what is Spirit Airline Luggage policy

Spirit Airline Luggage

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what is Spirit Airline Luggage policy

Spirit Airline Luggage

Spirit Airlines is a good choice if you're a smart traveller. However, this doesn't necessarily mean you are a smart traveller. Book Spirit Airlines Reservations Online and then check-in at the airport before departure, you will pay more. This means that you're at the losing side. You might not know that Spirit Airlines can help you save even more. Spirit Airlines can help you save money on your checked baggage. It is important to understand the Spirit Airlines checked baggage policy before we talk about how to save more on Spirit Airlines checked luggage.

To be more precise, you need to know the dimensions, weight limit, size and dimensions of your Spirit checked baggage. Knowing how much Spirit Airlines allows you to carry and what you have to pay can help you save $200. So, let's get started:

Does Spirit include a checked bag?

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to travel with checked baggage. Spirit Airlines charges a fee for this service. The size and weight restrictions for the checked baggage will determine how much and where you can take it. The checked baggage fee will increase if the baggage is larger and heavier than the baggage. Spirit Airlines' checked baggage policy is simple.

Those who only need one bag for personal use don't have to pay any extra. Why? Spirit Airlines allows one small bag to be carried on board, provided it does not exceed the weight, size and dimensions restrictions. It is permissible to carry any bag with dimensions of 18x14x8 inches. Spirit Airlines allows you to carry on any bag whose dimensions are 18x14x8 inches.

Spirit Airlines policy on carry-on

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to bring a personal item on board for no additional cost. The dimensions of the item must not exceed 18x14x8 inches, including handles and wheels.

You can also bring your personal item (e.g., a backpack, laptop bag or purse) but a carry-on bag is allowed provided it does not exceed 22x18x10 inches including handles and wheels. You will pay a fee for Spirit Airlines carry-on baggage depending on when you pay it. If you are not a member the Spirit Saver$ Club, you will pay $59 to $99. To calculate the exact cost of your flight, you can use the Spirit Bag O-Tron.

You can bring one stroller and one car seat if you are traveling with small children. A car seat can be brought onboard, provided you have purchased one for your child.

Spirit generally follows TSA and FAA guidelines regarding prohibited items. This means that you can’t carry liquids over 3.4 ounces or any cutting tools, among other restrictions.

Spirit Airlines policy on checked bags

Spirit guarantees that every guest can check only one bag. However, if you have enough space, you might be allowed to bring up five bags. The cost of each bag will vary depending on whether your baggage is purchased at the airport, during check-in or before you book. Prices will vary depending on where you are traveling. For your first bag, you can expect to pay $55-$99; for each subsequent bag, prices will go up.

The maximum weight of your checked bag is 40 pounds. It can also not exceed 62 inches in length (length, width, and height). Spirit will charge an additional $69 for overweight and over-sized bags. Spirit won't accept bags that weigh more than 100 pounds and exceed 80 linear inches.

Other restrictions may apply to international flights. Spirit charges fees to check items such as musical instruments or sporting equipment like skis and surfboards.

What is Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and how does it work?

Spirit Airlines has its own pricing structure and baggage is included. If a customer plans to purchase Spirit Airlines tickets, they should be aware that the airline does not allow carry-on bags or checked bags as part of its base allowance (Bare Fare). The baggage prices increase closer to departure. Customers should purchase their baggage allowance prior to booking. All of these factors are important to every customer so it is easier to book within your budget.

Spirit Airlines Bag Rule

Spirit Airlines' bag rule states that carry-on and checked bags are subject to additional charges. This is to ensure customers have low prices on their tickets. Customers will pay more for larger checked bags that weigh more than 40 pounds. This is because the extra weight requires more fuel for the aircraft. However, the ticket price includes one personal item, such as a small bag, purse, or other accessory that can be easily stored in the small box. Additional personal items, such as purses or checked bags, will be charged separately. So that everyone can travel conveniently and economically, let's look at Spirit Airlines baggage sizes.

Personal item: Spirit Airlines ticket prices include personal items. Personal items include a small bag, purse, or backpack that does not exceed 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm) with handles and wheels. You will be charged for any personal items you carry.

