What is United Airlines Miles

United Airlines Miles

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What is United Airlines Miles

United Airlines Miles

United MileagePlus is still one of the most easy-to-use frequent-flyer programs, despite recent changes. United has made changes to the process of earning Premier elite status in recent years and raised award prices to many locations. The program's core value has not been lost.

This guide will explain how to earn United MileagePlus points, how to redeem them and how to get the most out of MileagePlus Premier elite status.

Why join United MileagePlus

MileagePlus members can earn frequent flyer miles on United and over three dozen other partner airlines. It's worth creating a free account even if United isn’t your favourite airline.

This link will allow you to create your United MileagePlus login. Once you have entered your details, you will be given a United frequent flyer code. Add your United account number to  for easy tracking. WA

United does not allow you to automatically check your balance through its website, unlike many loyalty programs. Link the email associated with United to your account to make sure all account details are recorded.

Destinations and MileagePlus Partner Airlines

United Airlines is the largest U.S. airline with service to 78 destinations. Chicago (ORD), Newark, EWR, Houston (IAH), Washington D.C.(IAD), Denver [DEN], San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX) are all hub airports.

MileagePlus's extensive coverage of international routes is perhaps its best feature. Star Alliance is United's founding member. This is the largest airline alliance, with 26 members.

Independent Partners

MileagePlus partners not only with Star Alliance members, but also with 12 independent airlines. You have more options for reaching destinations further off the beaten track with United miles.

It is easier to arrange partners by geography, as there are so many. United MileagePlus has a stronger reputation in Europe and Africa than other programs. However, you can still find a partner anywhere in the world.

How to earn United Miles

Flying was the only way to earn United MileagePlus points many years ago. There are many ways to earn miles without flying. We'll cover the most important strategies--including earning with a United credit card, transferring points from Chase Ultimate Rewards, and making purchases with United's shopping, dining, and travel partners.

With a United Credit Card, you can earn MileagePlus Miles

One of the best ways to accumulate significant MileagePlus points is to sign up for a Chase United card. United Airlines and Chase bank have partnered to provide a complete line of co-branded cards that can be used for personal or business purposes.

Many cards come with a generous signup bonus, which can help you quickly accumulate enough miles to take off on your next trip. The average offer for new cardmembers is between 30,000 and 100,000 points, depending on which card you have and whether there are any limited-time offers.

We'll be discussing them in the next section. There are many other rewards cards that offer better returns than the United cards for everyday spending. Even if you fly with United only a few times per calendar year, these cobranded credit cards offer great perks that will make it easier to get ahead once the annual fee is paid.

United Flights Miles

Your elite status and the amount you paid for your ticket determine how many miles you will earn on a United-operated flight. United's revenue-based system was relatively new. Although revenue-based earning programs are quite common in the U.S. it is not like many international frequent-flyer programmes that award miles based upon distance.

MileagePlus members receive a base rate 5X United miles per dollar of airfare, exempting taxes and fees. You'll get a higher multiplier if you have United elite status. These are the current earnings rates:

For shorter itineraries, the revenue-based earning system works in your favour. It isn't rewarding, however, if you fly long and cheap United flights.

MileagePlus Partner Airlines: Earn Miles

MileagePlus calculates the distance of flights operated by partner airlines using a traditional, distance-based method. Your ticket number is the best way to determine if you will earn miles under partner rules. The partner earning rates will apply if your ticket number starts with a number other than "016". (Some partner flights start with "016" on the United ticket number. You will need to use this revenue-based chart.

Partner flights generally receive 25% to 200% of the flown miles as redeemable award points, depending on your class of service. To find out the earning rates for each partner, you will need to visit the United Partners page. Here's an example: The Lufthansa partner accrual table.

As you can see first-class tickets have the highest multiplier (200%), while deepest discount-economy ticket earns the lowest (25%). Lufthansa’s chart shows that award tickets are the most common fare class that doesn't earn miles. You might be surprised to learn that not all tickets paid for by MileagePlus partners earn miles.

You'll be able to redeem even more miles if you are United elite. Simply multiply the base mileage earnings with the elite-status bonus (above right) and add this to the total.

