what is Spirit Airlines Checked Bag Fee

Spirit Airlines Checked Bag Fee

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what is Spirit Airlines Checked Bag Fee

Spirit Airlines Checked Bag Fee

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Carrier allowance and fees: Customers are permitted one personal item free of charge when they purchase tickets using the Bare Fare option. At the time of booking, the airline will charge between $28 to $37. If you wait to check in, the carry-on fees range from $36 to $45. Waiting until you get to the gate or at check-in will cost you more. In such cases, the fee will be charged at a premium between $55 to $65. Members of the $9 Fare Club (also known as Spirit Saver$ Club) have an advantage because they will need to pay $26-$31 for carry-on when booking. However, it will cost between $36-$41 before or during online check in.

As stated above, personal items should not exceed 18x14x8 inches. Standard carry-on bags should be no larger than 22x18x10 inches. Spirit Airlines made exceptions for customers who are traveling with infants. Customers with infants will be allowed to bring a breast pump, accessories, or formula free of charge. These items won't count towards the carry-on allowance. Customers will need to check in strollers and double strollers prior to the flight departure.

Spirit Airlines offers a check bag allowance and fees. Customers can carry a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds and a total length of up to 62 inches including wheels and handles. The airline does not offer a flat rate for checked bags. When booking Spirit Airlines flights online, you will need to pay the following fee:

First checked bag: $23-$32 (depending on weight).
Second checked bag - starting at $33 to $42
From $78 to $87 for third to fifth checked bags

Customers will have to pay more for their checked bags until they are able to check in. The first bag may cost you between $33 to $42. Customers who wait to get to the airport or gate to check in will have to pay between $52 to $65 for a single checked bag. You should also note that there may be restrictions on how many bags you can check in depending on where you are flying.

Additional baggage fee for overweight or excessive baggage: Spirit Airlines has strict rules regarding customers who are carrying excess baggage or excessive baggage. These requirements will determine the fees charged. Customers are allowed to check a bag up to 40 pounds in weight.

Customers will need to pay $30 overweight fees if they want to carry checked bags between 51 and 70 lbs. Customers will need to pay $55 for overweight fees if they are carrying bags between 71-100 pounds. The maximum overweight fee for checked bags between 71-100 pounds will be $100

Spirit Airlines charges a $100 to $150 fee for any oversized baggage exceeding 62 inches in length, including wheels and handles. Some exceptions apply to special items like musical instruments or sporting equipment.

Extra-large and overweight baggage fees

Spirit Airlines charges an oversize and overweight fee. These fees can quickly add up. These fees apply to Spirit baggage:

  • Overweight Fee: $50 for bags weighing 41 to 50 lb, $75 for bags weighing 50 to 70 lb and $75 respectively if bags weighing 71 to 100 lb.
  • Extra Large Fee: From $100 per bag for bags measuring 63 to 80 inches including wheels and handles

Excess baggage fees

If you have excess baggage, there is an interesting twist to the Spirit Airlines baggage policy. The airline will allow you to carry one bag on international flights. However, additional bags can only be brought on a first-come basis. To ensure you have more than one bag, you will need to buy your extra baggage allowance in advance.

Sporting equipment

Spirit has a smaller list of allowed sporting items than other airlines. Only golf clubs, snowboard equipment and ski equipment can be checked at the standard baggage rates. Spirit's website outlines the fees and requirements for checking different types of equipment.

How to reduce or avoid Spirit baggage fees

There are many ways to reduce or avoid Spirit baggage fees, as you will see in this section.

Allowances for elite status

Yes, Spirit has an elite program. However, it may not be as "elite as" as other airlines. However, all flights are eligible for a free first checked bag if you have Free Spirit Gold status. This benefit is only available to elite members and does not apply to any other passengers. TPG's Summer Hull discovered that trying to get the benefit can prove very painful.

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Buy a bundle

There aren't many options to reduce Spirit baggage fees. However, there are ways you can lower the cost of checking or carrying a bag. Spirit offers "Boost It" and "Bundle It” packages on many of its flights. These packages are dynamic in pricing, but can help you save a lot on baggage.

Spirit $avers Club

Spirit $avers Club is another way to save on Spirit carry-on fees and checked bag fees. A 12-month membership costs $69.95 and includes discounts on certain fares, baggage fees, seat choices, and add-ons. It's possible to save over a year on membership if you fly Spirit frequently.

To cover travel costs, you can use your card travel credit

Many travel reward cards include annual statements credits for travel purchases. You can use some cards to make travel purchases such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve or its $300 annual credit.

Some American Express cards provide annual airline fees credits for non-ticket airline incidentals. You may be eligible for this benefit if you have a card. Select Spirit to choose your airline and then use your card for your baggage fees. You must enrol.

Bottom line

Spirit Airlines' baggage policy is not like other major airlines. It doesn't offer any options to reduce or eliminate fees. The Free Spirit(r), Travel More World Elite Mastercard (r) will not get you a free bag. Spirit also named the Big Front Seat, but upgrading to a larger seat will not get you a discounted or free bag.

Spirit's baggage weight limit (40 pounds) for checked baggage is lower than that of most airlines. You should also consider how much Spirit's baggage fees can increase the cost of your cheap flight. You can still use the Spirit Bag-O-Tron tool to calculate how much money you will need to check or bring a bag.

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