what is United Airlines Refunds Phone Number

United Airlines Refunds Phone Number

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what is United Airlines Refunds Phone Number

United Airlines Refunds Phone Number

Paper Ticket Refunds

To be able to assist you in your claim for a refund, we will require that you present the unused tickets. Your paper tickets should be taken to the United Airlines ticketing office or your travel agency.

You can also mail any tickets requests or paper tickets that are not used to the following address:

United Airlines
United Refunds
Processing Department
Houston, TX 77253

Without the correct documents, we cannot review any claim.

Please Note:

  • All refunds subject to audit and final approval of United Airlines United Refunds
  • Refunds can be made in the form payment for the original ticket
  • To receive a cash refund, please allow up to 20 business days
  • Credit card refunds take seven business days. For credit card refunds that are not processed within a billing cycle please contact your credit company.

United Refunds can be reached at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-864-8331) if you have additional questions.




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Why do people call United Airlines Customer Service?

Although United Airlines' website is robust, many customers still prefer to contact its customer service representatives. Some common requests are:

  • Purchase of airline tickets and other travel items
  • Flight status and flight scheduling
  • Cancellation or delayed flight bookings
  • Checking on lost baggage
  • Refund requests
  • Mileage Plus Loyalty program questions
  • Complimentary or complaint forms
  • You can check for lost items on planes
  • Customers with disabilities should be able to coordinate accessibility
  • Travel advisory questions

Top Tips for Calling United Customer Service

Before calling United Airlines customer support, ensure that the right number is dialled for your issue. United has several phone numbers, including those for reservations, accessibility and Mileage Plus. United also has different phone lines for different countries. It is important to know the United phone number for each country where you are traveling.

While most United Airlines customer service lines are available 24/7, some may be closed for extended hours. There are, however, designated phone lines that are available for non-English speakers and they have limited business hours. To avoid frustration, ensure that you call at the correct time and adjust for time zones.

What do people think about calling United Airlines Customer Service?

There are many complaints about United's customer service by phone. Some claim they receive prompt and courteous solutions to their problems, while others feel that United Airlines reps are not responsive to legitimate customer concerns. Many media reports have indicated that individuals had to involve journalists and consumer advocates before their case was resolved.

Mentions in News Media

Although there have been mentions of United customer support in the media, it is important to note that some cases involve unusual situations such as when a United boarding system glitch led to a passenger being called a "no show" and resulting in a cancelled return ticket.

Third-party advocates were required to intervene in this case as United's customer service representatives weren't equipped to deal with such an issue. Another case was code sharing between United Airlines and another airline. This caused travel plans to be delayed, which could not be easily fixed.

What issues can United Customer Service handle over the phone?

The customer service department at United Airlines can assist you with a variety of issues, including ticket sales, refund processing and changes to flight and itinerary, loyalty program issues, and questions regarding travel advisories.

Note - If you want to book an airline ticket by phone, you will need to pay a surcharge. This is a common practice for many airlines, and you should know if you call United to purchase a ticket.

What can I do if United Airlines calls me unsatisfactory?

Don't let the feeling of not having accomplished much sink in after a phone call with United Airlines customer support. You still have options.

Write down the details of your call. This information will help you to stay focused when communicating with United.

Next, write down what you would like to happen. Refund? A refund? You'll be better able to pursue what you want once you have it.

These are the next steps to take after you have completed these steps and feel confident enough to contact United again.

  • Contact United again. It's likely that you will be referred to a different agent, who might be able to assist you better. Agents have different training and experiences, so the next agent you speak to might be able help you.
  • You can contact United via a different channel, such as chat, United's online service form or Twitter. These methods have the advantage that you can record what you and your agent discuss in writing. This is useful in the event that you need to escalate your case.
  • Contact the travel agent/third-party site if you bought your ticket via them. You may get a satisfactory response from them.
  • If you're already at the airport and have any questions about your ticket, or other concerns, you can visit a ticketing counter to ask for assistance.

Customer Number 800-864-83331 - By the Numbers

Phone number to dial800-864-8331

Call back Yes

Call taken by a person YES

Department that you're calling Customers Service

Call center hours 24-hours, 7 days

Best time to dial3:15pm

Navigate the phone maze to reach a person. When the voice begins talking, press "0", then "0" again when it continues. Next, say "Yes" if you have a reservation within the United States and "No" if it's international.

Average wait

Current wait

Rank (among other phone numbers)

Rank (overall 1

Alternative methods phone and web, email, Facebook

Quality communication 63%

Quality assistance 59%

Customer votes35,227

Last updated Thu December 22 2022 at 08:00:00 GMT+0000. (Coordinated Universal Times)

United Airlines' Best Toll-Free/800 Customer Number

This phone number is United Airline’s best. It has a real-time wait on hold, and tools to skip right through the phone lines to reach a United Airlines agent. This number is United Airline’s best phone number because it has been used by 218,658 customers over the past 18 months. We also received feedback from them. The customer service unit at 800-864-8331 can help with common problems such as Change Flight, Baggage Problems, Refund Flight, Special Request, Flight Information, and other customer service issues. You can call United Airlines to speak with employees from India, Philippines and Ohio. They also have representatives in North Carolina, Nevada, Illinois, and North Carolina. United Airlines currently has 12 phone numbers. We started compiling information based on suggestions from customers. We encourage you to share your experiences with us so that we can improve this resource.

Contact United Airlines by phone or other means

United Airlines' best toll-free number is 800-864-8331, but there are 23 other ways you can get in touch with them. According to United Airlines customers, calling the 844-202-6328 phone number for their Book a Flight Now section is the best way to reach their customer service team. Customers can also call 844-202-6328 to book a flight now. We would love to hear from you if this information is incorrect or if you know of any other ways to contact United Airlines. You can also click here to see all of the contact information for United Airlines.

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