What is United Airlines ESA Form

United Airlines ESA Form

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What is United Airlines ESA Form

United Airlines ESA Form

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy (ESA) and Psychiatric Service Dog policy

The bottom line:

  • Are ESA letters still accepted by United Airlines? 

United Airlines does not accept emotional support animals as part of its service dog policy. You can fly with your ESA if it qualifies for psychiatric support dog status.

  • What is a PSD letter? 

A PSD letter states that you have a qualifying handicap that allows you to travel with your psychiatric service dogs.

  • How do you get a PSD letter?

Websites can help you request a PSD Letter. After completing a brief assessment, you can consult with a website-affiliated therapist. You can receive your letter within 24 hours if you are eligible.

  • How do you Qualify to Receive a PSD Letter? 

A licensed mental health professional must conduct an evaluation. You must be certified by the LMHP that you have a qualifying mental disorder or emotional disability, such as depression, PTSD or ADHD.

How To Get Started? 

Complete our 3-minute quiz to see if you qualify.

There has been a rise in the number of emotional support dogs used across the country and around the globe in recent years. ESAs are not regulated so airlines have had to pay extra for them. They have basically been treated the same as psychiatric service dog dogs.

Although the issue of how ESAs should be integrated into airline travel is complex and is still being debated, there is now more clear regulation from the Department of Transportation (DOT). This regulates how airlines such as United Airlines can deal with it. The United Pet Policy has not been significantly affected by this change, but it is important that all those who have ESAs or psychiatric services animals review the policy to understand its implications.

Recent Updates to United's ESA policy

The United ESA policy on emotional support animals has been updated in light of the Department of Transportation's most recent rules. The United ESA policy does not allow emotional support animals.

This decision was made based on several factors including the cost of United Airlines' past acceptance of emotional support animals, the comfort of other passengers and the number who have used the ESA classification to fly their pets cheaply from one place to another.

However, psychiatric service dogs can still be allowed as long as they have the right paperwork, such as a valid PSD letter makes it easy to obtain a PSDletter.

Flying with your Psychiatric Service Dog Aboard United Airlines Flights

You must meet the requirements to fly with your PSD aboard a United flight. These include filling in the relevant DOT forms, and bringing them with you if needed.

Keep a copy your PSD letter handy in case you need it. This will help you to prove your status as a service dog owner. You can reach United Airlines Customer Service at 1 (800 864-8331 if you have general questions.

How to Get Your Legitimate Psychiatric Service Dog Letter with Website

Although it is not as difficult as you might think, acquiring your PSD letters requires that you follow certain steps. website is your source for this. The process can be seen on major television networks like FOX, CBS and USA Today.

Please take 3 minutes to answer some questions about your PSD needs.

We'll help you find a licensed healthcare professional in your state.

Within 24 hours of approval, you will receive your PSD letter.

Websites offers a money back guarantee in case your PSD letter is rejected.

What is the Air Carrier Access Act?

The ACAA was first adopted by the DOT in 1986. It protects passengers with disabilities against discrimination by airlines. Additionally, it regulates and improves the services offered by airlines to make traveling easier for all.

The DOT recently revised the ACAA by issuing a rule in late 2020 titled "Traveling by Air with Service Animals". This rule was in effect since January 2021. It stated that emotional support animals were not service animals, and airlines are not required to treat them accordingly. It protects the rights of psychiatric service animals’ users to bring their service dogs (which are different from ESAs) aboard planes.

Emotional Support Dogs under the ACAA

Until the ACAA's most recent DOT update, emotional support animals received the same treatment as other service animals and PSDs from airlines. Many people found this allowed them to bring their pet along with them to the cabin, rather than having it transported to the cargo area (which can be dangerous). The pet was deemed to be an emotional support dog, regardless of whether the pet has received any training. However, most airlines no longer have to accept or recognize emotional support animals aboard. This includes United Airlines.

What is the difference between a Psychiatric Service dog and an emotional support animal?

These two types of pets are classified differently and are not considered the same by DOT regulations and rules. ESAs are therapy animals or pets that an owner brings with them for companionship and emotional relief. Psychiatric service dogs, on the other hand, have been trained to perform tasks or work for people with mental disabilities or illnesses. This is the main difference between PSDs and ESAs, or other pets.

United's Service Dog Policy

United Airlines will allow service animals to fly free of charge if they accompany a person with disabilities and have completed the appropriate forms.

