What is United Airlines Check-in policy

United Airlines Check-in

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What is United Airlines Check-in policy

United Airlines Check-in

Check-in is the first step to boarding a plane. Passengers expect it to be simple and quick. United Airlines Check-in Policy, one of the most renowned air carriers in the world, is simple.

You will be a more informed passenger if you are familiar with the process. United Airlines passengers have different check-in procedures. While most passengers prefer to check in online, there are still other options for stress-free check-in. What number do you know?

You can find out more about United Airlines, the founding member of Star Alliance.

United Airlines Check in Requirements

You can check in at any time, depending on whether you are flying from a specific airport or from a different departure point.

Domestic Flights

If you only have carry-on baggage, all domestic flights must comply with the following check-in requirements:

  1. Check in at least 30 minutes prior to flight departure
  2. If your departure point is Aguadilla or Baltimore, Kahului, San Juan, or San Juan, check-in at least 45 minutes in advance.
  3. If your flight departs Guam, please check-in at least 60 min before departure.

International Flights

Check-in for United International Flights must be done at least 60 minutes prior to departure. There are some exceptions to this rule. These are the exceptions:

  1. Check-in is required for flights departing from Dublin, Honolulu or Hawaii.
  2. You must check-in at least ninety minutes prior to departure if your departure point is Manila.
  3. Check-in is required for passengers who have the Marshall Islands and Micronesia on their flight itinerary.

Codeshare flights

Each United codeshare partner has different check-in requirements. These requirements may be different from United Airlines'.

Check-in for a codeshare flight requires that the first flight be operated by a partner codeshare.

The check-in reminder gives a complete account.

United Airlines Check-in Types

United Airlines offers several ways for passengers to check in for their flights. The airline also offers email reminders and courtesy messages.

During your reservation, please share your email address. It is also a good idea to share your email address so you can keep up-to-date with United Airlines fare alerts.

You will have access to all check-in details related to your travel itinerary. Let's take a look at the various ways you can check-in.

United Airlines Online and Web Check-in

United Airlines offers online check-in 24 hours prior to departure. You can choose the United Airlines preferred seat.

You can also check-in online, even if your baggage is checked-in. This type of check in requires a minimum amount of time.

You can also save time when you board with United Airline's electronic ticket printout.

How does online check-in work?

  1. Visit this website:

Check out united.com/check-in, or go to united.com/check-in.

  1. Enter Details:

Next, enter details like confirmation number or electronic ticket number as well as your last name.

If you are a frequent flyer member of United Airlines, you can even use your MileagePlus account details.

  1. Process

Next, start the flight check in.

Eligibility to check-in online:

All domestic and international flights have web check-in.

You must meet certain conditions to be eligible for this privilege. These conditions are:

  • United Airlines must operate the first leg of your journey, or the first flight.
  • You must include at least four flights segments in your itinerary.
  • You can check-in up to nine people.
  • The passport must be scanned before. To scan your passport, you can use the United App and the airport kiosk.
  • You must also have an electronic ticket.
  • No special service requests are allowed.
  • You cannot book a reservation on paper.
  • You cannot book in the Basic Economy.

Travel Plans

You can also update your travel plans online by checking in online. The following information can be updated:

  1. Flight changes
  2. Modifying your loyalty account number
  3. Check-in your baggage
  4. Settle baggage fee, if any

Remember that you can still check in online if your ticket was purchased from a travel agent. You can also email your boarding pass to yourself if it is not possible to print.

United Airlines Kiosk Check in

Kiosk check-in is another popular check-in method. You must first activate the kiosk to initiate check-in.

A representative from United Airlines can assist you if you have any difficulties.

How to activate the kiosk

  1. You can swipe your card, or MileagePlus card.
  2. You may even use your passport. Only a few passports can activate the kiosk with a magnetic strip.
  3. Next, scan your boarding document.
  4. Enter your confirmation number, or e-ticket numbers.

Kiosk Check in Eligibility

United States flight deals. as well as international flight tickets may use the kiosk to check in.

You can also check-in at a kiosk, depending on where you are traveling to, between 30 and 3 hours before your flight departs. The kiosk can also be used to change your seat. You can also check-in with your bags.

However, kiosk check-in is not available to you if:

  1. The flight itinerary starts with a segment from another airline.
  2. Changes can be made to the flight ticket without any fees.
  3. You have large baggage
  4. You are also an unaccompanied minor with United Airline.

Kiosk Check in Options

You can do many things with the kiosk facility. You can perform the following actions:

  • Printing boarding pass
  • Checking-in baggage
  • At selected airports, you can tag your baggage
  • How to choose or change your seat
  • Upgrade to a premium cabin or purchase Economy Plus seating
  • Reserve a place in the Premium Cabin
  • Add MileagePlus number on your booking
  • Change of flight on the same day as travel
  • Find alternate flights in case your flight is cancelled or missed
  • Transact in multiple languages, including English, Greek and German, Portuguese. French. Korean. Chinese. Thai. Japanese. Italian.
  • A great way to listen to instructions in audio format, especially for those with visual impairments.

