Volaris Airlines Web Check in and Boarding

Volaris Airlines Web Check in and Boarding

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Volaris Airlines Web Check in and Boarding

Volaris Airlines Web Check in and Boarding

Volaris check-in allows you to select the seat and genre of your boarding pass at any time before departure without hassles.

This post will provide information about the check-in process and the fees charged by the airline to complete it.

Volaris Check in Information

Volaris Airlines is pleased to offer the most recent check-in service, which makes airport procedures smoother and more comfortable. Check-in with the airline will save you time at the airport, and allow you to pack your bag faster. Follow these simple steps to save time.

Volaris Mobile Check In

Mobile check-in is available for all fights in Mexico, except for flights to or from Venezuela.

Once you have completed the mobile check in, you can simply check your bag at the airport. The airlines will validate it and issue a regular boarding pass.

Volaris Website Check In

All domestic and international flights, except Venezuela, will have the option to check in online or at the Volaris kiosk counters. You can also use the -

  • Before boarding, passengers will need to verify their travel documents at the check-in counters.
  • Online boarding passes are different to those issued at regular check-in counters.
  • Passengers who have checked in already and are able to show their boarding passes via the internet or self-service machines must submit their bags to the Baggage Drop Counters before they can proceed to security.

Volaris Web Check In is Available to Passenger who are -

  • Volaris must have a ticket confirmed.
  • Passengers with the valid travel document.
  • Reservations with fewer than 9 passengers are not allowed and there is a limit of 4 flight segments per Volaris flight booking.
  • Checked baggage is available for passengers who travel with it or not.

Volaris passengers cannot check in online via the website.

  • Holding the paper tickets.
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • People with a hearing or visual impairment can travel.
  • Volaris passengers travelling with their pet
  • Tourists flying to destinations other than Mexico.
  • Standby Passengers

Volaris Check in Time

Because of COVID-19 restrictions at the airport, processing times can be longer than usual. It is important that you follow the check-in times listed below for your itinerary. These rules are important to ensure that you don't lose your travel funds, seat assignment, or involuntary cancellations.


How to get to the airport

Check-in & baggage drop off deadline

Boarding gate deadline

Boarding Gate closes

Within Mexico

90 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

To and From United States

120 minutes

60 minutes

30 minutes

15 minutes

Outside Mexico

180 minutes

60 minutes

45 minutes

30 minutes

Check-in counters will be open for check-in anytime between 48 and one hour before flight departure. Additional -

  • Check-in counters for flights departing an hour prior to the departure time will be open.
  • The opening and closing times of boarding gates at certain airports may be determined by local authorities due to security protocols and protocol.
  • The boarding gate is closed 20 minutes prior to the departure of domestic flights and 60 minutes for international flights.
  • The airlines reserve the right cancel a passenger's booking if they find that the passenger is late to the check-in or at the boarding gate. Volaris flight check in policy is non-binding and the airlines are not responsible for any expense or loss incurred by passengers.

Volaris Flight Check in Exit Row Seating


Volaris' check-in policy allows passengers to be assigned emergency exit seats. However, you can change your seating arrangement if the Volaris policy determines that the passenger is unable to perform the following evacuation functions.

If the person is unable to move, have mobility or are weak in their arms, legs or hands, or if the passenger needs assistance with the following tasks:

  • You can reach the location for the emergency exit and its operational mechanisms by moving up, sideways and down.
  • To grasp these mechanisms and push, pull or turn them.
  • Pushing, pulling, or shoving to open emergency exits.
  • It is necessary to remove obstructions that are similar in size and weight as over-wing exit doors.

If the passenger is unable to walk,

  • Find the emergency exit seats.
  • Recognize the mechanism opening the emergency exit.
  • Regardless of whether the instructions are written, graphic or oral, it is important to understand how to use the emergency exit.
  • Consider whether passengers could be exposed to additional dangers by opening the emergency escape.
  • Follow the instructions of crew members.
  • Secure emergency exit doors to ensure they are not inaccessible.

Passengers must have at least 16 years old and be able to complete all tasks on their own.

Volaris Print Boarding Pass

After the boarding pass has been generated, please carefully read the instructions and conditions. You can also find the following information:

  • The boarding pass will be automatically cancelled if the passenger does not show up or cancels the flight before departure.
  • At least 45 minutes before departure, passengers must show a printed copy of their boarding passes and a valid photo ID to security.
  • If the passenger fails to provide the required travel documentation, the airline could deny the passenger boarding.
  • Checked luggage must be submitted at the baggage counter prior to the flight.
  • Passengers who have the right to use the business lounge must bring the printed copy of their boarding pass.
  • The passenger's flight booking will be cancelled if they do not arrive at the boarding gate by the departure time.

Volaris Check-In Process

Volaris passengers can check-in for flights through their My Trips page on the Volaris website or through the Volaris mobile app. They also have the option to call the customer service number and use WhatsApp. To avoid peak travel rushes, make sure you have your boarding card ready after you've completed the Volaris Check-In.

Volaris Online Check In

Volaris' web check-in makes it easy to check in online from your computer. The check-in link can be found on the homepage of the airline. These are the steps:

  • Visit volaris.com and navigate to the check-in link at the top of the page.
  • To access your reservation, enter the flight code and last name of passenger.
  • Choose the flight segment and the name of the passenger that you wish to check in.
  • Please adhere to the Volaris baggage policy and the check-in policy.
  • You can check seat availability before you choose the seat that suits your needs. You can add meals, baggage tags and any special services you require for your trip.
  • Once you confirm your choice, you can download your boarding pass. It can be printed or downloaded to your computer.