Only fully trained PSDs are allowed to accompany you on your flight. Your service dog must fit in front of you, without extending into any other space or occupying any aisles. An in-cabin kennel might be permitted for smaller service dogs, provided it meets United's storage requirements.

United's Requirements Documents

You must complete the Service Animal Training & Behaviour Attestation and Service Animal Relief attestation forms in order to bring your service dog along on your flight. These forms can be submitted online for domestic mainland flights (see the "Special accommodations” section on your "Trip Details" page).

You will need to bring with you a copy of the completed forms if you are flying internationally, or back and forth from Guam or Hawaii. To add your service dog on these flights, please call the United Accessibility Desk at (800) 228-22744.

Advanced Notice

United requires you to submit your forms online, or call the United Accessibility Desk at (800) 228-22744 at least 24 hours before your flight departs. You should start filling out forms as soon as possible. They require lots of information, such as breed information, vaccination dates, and veterinarian information.

Other Logistics

One person may bring up to two service dogs on a United flight. They must be at least four months of age and fully trained. Exit rows are not permitted for service dog owners or their service dogs.

Learn More About

Service animals are subject to their own rules and freedoms, but there are some United Airlines policies that you should be aware of if you bring an ESA pet or other type of pet along on your flight.

United's Pet Fees

Pet fees are $125 per pet. Additional charges of $125 are added for domestic stops over 4 hours and international stops over 24 hours.

United's Breed Restrictions

United, along with other airlines has adopted a list embargoed breeds to protect their health and prevent them from being exposed to the potential dangers of flying. This list includes bulldogs and affen pinschers as well as boxers, Boston terriers and mastiffs. The United Airlines website has a complete list.

United's Pet Carrier Size Guidelines

You will need to bring your pet on the flight in a carrier or dog kennel. Hard-sided kennels should not exceed 17.5 inches in length x 12 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall. Soft-sided kennels can have slightly larger maximum dimensions. They should not exceed 18 inches in length, 11 inches wide, or 11 inches high. It's a good idea for you to measure your carrier or kennel. You can also contact United with any questions.

United's Travel Requirements

United Airlines has different requirements for pets traveling in cabin depending on whether they are domestic, international or U.S. Inbound.

Your service animal must not be older than two months and must travel with a legal adult. Remember that pets will not be able to receive oxygen in an emergency.

United Airlines prohibits pets in the cabin on flights to or from Hawaii, Australia, South Africa and Guam. For a complete listing of these countries, visit United's webpage.

US Inbound

You will need to bring a certificate that your pet has had a rabies vaccine if you are flying to the US from another country.

Pet table’s Tips for Flying with Your ESA or Psychiatric Service Dogs

It can be stressful to fly with service animals and pets. These tips will help you maximize your experience and avoid stress.

Check That Your Breed Is Allowed

Although any breed of service dog can be brought on board, it is important to check that the breed you are bringing is permitted. Many airlines have long lists of prohibited breeds due to behavioural or health issues.

Use the Kennel Frequently

Let your pet adjust to the kennel as you near the date of the flight. Make sure your pet is fed and comfortable in the kennel.

Avoid Sedatives

Although it might seem as though a sedative can help your pet cope with the flight, it is better to not use one. Sedatives can make it more difficult to control body heat at high altitudes. Other options that may help calm your pet include special coats or lavender essential oil.

Are service dogs allowed to fly on United Airlines for no cost?

United Airlines offers free service dog travel to all countries. To add your service dog on your United Airlines flight, you must provide United with all required forms at least 24 hours before your flight.

Do United Airlines allow ESA-certified dogs?

United Airlines decided not to allow ESA-dogs anymore after the DOT issued its latest rule allowing airlines the freedom to decide on the matter. You cannot bring a pet that isn't a PSD pet on a United flight unless you pay for an in-cabin pet.

Can United Airlines deny my ESA?

Yes, United Airlines and any other airline can refuse to allow your ESA to board due to the DOT's latest rule about ESAs.

What airlines still allow ESA dogs?

Although most airlines do not allow emotional support animals aboard, there are still some airlines that allow ESAs. These include Latam Airlines and Westjet.

Is my dog allowed to sit on my lap while on a United Airlines flight?

No. United requires that your service dog sit on the ground at your feet. For smaller dogs, hard-sided carriers and other similar carriers are permitted provided the kennel fits in the space between your seat and the floor.


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