American Airlines Personal Item

American Airlines Personal Item

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American Airlines Personal Item

American Airlines Personal Item


American Airlines passengers have the right to one personal item for free.

Anybody who has ever travelled regularly has likely flown with American Airlines. American Airlines is ranked the largest airline in the world based on multiple metrics. Each year, American Airlines transports the highest number of passengers s.

With this in mind, frequent flyers are well-versed in the benefits that American Airlines offers, including free carry-on bags, in-flight WiFi, and other amenities. Despite all the benefits that American Airlines passengers will enjoy, there are still some things you need to consider, like the size of your personal items.


American Airlines personal item policy


American Airlines is the largest airline in the country and you won't be surprised that they don't charge extra for personal belongings. All passengers, regardless of their Basic Economy status, are entitled to one personal item free of charge.

American's policy has one major restriction. Your bag must be placed underneath your seat in order to count as personal items. American does not consider any that is brought onboard by other airlines as your personal item. You are allowed to bring the following items:

  • Diaper bags
  • Cooler bags with soft sides for breast milk
  • Safety seats for children
  • Strollers
  • Medical devices
  • Mobility devices

These items can be brought on American Airlines flights along with your personal bag and carry-on bags.


American Airlines Personal Item Size


We mentioned American Airlines following the industry standard of requiring personal items to fit under the seat in front. It's also one airline that specifies the maximum size of your personal item. Company's baggage policy states that personal items must be 18" x 15" x 8", (45cm, 35cm, x 20cm).

These dimensions are among the best in the industry so it won't be a problem to bring your personal items onboard.


American Airlines personal item weight limit


American doesn't place a limit on the weight of your personal items, just like most major airlines in the United States. You can carry your personal item as long as it is easy to lift and store under the seat.


American Airlines carry-on size


American Airlines offers a complimentary carry-on bag to all passengers. The airline allows passengers to bring along a carry-on bag up to 51 inches in size. 25"x20"x6" is the maximum size for your carry-on.

It is simple to find a carry-on bag for your business because the company has strict size guidelines.


Liquids can be carried in your American Airlines personal bag


American Airlines follows the TSA's guidelines when it comes to liquids. After you have cleared security, liquids can be purchased at the airport. However, in order to pass security, you need to follow the 3-1-1 rule.

  • Containers that hold liquid must weigh 3.4 ounces and less
  • All liquid containers must be placed in one transparent, quart-sized plastic bag
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry one bag of liquids

A Ziploc bag that is quart-sized will do the trick if you don't need a bag for liquids.


American Airlines' strict carry-on policy


American Airlines is very strict about carry-on.

This is a common question that passengers ask us. We did some research to make sure you didn't have too.

American Airlines is strict about carrying carry-on luggage. They say that you can only bring one bag with you and one personal item. They state that your bag must be the right size and you should comply with their rules.




We recommend that you purchase a bag that is compliant with all the latest regulations. However, it is possible to get away with a soft-sided bag such as a backpack or carryall that is slightly above the limit.

Soft-sided bags with wheels are easier to carry and can be squeezed into most sizers.


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