what are Spirit Airlines Checked Bag policy

Spirit Airlines Checked Bag

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what are Spirit Airlines Checked Bag policy

Spirit Airlines Checked Bag

Spirit Airlines is a good choice if you're a smart traveller. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you are a smart traveller. Book Spirit Airlines Reservations online and then check your baggage at the airport before departure, you will pay more. This means that you're at the losing side. You might not know that Spirit Airlines can help you save even more. Spirit Airlines can help you save money on your checked baggage. It is important to understand the Spirit Airlines checked baggage policy before we talk about how you can save more Spirit Airlines checked luggage.

To be more precise, you need to know the dimensions, weight limit, size and dimensions of your Spirit checked baggage. Knowing how much Spirit Airlines allows you to carry and what you have to pay can help you save $200. So, let's get started:


Does Spirit include a checked bag?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to travel with checked baggage. Spirit Airlines charges a fee for this service. The size and weight restrictions for the checked baggage will determine how much and where you can take it. The checked baggage fee will increase if the baggage is larger and heavier than the baggage. Spirit Airlines' checked baggage policy is simple.

Those who only need one bag for personal use don't have to pay any extra. Why? Spirit Airlines allows one small bag to be carried on board, provided it does not exceed the weight, size and dimensions restrictions. It is permissible to carry any bag with dimensions of 18x14x8 inches. Spirit Airlines allows you to carry on any bag whose dimensions are 18x14x8 inches.

What is the cost of checked baggage at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines charges fees for checked baggage. These fees depend on two factors: the number of bags and the size of the bags. Spirit Airlines may consider your carry-on bag a checked baggage if it is larger than 22x18x10 inches. If you book it at the airport, it might cost up to $55. However, you can book your checked baggage online and pay $41.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Discount

All checked bags must be 40 lb (18.1 kg) in weight and have a maximum length of 62 inches (158 cm).

Spirit Airlines takes into account several factors in its fee calculations. These include the route, travel dates, Spirit Saver$ Club, or standard fare. These fees are consistent, according to our searches.

Spirit's online luggage calculator tool will provide the most accurate and personal baggage fee calculation.

You may be restricted by the number of checked bags you can carry on certain routes. Please refer to our online baggage calculator tool.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Rules--Checked Baggage

Your baggage fees will be determined by your route, how and when you pay and your membership status, according to Spirit Airlines' baggage rules. Spirit Airlines' baggage policy mandates that all passengers pay a baggage fee, except for those who have purchased a Bundle It/Boost It combo or Free Spirit members with a gold status.

You can pay the baggage fee at check-in (free), when you purchase your ticket (cheapest), or at the airport kiosk/check in counter (costliest).

Baggage Size Weight Requirements

  • Baggage size requirements. A checked bag's combined dimensions (Length + width + height) must not exceed 158cm/62in. Oversize bags will be subject to a fee. Bags larger than 203cm/80in are not accepted, except for mobility aids or musical instruments.
  • Baggage weight restrictions Overweight baggage fees will be charged for bags exceeding these limits. Bags that weigh more than 100lb/45kg (50lb/23kg in Peru) won't be accepted, except for mobility aids or musical instruments.
  • Spirit Airlines baggage rules require identification tags to be placed outside all bags. It is strongly recommended that you also place a tag inside your bag. To save time, check in online and purchase your baggage allowance.
  • Maximum number of checked bags per passenger is 5. However, this can vary by route.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance--Checked Baggage

Bare Fare customers must purchase a Spirit Airlines baggage allowance. Spirit Airlines does NOT offer a checked baggage allowance for passengers who travel on Bare Fares, or basic fares. Passengers who have a Bundle It, Boost It, or Free Spirit Gold status can get 1 free checked bag.

Spirit Airlines baggage rules state that standard checked bags must comply with certain weight and size restrictions (detailed below).

  • 1 PAID Checked Bag (optional)

    • Max. size 158cm/62in (length + width + depth)
    • Max. Maximum weight 40lbs/18.1kg
  • Free Baggage Items for Children

    • Stroller
    • Diaper bag
    • Car seat (if you are seated in a car)


These baggage rules apply as well:

  • The Bundle it and Boom It combos offer passengers a free checked baggage allowance of 50lb/23kg each, which is 10lb more than a standard luggage.
  • Status members with Free Spirit Gold status are eligible for a free checked bag
  • Bag size includes handles, wheels, straps, and straps.

Spirit Airlines Checked baggage Fees

What is the baggage charge at Spirit Airlines?

Checked bag fees for Spirit Airlines can be paid online (less expensive), at the counter (costlier) or at the gate (costliest). Spirit suggests using the online baggage calculator of the airline to determine the exact baggage fees for your route.

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