Volaris App Review in

You can also check in via the official Volaris booking app. The app can be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone. These steps will help you complete your check-in process for your reservation.

  • Visit Volaris' mobile app and click the "Check-In" button.
  • In the required field, enter the last name and booking reference.
  • Tap on the flight name and the name to check.
  • You can choose the seats you want and add any additional services, such as baggage or meals, to your flight.
  • You must comply with both the airline's check in policy and Volaris baggage policy.
  • To generate your boarding pass, verify the flight itinerary and travel details.

Volaris Check In

You can use the kiosk check-in to make your check-in at any of the Mexico airports and select international airports. These are the steps to check-in at self-service kiosks.

  • Enter the Volaris ticket number or reference at the kiosk
  • Choose the flight segments you wish to check in and the passengers.
  • The seat map will then be displayed. You can select the seats and any other services you would like.
  • Collect your boarding pass.

Volaris Phone Number

Volaris representatives can be reached at the customer service number to complete your flight check-in online. In addition to handling fees, the airline will charge a service fee. You can do this by:

  • Ensure you have the ticket number or booking reference handy when you call one of our representatives.
  • Please indicate your preference for a seat and any special requests you would like to make regarding your travel.
  • You can pay the fee by phone using your debit/credit cards.
  • The airline will send you the boarding pass via registered email.

Volaris Verify in WhatsApp

Get in touch with Volaris Airlines via WhatsApp Chat.

  • Chat with us to get your booking reference.
  • The link to the seat map will be sent by the airline. You can select the seats and the extra service you would like for your trip.
  • Volaris will immediately send you the boarding pass via WhatsApp.

Check-In at Airport

If you are unable to complete the Volaris online check-in request, you may still submit it at the airport. This may be subjected to Volaris flight checks in. It varies depending on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally.

Volaris offers individual counters for Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class at all airports.

Volaris kiosk check in is available at certain airports. You can quickly check in and get straight to security without having to wait at the main check in counter.

Volaris Check in Fee

Volaris does not charge a check-in fee for online bookings or via the mobile app. The airlines will charge a service fee for flight check-ins at the airport and through customer service numbers.


Web check-in

Mobile check-in

WhatsApp Check-in

Airport check-in

Phone check-in

Fee for Flights within Mexico (in USD).

No cost

No cost

No cost



Fee for Flights Outside Mexico (in USD).

No cost

No cost

No cost



Volaris' check-in policy ensures hassle-free travel. Volaris offers easy check-in for all classes of flight, regardless of fare rules.


  • Is Volaris Airline able to allow online check-in?

Volaris Airline offers web check-in on its flights.

  • Is it possible to check-in online for Volaris Airline?

Yes, you can web-check in for Volaris Airline flights before departure time and up to 60 minutes prior. It is easy to do a Volaris Airline Web Check-in.

  1. Online check-in (Web check-in)
  2. Volaris Airline Mobile Check-in
  3. Volaris Airline Counter check in at the airport
  4. Check-in at the airport's kiosk
  5. Contact Volaris Airline Customer Care at +52 55 112 8000
  • Do I need to register for my Volaris Airline flight?

Check-in opens 24 hours prior to your Volaris Airline flight departure. There may be different minimum time requirements depending on where you are departing from and what destination. Find more information and help on how to get started with your Volaris Airline flight check-in on https://www.volaris.com/.

  • How can I print my Volaris Airline boarding pass?

  1. On your computer, open your Internet browser and go to https://www.volaris.com/.
  2. Click the "Check-in” box
  3. Enter your confirmation number, last name.
  4. After you have completed check-in, it will prompt to print your boarding pass.
  • Are there any bag fees that I can pay with the Volaris Airline online check-in?

Yes, you make payment online at Volaris Airline website https://www.volaris.com/. You can add your bag to manage booking Volaris Airline page and check how much weight is allowed on Volaris Airline flights.

  • What time do I need be at the Volaris Airline Boarding Gate?

For Volaris Airline flights, boarding closes at these times

  • For domestic Volaris Airline flights within the USA, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time
  • Most international Volaris Airline flights from/to the USA depart 30 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. Non-US airports may close boarding 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Check https://www.volaris.com/ for exact details.
  • How do I check in for my Volaris flight.

Check-in requests for domestic flights can be made to the airline between 72 hours and 60 mins before departure. International flights to Mexico can be checked in up until 120 minutes prior to departure.

  • Are you able to add bags after checking in for your Volaris reservation?

After you have completed the airport check, you can add your baggage. At the airport counter, you will be given the baggage tag.

  • How do I print my Volaris boarding ticket?

Volaris airlines makes it easy to get your boarding passes. You can usually save one to your smartphone and scan it at the gate using your mobile screen.

You can also print your boarding passes at home through the airline's website before you leave for the airport. Enter the passenger's name and confirmation number. You will receive your boarding pass within 24 hours of your departure.

  • When can I check in with Volaris early?

Check in for domestic flights as early as 72 hours prior to the departure. For international flights, you can check in up to 24 hours prior.

You can also use kiosks at the airport if you are unable to print your boarding pass online.

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