Carryon Bag: Spirit Airlines' maximum allowable size for carry-on bags should be 22x18x10 inches (56x46x25 cm) with handles and wheels. However, if the airline is unable to safely store a carry-on bag for a specific flight, it will be considered a checked bag.

Checked bag: Customers booking Spirit Airlines tickets are allowed to check a checked bag up to 62 inches in length (length + width + height;158 cm), with handles and wheels, and a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds (18.1kg). Any checked bag that exceeds these dimensions or weight limits will be assessed as overweight or excessive and charged accordingly. Spirit Airlines won't accept bags that weigh more than 100 lbs (45 kg), or are larger than 80 linear in (203 cm) overall.

Spirit Airlines is not only known for its low-cost flights, but also because of their easy travel policies. Fond Travels can be reached at or +1 (571) 389 626 for more information. Spirit Airlines will provide you with the best service and hassle-free travel solutions.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees

Carrier allowance and fees: Customers are permitted one personal item free of charge when they purchase tickets using the Bare Fare option. At the time of booking, the airline will charge between $28 to $37. If you wait to check in, the carry-on fees range from $36 to $45. Waiting until you get to the airport reservation desk or gate will cost you more. In such cases, the fee will be charged at a premium between $55 to $65. Members of the $9 Fare Club (also known as Spirit Saver$ Club) have an advantage because they will need to pay $26-$31 for carry-on when booking. However, it will cost between $36-$41 before or during online check in.

As stated above, personal items should not exceed 18x14x8 inches. Standard carry-on bags should be no larger than 22x18x10 inches. Spirit Airlines made exceptions for customers who are traveling with infants. Customers with infants will be allowed to bring a breast pump, accessories and/or formula free of charge. These items won't count towards the carry-on allowance. Customers will need to check in strollers and double strollers prior to the flight departure.

Spirit Airlines offers a check bag allowance and fees. Customers can carry a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds and a maximum dimension of up 62 inches including wheels and handles. The airline does not offer a flat rate for checked bags. When booking Spirit Airlines flights online, you will need to pay the following fee:

First checked bag: $23-$32 (depending on weight).
Second checked bag - starting at $33 to $42
From $78 to $87 for third to fifth checked bags

Customers will have to pay more for their checked bags until they are able to check in. The first bag may cost you between $33 to $42. Customers who wait to get to the airport or gate to check in will have to pay between $52 to $65 for a single checked bag. You should also note that there may be restrictions on how many bags you can check in depending on where you are flying.

Additional baggage fee for overweight or excessive baggage: Spirit Airlines has strict rules regarding customers who are carrying excess baggage or excessive baggage. These requirements will determine the fees charged. Customers are allowed to check a bag up to 40 pounds in weight.

Customers will need to pay $30 overweight fees if they want to carry checked bags between 51 and 70 lbs. Customers will need to pay $55 for overweight fees if they are carrying bags between 71-100 pounds. The maximum overweight fee for checked bags between 71-100 pounds will be $100

Spirit Airlines charges a $100 to $150 fee for any oversized baggage exceeding 62 inches in length, including wheels and handles. Some exceptions apply to special items like musical instruments or sporting equipment.

What are the restrictions on certain items?

Spirit Airlines prohibits certain items from being carried on its flights that are hazardous under federal law or as per TSA's prohibited items guidelines.

These items cannot be taken on board a flight: These include household articles, alcohol, ceramics/chinaware/glass, antlers, hoverboards and electric skateboards, firearms, camping gear, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), artistic items, lithium batteries, windsurfing equipment, urns/ human remains and organs, portable dialysis machines, perishables, bicycles, kayak, boat and canoes, incubators, boxes and plastic containers, wheelchairs, power tools, archery equipment, and many more.

Visit their websites to view the complete list of FAAS banned Hazardous Materials as well as the full list TSA prohibited Items.

What is the cost of checked baggage at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines charges fees for checked baggage. These fees depend on two factors: the number of bags and the size of the bags. Spirit Airlines may consider your carry-on bag a checked baggage if it is larger than 22x18x10 inches. If you book it at the airport, it might cost up to $55. However, you can book your checked baggage online and pay $41.

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