MileagePlus offers a range of earning rates, so if you are not happy with them, credit your flight to another frequent flyer program. Each program has its own earning rules, so it is possible to earn more miles by joining another program.

MileagePlus Travel Partners

United miles can be earned on flights, but you also have the option to build your MileagePlus balance by renting a car and using other transportation partners. Hertz is United's preferred car rental company. They often offer promotions that allow you to earn more than 2,000 MileagePlus points per rental. Hertz offers a bonus for United credit cardholders and Premier members. Dollar and Thrifty are also car rental partners and offer 50 mile per day earning rates.

United Cruises is another way to earn. The specific cruise you choose, the cabin you book, and your United card status will determine how many miles you earn. General members can earn a maximum of 25.000 United miles per cruise while United credit card holders may earn as high as 45,000 miles per trip.

You can also earn United Miles on Amtrak travel. You can earn 250 or 325 miles depending on which class of flight you take when you connect an inbound United flight to Newark Liberty airport. You can also earn 500 to 750 award miles when you credit Acela business or first-class trips between New York Penn Station, Washington D.C., or any one of the three Boston stations. Acela accruals do not require connecting tickets with United flights.

United Airlines Dining Miles

The MileagePlus Dining Programme allows you to earn United Miles. The average earning rate is 3x United Miles per Dollar. After you have completed 11 or more dining outs within a calendar year, VIP status is granted. You'll be able to earn 5x United Miles per dollar for each additional dine.

Register one or more credit cards to participate in the dining program. After this step is completed, you can use your card at any participating restaurant. Miles will be awarded based on the total cost of your meal, tax included, and tip. For completing a survey about your dining experience, you'll typically get 10 miles.

A great thing about dining programs is the ability to earn bonus miles from multiple sources. This strategy is sometimes known as rewards stacking. If you spend on dinner with one the top credit cards for restaurants you will earn bonus miles from you bank. You'll also get bonus miles from United if your credit card is registered with MileagePlus dining.

Are you able to transfer MileagePlus miles to other people?

Transferring miles to other members is possible, but this is not often a good idea. Transferring 500 miles costs $7.50 plus $30 processing fee. To transfer 60,000 miles, which is enough to book a round trip ticket between the U.S.A. and Europe, you'll need to pay $930. This is often more expensive than a cash flight.

You can redeem United Miles for anyone. To book a flight in your friend's name, you don't need to transfer miles. Book the ticket from the account, and then enter the name of your friend as the passenger.

Redeeming United MileagePlus Miles

MileagePlus miles can be used to fly with United or 36 of its partner airlines. United miles are very useful because of the sheer number and quality of their partners.

You can redeem miles for perks and experiences, but you will get the best value if you use them to fly.

What is the minimum distance you need to fly?

United no longer publishes an award chart that shows the exact number of miles required for each destination. MileagePlus used region-based award pricing until November 2019. The miles needed to award a flight from one country to another were determined by the countries.

MileagePlus, like other frequent-flyer programmes, now uses dynamic pricing. This means that the number of miles required for a trip can be adjusted. Currently, dynamic pricing is only available for United-operated flights. Partner flights continue to use transparent, regional-based award prices. There is no official record of the prices. Nevertheless, for the moment, we have managed to crack the code and create an unofficial United award list.

We are not happy with United's shift to dynamic pricing. We have discovered that you can still redeem MileagePlus for exceptional value.

Last Thoughts

United MileagePlus is still one of our favourite frequent-flyer programs. United miles can be easily earned by using a Chase United card, or any of the Ultimate Rewards cards to make everyday purchases. You can increase your MileagePlus balance by shopping at United and dining with them.

MileagePlus provides global coverage via its network of over three dozen airline partners when it comes to redeeming. You will find great value if you are willing to spend some time learning about the program.

MileagePlus Premier elite status is a great way to reward loyal members who fly frequently. You don't have to be an elite member to reap the benefits of this program. Chase co-brand credit card holders have many benefits that can make your airport experience and travel experience feel like you are in elite status without the need to fly as much.


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