Is car seat allowed in spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines Car Seat

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Is car seat allowed in spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines Car Seat

You want to be able continue to travel after your baby is born. You may have a baby who is now two years old and you need to purchase a plane ticket. These are common problems for anyone who loves to travel. Spirit Airlines could be the answer to your problems, whether you like it or not.

Spirit Airlines is not a difficult experience, especially if you are flying with a toddler. Knowing what you're getting and what you don't is key to flying Spirit Airlines. It also helps to manage expectations. Spirit Airlines is transparent about the products it sells and their website has 99% of the information you need. I will give you some general information about Spirit Airlines, as well as specific tips and tricks for flying Spirit Airlines with a toddler or baby.

Flying Spirit Airlines for a Toddler or a Baby

Lap Infant Vs. Purchasing A Seat:

Lap Infants

Your child can fly on Spirit as a lap baby from 7 days old up to the age of two years. You will need to purchase a seat on the return flight if your child turns 2 between your outbound flights. In general, children younger than 18 years old are not required to show ID when traveling domestically. However, airlines may require proof of age for children younger than two who are flying as lap babies. You can present your child's birth certificate or passport to prove your child is of legal age.

Book a seat for a lap baby

The system will ask for your child's birth date when you book your seat. If they are younger than 2, it will ask if your child would like to fly as a lap baby or if your child would prefer to buy a seat.

Buying a Seat for Your Toddler (or Baby).

When you buy a seat for your child or toddler, the system will ask if you intend to bring a car seat. This is because you can't sit in certain seats if you bring a car seat. When it displays the seat selection map, the system will remove ineligible seats if you indicate that you plan to bring a car. If you don't indicate that you will bring a vehicle seat onboard, and then you also bring a car chair, you may be moved if your seat is ineligible.

Seat Selection: Lap Infant or Babies/Toddlers in a Car Seat

For children in a car seat or a lap baby, there are special rules. To view the Spirit Airlines rules for traveling with children, click here Generally:

  • You can't sit in an emergency row, or in a row directly behind or in front of an emergency row.
  • If you have a lap baby or a child in a car seat, you cannot use an inflatable seatbelt. A list of rows with inflatable seatbelts can be found here
  • You cannot sit in Row 1 (which would be a Big Front Seat) because of the inflatable seat belt rule.
  • This system allows a car seat and a lap baby to be placed in row 2 of a Big Front Seat.
  • To be eligible to sit on an emergency exit row, you must be at least 15 years old.
  • With a lap baby, the system will allow you to choose the row next to the Emergency Exit Row.
  • A child in a car seat will not be allowed to sit in the row next to an emergency exit.

Big Front Seat:

  • Lap Infants & Children in Car Seats CAN Sit in a Big Front Seat as long as they are not in row 1. (The computer will allow you to select row 2).
  • All children who have their own seats will be able to use the system, as long as there is no car seat.

No Fee Gate-Check for Car Seats and/or Strollers

These items can be tagged at the bag drop or at the gate. I recommend that you tag them with the agent when you do your bag drops so you don't have any problems at the gate. I recommend that you tag your items as soon as possible after you get to your gate. Don't wait for boarding time. Another tip: I always ask the agent when my family can board when I get to the gate. This varies from one airline to the next so I always ask when I get to the gate.

Toddlers' Onboard Food

You can save money by bringing your own snacks to the airport. If you don't have your own snacks, there are plenty of kid-friendly snacks that can be bought at the airport. There are also a variety of cookies, chips, and candy.


Would I fly Spirit Airlines again? With a toddler, I would recommend Spirit Airlines. However, there is a caveat. It is important to fully understand the purchase and what you will be getting. They mean it when they say that you are buying a "Bare Fare". This airline is simple and straightforward. It's also very affordable.

Spirit will be very transparent about what you get in return for your money. Make sure you fully understand what you're getting. If you don't understand, give them a call. The agents were very helpful. This is a link for their general information section. It's basically an FAQ section. There should be no problem finding the answer to your questions.

This blog was created to encourage families to travel together with their children. If Spirit allows you to travel, vacation, or just get out dodge, I'm all for it! Spirit Airlines can make plane travel more possible. After children, you only need to know *how* Spirit Airlines works!

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