what is Spirit Airlines Free Bag policy

Spirit Airlines Free Bag

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what is Spirit Airlines Free Bag policy

Spirit Airlines Free Bag

Spirit Airlines is a well-known ULCC in America. It offers the cheapest flights at affordable fares. It is considered the most convenient airline due to its vast network in the USA and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and 

It is no surprise that Spirit Airlines reservations let you travel to your favourite destinations by spending less and saving even more. It is important to be aware of the Spirit Airlines baggage allowances and fees. This will ensure that you don't spend more on your Spirit Airlines flight. Spirit Airlines tickets do not include baggage fees and each airline has its own pricing structure. The baggage fees increase closer to departure.

It is easier to book Spirit Airlines within your budget if you know the Spirit Airlines Baggage Rules and Policy.

What is Spirit Airlines' baggage policy

Spirit Airlines policy on carry-ons

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring a personal item on board for no additional cost. The dimensions of the item must not exceed 18x14x8 inches, including handles and wheels.

You can also bring your personal item (e.g., a backpack, laptop bag or purse) but a carry-on bag is allowed provided it does not exceed 22x18x10 inches including handles and wheels. You will pay a fee for Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage depending on when you pay it. If you are not a member the Spirit Saver$ Club, you will pay $59 to $99. To calculate the exact cost of your flight, you can use the Spirit Bag O-Tron.

You can bring one car seat and one stroller if you are traveling with small children. A car seat can be brought onboard, provided you have purchased one for your child.

Spirit generally follows TSA and FAA guidelines regarding prohibited items. This means that you can't carry liquids over 3.4 ounces or any cutting tools, among other restrictions.

Spirit Airlines policy on checked bags

Spirit guarantees that every guest can check only one bag. However, if you have enough space, you might be allowed to bring up five bags. The cost of each bag will vary depending on whether your baggage is purchased at the airport, during check-in or before you book. Prices will vary depending on where you are traveling. For your first bag, you can expect to pay $55-$99; for each subsequent bag, prices will go up.

The maximum weight of your checked bag is 40 pounds. It can also not exceed 62 inches in length (length, width, and height). Spirit will charge an additional $69 for overweight and over-sized bags. Spirit won't accept bags that weigh more than 100 pounds and exceed 80 linear inches.

Other restrictions may apply to international flights. Spirit charges fees to check items such as musical instruments or sporting equipment like skis and surfboards.

How to lower or avoid bag fees at Spirit Airlines

If you are unable to fit all your belongings in one bag, don't be panicked. Spirit Airlines offers several ways to lower or eliminate baggage costs. If you plan ahead, it will be possible to keep your trip's cost down.

You should only pack one personal item

One personal item can be taken under the seat. It's possible to travel for up to seven days with just a backpack and a Spirit flight.

This is the best way to avoid additional fees.

Book your baggage and pay for it during the booking

It's best to book a checked bag if you are certain, you will need more room for your gear. This is because it will save you about $30 compared to carrying your bag with you at the airport.

You can still save money if you forget to pay baggage fees when you check in.

Join the Spirit Saver's Club

Members of Spirit Saver$ Club get exclusive discounts up to 50% on bags compared to regular airport fees. Your membership includes everyone in your booking.

The initial year costs $69.95, but Spirit suggests that you could offset this cost by making one booking.

Your military documentation

All active-duty military personnel receive one free carry-on bag and two free checked bags from Spirit Airlines. You will need to either arrive early at the airport with your military ID, or verify your affiliation online while booking with a third-party verification service.

Travel credit cards are a great option

A number of cards that offer outstanding travel rewards can be used to pay for your airline bag fees.

Many American Express cards offer an annual airline fees credit which could be used to cover Spirit baggage costs. The Chase Sapphire Reserve provides a $300 annual travel credit that could be used to pay baggage fees.

The Spirit Airlines World Mastercard is a great option for those who travel frequently on Spirit. It earns double miles and comes with a decent sign-up bonus. If you fly regularly on Spirit, you might be able to pay for your next trip by placing everyday purchases on this card.

A no-annual-fee card cashback card can help you make some extra money when you travel.

How big a bag can you bring on Spirit Airlines? Is it possible to bring a backpack with you on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit allows you to bring one item under your seat. It must not exceed 18"x14"x8". A small backpack can be brought free of charge, as long as it does not exceed 18" x 14" x 8". Extra fees may apply for larger backpacks and other carry-on bags.

Fly free diaper bags

You can be selective about the number of shoes and hair products that you bring, but you shouldn't skimp on what you need for your children. An infant diaper bag is also available for free, provided you're flying with a child.

On a flight, you don't want to run out formula, child-friendly snacks, diapers, wipes, and clothes. You can bring your child's stroller and car seat along with you for no cost.

Recommendations overall

One thing to remember when you load up your free Spirit personal item to its maximum is that it could get very heavy. On a recent two-night trip, I was able bring almost everything I would have if I had packed my regular roller carry-on. The difference is that I was carrying the entire weight behind me instead of rolling it on my arm.

My bag ended up being close to 20 pounds in weight. After a while, it becomes uncomfortable to carry that much on one's arm. It would have been much easier to take the backpack route, instead of the tote. Be sure to factor in your weight, especially if there are any physical limitations or you have to carry a lot of luggage.

You don't have to pay for bags to be brought onboard Spirit Airlines flights. All you need is to know how to pack your bag to receive a free Spirit Airlines carry-on bag.

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