does Spirit Airlines have WIFI

Spirit Airlines WIFI

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does Spirit Airlines have WIFI

Spirit Airlines WIFI

Spirit Airlines has announced plans to offer in-flight Wi Fi services. The service is now in beta, two month after the completion of the A320/A321 installations, and after an year active testing. Spirit is now launching a major marketing campaign.

Spirit has introduced new pricing plans and added the option for passengers to pre-purchase WIFI passes. The company hopes to increase customer satisfaction and take rate. The ancillary revenue.

We are committed to low cost and have partnered with Thales to create a unique solution that allows us to enter the market, lower our costs, and offer a solution we are very proud of.

- VP Omnichannel sales Rana Ghosh

Rana Ghosh, Spirit's Vice President Omnichannel Sales, recognizes that passengers experience goes beyond the seats onboard. The ability to stream or browse content. Ability to communicate via text and social media. All of these are becoming increasingly important for our guests. Having a connected guest is the path we're on.

With that in mind, Ghosh is overseeing the effort to increase awareness around the product, and make sure passengers have many, many opportunities to purchase connectivity for their trip.


Prices and participation can vary

Spirit was able to test many different price points during beta testing over the past year. These numbers may change. The company has, however, established a fairly consistent range in prices.

According to the company, browsing packages start from $2.99 per flight and streaming level services start at $5.99. Transco’s and longer flights will cost $16. Streaming - which is advertised as being up to 20x faster that browsing - costs only $2 more.

These are the price points for a few routes (browse/stream packages):

  • BWI-LAS - $10/$12
  • FLL-BOS - $8/$10
  • FLL-ATL - $6/$8
  • DFW-LAS - $7/$9
  • FLL-MCO - $4/$7
  • LAS-BUR - $4/$7

No cost messaging No.

Is there a pricing option that was not explored during beta testing? Passenger "messaging" is free. Spirit understands that this level of service is in demand.

Ghosh calls such a plan a "high-value item" that passengers would love to see. Spirit's model doesn't tend to be free but we do recognize that there may be a better way.

Thales can technically deliver the solution. Ghosh says that it is all a matter timing, more than anything else, when we can implement this solution.

Assuring availability

It is relatively easy to install satellite hardware on planes. A Melbourne team can usually turn a plane around within a few days. Spirit does not want to take any aircraft out of service due to the high summer demand. The hardware is not available on the A320neo's newest deliveries.

The carrier will then cycle them through the installation process. The system will be installed for the next few years, with new deliveries every year. There is a slight chance that passengers may end up on one Spirit's newer planes, without having access to the latest offering. Ghosh states that pre-paid WIFI purchases will be refunded or passengers can keep the voucher for a subsequent flight.

Spirit has not committed to the installation of the system on its A319 fleet. Based on the aircraft's age and the expected long-term benefit to the fleet, the final decision on this will be made. However, WIFI should be active for at least 80% of departures.

Bundling is a powerful tool

Spirit's pricing power lies in its ability unbundle or bundle various products that are offered to traveller’s. Ghosh would like Wi-Fi passes to be included in this process.

"We see lots of opportunities to include it in the combos or bundles that we currently offer. We have a few options that we have already looked at. We're still trying to find the right mix of products that makes sense. We'll keep playing with this. We will test several bundles."

Ghosh also believes that passengers and the company could benefit from integrating passes into their loyalty program. The only connection at the moment is that purchasing in advance will earn Free Spirit Points, just as with other ancillary products. Ghosh remains optimistic about the possibility of WIFI being offered as "something you potentially can earn your own way into as well."

Spirit is well-known for offering discounts on ancillary services when they are purchased during the initial booking flow. However, the cost of these features can rise at the airport or once onboard. With the WIFI service, this won't be true for the time being. "We are still trying to figure out the best price point. We are trying to establish a more solid baseline. Once we have a better understanding of this, we can start to think about the best pricing strategy for pre-sales.

Spirit's in-flight WIFI experience is only the beginning. The company will continue to improve and optimize its offerings in order to achieve the right balance between customer satisfaction, profits, and both.

Cost-Neutral Solution

Because they don't want to pay for connectivity, discount airlines have tended not to use it. Ryanair and Spirit airlines are much more agile than legacy airline counterparts because they are strict about spending. Spirit's cost per available seat mile (a common industry measure measuring costs) was 8.84cs in the first quarter. This is almost seven cents lower than American Airlines.

As the Wi-Fi market matures, airlines are able to negotiate better deals with providers. Christie stated that the agreement with Thales won't affect the company's cost structure but will provide additional revenue opportunities. Spirit could also sell sponsorships or advertising, just like JetBlue did with Amazon.

"We believe there is a potential for us to drive some value in ancillary revenue," stated Christie, who will be Spirit's CEO in January.

Spirt may be able to attract new segments of customers through WIFI. Spirit is still a leisure-focused airline. However, it may be able to transport more business travellers, especially those who are afraid of losing their connection to work due to long, unconnected battles.

The airline often finds that a large portion of traveller’s prefer WIFI while traveling when it polls them -- not just Spirit customers. Christie stated that the new internet could convince people who haven’t flown with us to give it a shot.

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