Kiosk Check in Requirement

To process kiosk check-in, you will need certain items. These are:

  1. Credit card
  2. United MileagePlus frequent flyer card
  3. Passport
  4. United Airlines confirmation number of six characters or 13-digit electronic ticket number.

Only a small number of forms of payment can be accepted at kiosk check-in. These are:

  1. Alipay is available for purchases made via the airline website using a China billing address
  2. American Express
  3. Apple Pay is only available for purchases made via the United Airlines app on laptop or mobile devices. The billing address must also be in the USA.
  4. Chase Pay is only available if purchases are made in the USA using Chase Visa consumer cards.
  5. Diners Club International
  6. Explore
  7. JCB
  8. MasterCard
  9. PayPal
  10. PayPal Credit is only available for US billing addresses
  11. UATP
  12. UnionPay is only available if the ticket was purchased via the official airline website in certain regions or countries.
  13. Uplift
  14. Visa
  15. Visa Checkout
  16. Cash payment at the airport ticket counter

United Airlines Mobile check-in

United Airlines Mobile App is a versatile toolkit. It offers many functions. You can start with check-in and process it up until 24 hours before departure.

Mobile check-in requires you to check in at least 60 minutes before your departure airport. Check-in usually ends 60 minutes prior to departure.

You can use the mobile app to check-in for your flight from the home screen. The updates are available in real-time.

You can even view all the amenities while onboard your flight. You can also check your status on standby lists.

The United Airlines app lets you explore interactive airport maps so that you can navigate more efficiently.

Mobile Eligibility

To check-in via mobile, you must meet certain conditions. These conditions include:

  1. United Airlines must operate the first flight.
  2. An electronic ticket is required.
  3. There is no need for special treatment.
  4. The mobile boarding pass must be accepted at the departure airport. You can also check-in at the airport self-service kiosks.

Mobile Boarding Pass Availability

All United States airports have mobile boarding passes that can be used to board at any time. The mobile boarding pass is saved on your device after you have checked in. It can be accessed later, even without an internet connection.

All the most recent upgrade confirmations will be updated when you have internet access.

United Airlines Voice Check-in

Voice check-in is when you call to make a reservation for a flight. You can contact the reservations department.

To start the automatic menu, you will need to say "check-in" to activate it. For reservations contact us at 1 800 864 8331

All United Airlines fare classes allow voice check-in. The check-in is not available to passengers travelling within the US with less than 10 people.

You can also listen and pay the baggage fee. You can also pick up your boarding papers at the airport self-service kiosk or email them to yourself.

Voice check-in works even if you don't have an internet connection

United Airlines Curb Side Check-in

Check-in at curb side is available at most American airports. This type of check in can be used between 4 and 30 minutes before departure. It all depends on where you are traveling.

For curb side check-in, you must have a valid photo identification of the passenger. You must also have the flight reservation code and flight number, or electronic ticket number.

United Airlines Boarding

United Airlines has divided passengers into groups to make it easier for you to board. Each group follows a color-coded lane. All the details are below.

Boarding groups

Group 1 includes Premier Platinum and Gold members and Star Alliance Gold members. Customers in Premier Cabins like United Polaris, United Airlines business Class, and United First Passenger.

Group 2 includes Premier Silver members and Star Alliance Silver members.

It includes passengers who have purchased Priority Boarding or Premier Access.

This group also includes United Explorer, Club and Presidential Plus members, as well as Awards Cardmembers.

Groups 3-5 include passengers traveling with Economy Plus, United Economy and Basic Economy.

Boarding Lane Signs:

United Airlines has updated its signs to help passengers board their plane.

Two new lanes are now color-coded. The blue lane will be used by Group 1.

Group 2 is represented by the green lane. The rest of the groups (i.e., When called, the remaining groups (i.e., 3-5) will also be able to board in the green lane.

If you arrive late, passengers belonging to Group 1 or 2 can board through the blue lane.

This covers the United Airlines check in policy. You can contact United Airlines via the internet or by phone for more information.

Online check-in

Check-in allows you to check in online from home or work and print your boarding pass. You can also request a link to  get your boarding pass sent to your mobile device. You can simply display your boarding card barcode on your mobile device at security checkpoints and board your flight.

The United app can be used to access your boarding passes for more than 30 partner airlines. You just need to connect from a United flight and fly on one of these airlines. Find out more about the United App

Check-in opens 24 hours prior to your departure. Based on the departure airport and destination, there may be different requirements for baggage check, check-in and boarding. For more information, see our Check in and Airport Processing Times pages.

If you are asked to volunteer to help with the flight's seating arrangements, it is possible that you will be asked during check-in if you would like to be added on to the volunteer list. You can find out more at our Volunteering your Seat page.


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