what are United Airlines Pricing Strategy

United Airlines Pricing Strategy

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what are United Airlines Pricing Strategy

United Airlines Pricing Strategy

We have previously looked at the captivating SWOT analysis of United Airlines. This is one of the top American airlines. This case study will examine United Airlines' marketing strategy.

United Airlines was founded with the mission of "Connecting people, uniting the globe". It has served millions of passengers around the world since its inception. United Airlines is the third-largest international airline. Customers can enjoy a faster and smoother travel experience by using digital tools.

United Airlines has seen a significant increase in mobile bookings since identifying the problem and redesigning its applications based on user feedback. Any company must be digitally aware today. If you are interested in staying on top of the latest developments, check out free masterclasses on Digital Marketing 101, which Karan Shah, CEO and Founder, IIDE.

Let's first look at United Airlines' history, products and closest competitors before we get into the marketing strategy.

About United Airlines

United Airlines, a major American airline company, is headquartered in Chicago. It was founded in 1926 under the name Varney Air Lines, but it changed its name to Boeing Air Transport later. United Airlines is third in size in the world, as it serves the most destinations. It operates more than 700 aircraft and offers air service to 1000 destinations in 170 nations. It boasts a strong international route network, with 10 international hubs, of which George Bush International Airport the largest.

United Airlines is a mix of several airlines, including National Air Transport and Air Micronesia. Pacific Air Transport and Capital Airlines. Varney Air Lines operates New York Air, Arizona Airways, Pan American Airlines, World Airways Challenger Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, Pan American Airlines, etc. Its aircraft carry the logo "U".

United Airlines Marketing Strategy

Let's have a look at United Airlines marketing plan. How United Airlines implements its marketing strategies.

Segmentation Targeting and Positioning

Airlines have always divided passengers into two categories according to their trip purpose. Leisure travelers come to have fun, relax, and have a great time. On the other hand, business tourists travel to promote their companies.

United Airlines uses a Single Segment Strategy. It currently focuses on business class passengers. United Airlines is trying to reach its target audience by emphasizing that it offers everything business travellers need. Advertisements are placed in national media and broadcast.

United Airlines’ well-known frequent flyer program Sky miles is a popular reward program. Customers can earn miles when they travel with United Airlines, its affiliates, and/or by using partner firms like credit cards, hotels, auto rentals, and credit cards. You can use the mileage credit to book flights and join United Airlines’ Sky Clubs.

Marketing Campaigns

United Airlines has a rich history of memorable advertising campaigns that are strong and game-based. The campaign 'Good leads to the way' for commercial air travel was a hit during the pandemic.

This commercial features firsts, feats, and happy moments from those who were connected to the airlines. This is because this is the story about an airline that believes in Good Leads the Way.

Similar to this, many marketing campaigns and ads appeared on United planes as well as in airport terminals. They also appeared on TV, billboards and streaming platforms. Digital, social, and "through unique and contextually relevant and unimagined spaces," according to the company.

United's first "Come Fly the Friendly Skies” commercials highlighted the modern age in air travel. Continental's "We really move your tail for you" ads set the standard for airline advertising. United's 2004 "It's Time to Fly", campaign showed how United was able to meet the needs of its passengers and introduced new products like Economy Plus(r).

Continental's "Work Hard. United Airlines' "Work Hard" advertising campaign, which was launched in 1998, showed keen insight about business travel and communicated with customers in a humorous and refreshing tone. These are just a few of the many amazing ads that United Airlines has run since its inception.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is crucial when it comes down to gathering an audience. It's no surprise that a brand such as United Airlines makes full use of it.

United Airlines optimizes the use of social media. It offers its services in air and on various social media platforms. United Airlines is active on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as well as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Their Facebook account has the most followers (1 482,276). They are followed closely by Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Their Instagram and Twitter accounts each have more than a million followers. @United Airlines Assist is the first airline program to use Twitter to provide customer service.

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SEO Strategies

1,656,737 organic keywords
Organic monthly traffic - 20,123.898

According to SEO rankings, keywords under 500 are poor. Keywords over 1000 are excellent and keywords 10,000+ are exceptional. As can be seen, https://www.united.com/en/us has - 1,565,737 organic keywords, which is incredible. This means that United Airlines' digital marketing is gathering a lot of insight.

Another amazing statistic is the 20 million monthly visitors. This shows that United Airlines has an excellent SEO plan and is willing to work hard to keep the brand flying high in the Google organic SERP ranks.

Influencer Marketing

EMPLOYEE INFLUERS AT UNITED AIRLINES – United is looking to its employees to boost its image on social media platforms. They have enlisted flight attendants and baggage handlers in order to post photos and comment.

Employees and attendants were seen sharing beautiful photos on social media. Encourage employees to become social media influencers. This builds brand loyalty both internally and externally.

Ecommerce Strategies

Book a United Airlines flight online.

You may also consider refundable fares which will reimburse part of your fare if you cancel.

Booking United Airlines tickets via Yatra.com or MakeMyTrip, gibbon, and other online booking platforms can help you save money. You can also book your flight online using many other apps.

United Airlines App, the mobile platform of United Airlines, was designed with the consumer in view to enhance the travel experience at all stages. It can be used by customers to help them find, book, and compare flights, pay with digital wallets and check in. Customers also receive live notifications and can track their baggage.

The platform's most important feature is its flexibility and responsiveness. United Airlines uses a mix strategy of native and cross-platform development to quickly adapt to market changes, and to introduce new features.

Content Marketing Strategies

United Airlines' social media accounts include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They also have LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.

They regularly upload videos to YouTube about United Airlines job previews. These videos promote various ad campaigns as well as advertising multiple collaborations.

United Airlines has created an additional website that will keep you updated with the latest news via online articles.

The United Airlines marketing strategy is now complete. Let's conclude our learning from United Airlines' marketing strategy.


Social media and digital platforms are the most prominent promotional tools for airlines. The primary marketing and promotional tools for United Airlines are its website and app. social media is a popular platform for sharing information with passengers and others around the globe.

Digital marketing is essential because it connects a company and its clients online. It is also effective in all industries. Through SEO, PPC on Google, social marketing and email marketing, it connects businesses with the ideal customers. To learn more and improve your skills, visit IIDE’s 4-Month Digital Marketing course.

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We hope you found this blog about United Airlines' marketing strategy useful.

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