what are Spirit Airlines Fees

Spirit Airlines Fees

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what are Spirit Airlines Fees

Spirit Airlines Fees

A family flying Spirit Airlines can help you save a lot of money on travel expenses, since the base airfare is usually low. We have flown Spirit Airlines numerous times as a family. It has allowed us to travel more and spent more in the destination. This guide will help you avoid Spirit Airlines fees, from the moment you book your ticket to the moment you reach your destination.

Spirit Airlines is loved by us. However, it is important to remember that Spirit Airlines operates as a budget airline. This means that every dollar you spend, other than the base fare, will be charged extra. This is the key to avoiding Spirit Airlines fees and keeping costs low. It also helps you set reasonable expectations.

Spirit Airlines' slogan is "Less money, more go" and it can be 100% accurate with some preplanning, patience, and flexibility.

List of Common Spirit Airline Fees That Can Be Avoided

These six fees should be the most important Spirit Airlines fees you are aware of. These six fees can be avoided or minimized. That's a good thing.

  1. Passenger Use Fee: There is an additional $22.99 per ticket (leg) when tickets can be purchased online.
  2. Reservation Seats: You can reserve seats at the time you book. This is to make sure your family gets together or to get your favourite seats. The fees range from $9-$77+ per head.
  3. Boarding Pass and Online Check-in: Spirit Airlines charges $10 for a boarding pass. If you require it printed at the airport, it will cost $10. If you don't check in via the app prior to your arrival, they will charge $10 to check you in with an agent.
  4. Baggage fees: See the chart below to see how much it costs to check in and carryon baggage.
  5. Snacks & Drinks See the menu below for information on beverage and snack pricing in-flight.
  6. In Flight Entertainment Wi-Fi or a "streaming package" can be purchased that would let you use your own streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu.

How to Avoid Common Spirit Airlines Fees

Spirit Airlines charges a $22.99 per passenger for the use of their cabin. This fee is assessed per leg.

How to Avoid Passenger Usage Fees:

The Passenger Usage fee is the first cost you will have to pay. You can avoid paying the Passenger Usage Fee by purchasing your tickets at airport. Let's suppose you have five members of your family. For a round-trip non-stop flight, your online ticket purchase will cost $229.9. This fee is almost always hidden from your view. The fee could be up to $459.8 if you have a layover in the itinerary.

This fee will not be charged if you buy your tickets at an airport Spirit Airlines location. Seriously.

This is something I've done personally and it's true. Finding the time to "swing" by the airport is the trick. We did this when we were driving to Wisconsin, and we drove past O'Hare airport in Chicago. We went in and I bought tickets for our trip to Phoenix, Arizona. It will take some time to get through the check-in line. The whole process took approximately 10 minutes.

The only thing they give you when you buy Spirit Airline tickets at an airport is a receipt, similar to a grocery receipt. You can check your reservation online with your confirmation number and make any changes once you return home.

Tip: You'll need to verify the hours for your local Spirit Airlines Airport. They may be closed if you show up late.

Pre-booking Seats: You can book seats at any time prior to departure for $1-$150 per person and per flight.

Avoid paying for seat selection:

The system will ask you whether you would like to pre-book seats when you book tickets. Avoid the Spirit Airlines pre-booking fee by not booking seats 

You can select seats by going to the app up to 24 hours before you fly and selecting them for free. Spirit Airlines will most likely assign seats to you if you do not select seats before you arrive at the airport. You might also find that the agent doesn't have seats available to assign when you arrive at airport. In this case, you will need to wait until you get to the gate before you can receive your assigned seat. Do not panic if this happens!

A Spirit Agent told me that even if a family does not purchase seats, they will still be seated together. However, it is possible that your family won't be able sit together if they don't purchase seats in advance.

Spirit Airlines has flown us 4-5 times as a whole family. We have never pre-purchased seats and always sat together. If you don't pre-purchase seats, you should be ready for your family to be split. If this happens, you may have to negotiate with other passengers.

Online Check-In: It will cost $10 per person to check in at the airport

Avoiding Spirit Airlines. Check in fee.

These fees are not separate. You can avoid the Spirit Airlines check-in fee by using the app to check in. The only thing you can do with the Spirit Airlines app, is to check in. Check-in opens 24 hours prior to departure and closes an hour before departure.

This is the Spirit Airlines fee you can avoid easily!

Boarding Passes: The cost of having the Spirit Airlines agent print your board pass is $10 per person (the same $10 as checking in at an airport).

Avoiding the Spirit Airlines Boarding Pass Fee:

One way to avoid paying the boarding pass fee is (1) to print out your family's boarding cards at home and then bring them along with you to the airport. (2) You can also save your boarding passes to your smartphone so that the TSA agent can scan them from your phone.

Tip: If a family member loads all their boarding passes onto their smartphone, then all members of the family will need to go through security together. Make sure that no one is using their boarding passes to park the car.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees - These fees can be complex and expensive.

How to Avoid Spirit Airlines Baggage & Carry-on Fees

To avoid Spirit's carry-on and checked baggage fees, you can only bring a personal item.

Checking a bag can be a necessity at times. However, you can reduce your bag fees by understanding the Spirit Airlines carry-on & checked bag fee structure.

Tip from TWTL: Book a bag at the time you book it. You'll get the best deal.

The Personal Bag

Spirit Airlines offers only one free bag: the personal bag. Each fare includes one personal item. Spirit Airlines describes the personal item as a small bag, a backpack or a laptop bag.

The dimensions of the personal bag must not exceed 18x14x8x8 (including wheels or handles).

Diaper Bags If you have an infant/toddler, you are allowed to bring a diaper bag IN ADDITION TO your personal bag at no additional charge.

Carry-on Bag Fee

The fees for carry-on bags vary, but they typically range from $35 to $41. You are allowed one bag per person. You won't have to buy a checked bag if you can fit all your items in the carry-on bag.

Tip from TWTL: The carry-on bag costs more than the first bag. You can save money and have more room if you buy one bag (no carry-on bag).

Checked Bag Guidelines: General

Maximum 5 checked bags are permitted. You can carry up to 5 checked bags.

You will always get the best deal regardless of the baggage fees. Book your bags at the airport and you'll save money. You can purchase bags online or before you arrive at the airport to check your luggage needs. They will still be less expensive than buying them at the airport, although they may be slightly more costly than booking bags.

What does Spirit Charge for bags?

The answer is that it depends. Here is a case study on bag prices for a flight from Chicago to New York:

It all depends. Here's a case study of bag prices on a flight from Chicago, New York.

Chicago to New York: Base Fare $45.38

Bundle Packages - Another way to save on all these add-ons is to bundle them.

Once you have selected your flights, you will be brought to the "Upgrade and Save Page." This page contains (1) a random seat and (2) a personal article. It's worth looking into the cost of "boosting" or "bundling" items like early boarding, seat selection, checked bags, and more.

Overweight & Oversized Baggage Fees: The weight limit on checked bags is 40 lbs-anything over that and you'll pay an additional fee.

Consider your options if you have excess baggage. You may find it cheaper to pay an overweight baggage fee or the same price for purchasing a second bag. These can be compared and you can weigh your bags before departing to determine which option is cheaper. You can add 40 lbs of weight to your bag by purchasing a second one.

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