do not waste time waiting in a security line for 30 minutes. Instead, go through priority screening.
  • Instead of struggling to find a seat at a gate, grab a snack or a comfortable chair in the Admirals Club.
  • You don't have to talk your way out of a seat in the middle, instead, you can spread out in first-class thanks to a complimentary upgrade.

This guide will help you to improve your American Airlines AAdvantage elite travel experience. We'll show you the four tiers of AAdvantage elite status.


Getting Started


American Airlines' frequent flyer program, AAdvantage, is called. It was founded in 1981 and is the second oldest loyalty program for airlines in the world.

Sign up for a free AAdvantage Account to earn elite status and receive an AAdvantage Number. American Airlines uses this number for tracking your flights and purchases in order to award "miles". Loyalty points can also be earned on certain activities. More details will follow. You can climb the AAdvantage ladder by flying more and spending more money.


Glossary of Terms


Some terms will be used a lot in this article. It's best to learn what they are right away.

  • AAdvantage Miles: These miles can be redeemed for qualifying purchases and flights with partners. These miles can be used (redeemed) for many things, including award flights, seat upgrades and lounge memberships. A lot of these does not necessarily mean that you have earned any status levels. However, you can get many of them from a bonus credit card sign-up bonus.
  • Miles flown: These are the miles that were travelled during a flight. This term is crucial for Million Mile Progress and earning mileage on most partners.
  • Loyalty points: This new metric determines all things with American Airlines AAdvantage elite status.

Qualifying for AAdvantage Elite Status

To earn elite status with American Airlines AAdvantage, prior to 2022 you had to track 3 metrics: Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM), Elite Qualifying dollars (EQD), and Elite Qualifying segments (EQS). The program now allows elite status to be achieved by only one metric. Loyalty points are the basis of how you can earn your status.

For 2022 and beyond, Loyalty points will be earned. To achieve status, however, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Gold: 35,000 Loyalty Points
  • Platinum: 75,000 loyalty points
  • Platinum Pro 125,000 Loyalty points
  • Executive Platinum 200,000 Loyalty points


Earn loyalty points


You can find the complete guide on how to earn Loyalty points. Here's a quick overview: Loyalty points can be earned by the following activities

  • Flying with American Airlines and One world Partners
  • JetBlue and GOL are two of the partners that you can fly with outside this alliance.
  • Bookings at
  • bookings
  • Stay at one of our partner hotels
  • Partner partners are preferred for renting a car
  • Online shopping portals
  • Participating in American Airlines Dining
  • American Airlines credit cards: Spend money


Timelines for Elite Status


Two timelines are important to keep in mind when you earn American Airlines AAdvantage elite status.

  • The qualification period is from March 1 to February 31 of the next year
  • The membership period is the time period during which you can enjoy the status that you have earned. It starts on the day you are qualified and continues through the next year, and up to March 31st of the following year.

This can make it confusing so here are some examples.

  • A member is eligible for Platinum status if they are enrolled during the qualifying period of March 1, 2022 through February 28, 2023. This status will remain valid until March 31, 2024. This member must requalify for status in the following year, which is March 1, 2023 to Feb 29, 2024.
  • This person is only eligible for gold status during the following qualification period (March 1, 20,23 to February 29, 2024). The ex-Platinum status will be converted to gold status at April 1, 2024. It will remain valid until March 31, 2025.

AAdvantage Elite Status Benefits


As you might expect the benefits for elite status tiers are better than those of lower tiers. Below is a table that summarizes the top perks of each status tier.




Upgrade Window

Complimentary Main Cabin Extras & Preferred Seats

Complimentary Baggage

Elite Mileage Bonus

Other notable benefits




All American Airlines flights include complimentary upgrades for auto-requests


*Complimentary M.C.E. at check-in
*Complimentary Prefer Seats

1 Free checked bag




All American Airlines flights include complimentary upgrades for auto-requests


Complimentary M.C.E. Complimentary M.C.E.

2 checked bags free



Platinum Pro

Upgrades on American Airlines and Alaska Airlines flights are available at no cost to the customer.


Complimentary M.C.E. Complimentary M.C.E.

3 Free checked bags


*Complimentary same day flight change
*Choice 1 Loyalty Choice Reward

Executive Platinum

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines flight upgrades are free of charge - even American Airlines award flights.


Complimentary M.C.E. Complimentary M.C.E.

3 Free checked bags


*Complimentary same day flight change
*Complimentary Upgrades on Award Tickets
*Choice 2 Rewards: Earn more loyalty points to get more rewards



First-Class Upgrades


American Airlines' AAdvantage elite status offers the most valuable benefit: complimentary seat upgrades. American Airlines utilizes a system that combines seniority and status to fill empty seats in premium cabins.

