what are Spirit Airlines Carry on policy

Spirit Airlines Carry on

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what are Spirit Airlines Carry on policy

Spirit Airlines Carry on

Spirit's bigger carry-on policy

You can take a larger bag with you, but there is a charge. This fee varies depending on the time that you purchase it. The fee for most flights is approximately $40 one-way if you book your initial online booking.

If you don't pay it by the time, you reach the gate, your fee will increase to $65 dollars. If you choose to upgrade your space, you will have an allowance for all the personal items mentioned above as well as the following.

22x18x10 inches with no weight limit

Spirit Airlines' best full-sized carry-on for flights

This option is highly recommended by travellers if you are looking for a large carry-on that fits within your luggage's dimensions (21.75x 15.25x10 inches). This suitcase is a top seller. It features a lightweight design, TSA locks and smooth 360-degree wheels.

Spirit's carry-on liquids

You can carry one quart-sized bag with liquids, gels, and aerosols through security just like other airlines. They are restricted to 3.4 oz/100ml per item and can be placed in a transparent, resealable bag.

Details on restrictions and exceptions, including liquids such as baby formula or medicine, can be found in Transport Security Administration's (TSA), advice.

Other products

You can't include items like:

  • Mobility or medical devices
  • Safety seats for children
  • One diaper bag per child
  • Cooler bags with soft sides and breast milk
  • Additional items like a coat, umbrella, and so on.

Please contact the TSA if you have any questions about an item.

Spirit carry-on policy


All Spirit passengers are allowed to bring one small personal item with them on their flights for no additional charge.

These can include small laptop bags, purses or backpacks. Maximum size is 18" x 14" x 8”. Additional fees will be charged if your item is larger than these dimensions.

These items are not included in the carry-on allowance. They will not be subject to an additional charge.

  • Assist the pet carrier while traveling with a service animal
  • Camera
  • Braces, canes and crutches are some of the prosthetic devices available.
  • Service animals and guest assistive devices
  • You can eat onboard food
  • When traveling with an infant, a baby bag is essential
  • Car seats for children when they are being carried in the car seat
  • One Duty Free bag or box containing Duty Free Items
  • Outer garments (coats/hats/wraps).
  • Read material about the flight
  • When the child is on the move, one collapsible stroller or compact folding stroller will do.
  • Umbrella

Carry-on baggage

You will need to purchase a separate full-sized bag if you wish to take a larger carry-on bag. You can bring a carry-on bag up to 22" x 18" x 10". It must be able to fit into the overhead bin.

You can calculate the cost of a carry on here. Baggage fees increase with time so book your bag at the same moment you book your flight.

Spirit Airlines Carryon Baggage

Spirit Airlines passengers pay for both checked and carry-on bags. This is to keep the airline's ticket prices down. Your ticket includes one personal item, which can fit completely in the smaller box (such as a small bag, backpack, or purse). Any larger items, such as a standard bag for carry-on or checked bags, will need to paid for.

Personal items must not exceed 45 x 35x 20 cm.

The cost of bringing larger items onboard will vary depending on when they were purchased. The fee for purchasing an allowance online is usually $37. The fee for the allowance can be purchased online during the flight booking process and is usually $37.

Limits on the weight of carry-on baggage 56 x 46x 25cm.

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Fees

Spirit Airlines is not like other legacy airlines such as American, Delta and Alaska. You don't get a complimentary carry-on bag.

Spirit Airlines' carry-on baggage fees are just like checking a bag. They vary from flight to flight. If you bring your own bag, the cost of a carry-on bag to the booking will be around $43. Spirit baggage fees are more expensive for carry-on bags than they are to check larger bags.

Your boarding pass will indicate that you are not permitted to carry a bag if you don't have to pay for one. Your Spirit Airlines carry-on does not include personal items such as purses and backpacks. Spirit Airlines allows personal items to fly free. However, they must not exceed 18x14x8 inches and be able to fit under the seat in front.

You will almost always have to pay for your other carry-on bags, provided it meets Spirit Airlines' requirements.

What are the Spirit Airlines Carry-On Baggage Charges?

What are the Spirit baggage fees for a carry on? Well, it depends. Spirit Baggage fees can vary depending on where you travel, the date and how you book. Carry-on bags typically cost $43. Spirit flight passengers can carry a bag no larger than 40 pounds. The carry-on must also fit in the overhead bin.

A carry-on bag's cost will depend on when it is purchased. The earlier you buy it, the lower it will cost. When you check out, it is always cheaper to add your carry-on bag. The cost of carrying your bag will increase after that.

Here are some examples of approximate prices for carry-on bags on a one-way flight between Minneapolis-St. Paul and Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

  • During bookings at Spirit.com: $33
  • Before online check-in: $53
  • During online check-in: $58
  • At airport check-in: $71
  • At the gate: $76

The Spirit Saver$ Club is a great way to save money on carry-on fees if you fly Spirit frequently.

Spirit Saver$ members can save $7 on each baggage fee. This is split into monthly payments. The Saver$ Club offers a number of perks, including discounted fares, seat fees and other savings.

Spirit Airlines Carry-On Size?

A carry-on for spirit baggage will cost you between $40 and $80 depending on when you book, the date you travel and where you are going. However, this is only true if the item meets strict dimensions.

Spirit carry-ons cannot exceed 22x18x10 inches in size including handles or wheels - and must fit into the overhead bin. If your bag is too big, Spirit may ask you to check it at the gate. This could lead to a charge.

Spirit's carry-on bag size policy is similar to other major airlines, so most regular carry-on bags should fit within the Spirit standards.


Spirit Airlines is very strict about the dimensions of personal items and carry-on luggage. Therefore, we recommend that you take precautions and invest in a suitable bag depending on your trip's duration and type.

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