The primary factor that AA uses to determine which passengers get an upgrade is their elite status tier. Your elite status will determine how high you appear on the upgrade lists. Priority is given to passengers who have the same tier status. This will be determined by your rolling 12-month Loyalty Points balance.

Loyalty Points will be new to the AAdvantage Program in 2022. EQDs (Elite Qualifying dollars, a spending metric from the previous program) will be converted into Loyalty Points to break the tie. These Loyalty points will not be given to you; they are merely 'in the system' for upgrading priority.

Airport upgrades will be automatic in 2022. The upgrade process will be automated and done by the computer in 40 minutes. Gate agents won't have to do this manually. Upgrades should be completed before boarding begins.


500-Mile Upgrade Certificates Are Changing


All AAdvantage elite members receive free upgrades on flights within North America. Gold and platinum elites don't need 500-mile upgrade stickers. These certificates can only be used to upgrade a travel companion for the same reservation. This is a significant change effective March 20, 2022.

This will change in 2022 (date to be determined). If your upgrade is approved, your companion will be able to upgrade along with you. No 500-mile upgrade stickers are required.

This change will take effect immediately. Any remaining 500-mile upgrades stickers will be converted into 250 loyalty points for your 2022 status qualification year.


Systemwide Upgrades (SWUs)


You can earn Systemwide upgrades if you are an Executive Platinum or Platinum member. These can be used for upgrading one cabin on an American Airlines one-way itinerary (three segments maximum). These can be applied to anyone, even if they're not on your flight.

Let's say, for example, you book a one-way economy ticket from Phoenix (PHX), to London (LHR), via Dallas (DFW). You can upgrade your service class to business class if there is enough upgrade space. Because it only has 2 segments, this upgrade would be systemwide.

Unfortunately, SWUs are not able to last forever. They are valid for one year after they are issued. It could be a good idea to wait until you are sure you can use them before you choose them as your Choice Reward.

Ultra-Frequent Flyers

Once you reach Executive Platinum status, the rewards don't end. AA has a few tricks to keep you loyal once you reach Executive Platinum status.


Loyalty Choice Rewards


After you have earned Platinum Pro status, and you have flown 30 eligible segments of flight, you will be eligible to earn a Loyalty Selection Reward. There are many rewards that you can choose from, as the name suggests. These include bonus miles, American Airlines vouchers, lounge memberships, headphones, charity donations, and American Airlines vouchers.


Shortcuts to AAdvantage Elite status


What if you are an elite member of another airline but want to switch to American Airlines AAdvantage? Good news and bad news, here's the scoop.

Let's begin with the bad news. Unlike Delta or Southwest, AA does not offer elite members from other airlines direct status matches. Even if you are a Delta Diamond or United Premier 1K member, AA will not offer you a complimentary match to AAdvantage Executive Platinum.


Status Challenge


Fortunately, AA offers a status challenge program. It doesn't matter if you have an elite status with another airline or if you have planned travel with American. To request information on a status challenge, call AAdvantage customer support at 888-697 5636 or 800-882-8880.

Although AA does not publish any information about this option at the moment, it is fairly well-known.

  • Status that you have earned through a previous challenge is not valid for current status. You must have completed the challenge to earn status.
  • To earn AAdvantage Gold and Platinum status, you can use a status challenge.
  • You have the option to choose whether you wish to keep the status after completing the challenge.
  • To accept a challenge, AA requires that you pay a fee. The fee will vary depending on who you are, what elite tier you are vying for and whether or not you wish to be a challenger. According to reports, prices range from $100 to $600.
  • To complete the challenge and keep your status, you'll need to meet the Loyalty Point requirements within 90 days.

Other things to be aware of:

  • Officially, a challenge's start date can be reverted back up to five days. Award Wallet members have reported in the comments that they were able to backdate the challenge start date by seven working days.
  • Your status will last until the end of your current membership year if you have completed a challenge before June 15. Your status will be valid until the end of the next membership year if you have completed a challenge after June 15.

Status challenges are a great way to get AA status with a little planning.


No cost Status Offers/Challenges


Waiting for American Airlines to grant you elite status in AAdvantage is a much easier way to achieve this status. You could be in for a very long wait. American Airlines is known for occasionally offering elite status.


Bottom line


You owe it yourself to check into AAdvantage elite status if you fly AA frequently. The requirements are difficult to meet. You won't get the red carpet rolled out once you become AA Gold. However, flying often enough can make all the difference, no matter how small.

If you fly AA only a few times per year, then consider applying for an American Airlines cobranded credit card. Many of the same benefits will be available for much less work and with less money.






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