do Southwest Airlines have WiFi

Southwest Airlines WiFi

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do Southwest Airlines have WiFi

Southwest Airlines WiFi

No more are you forced to endure a long flight with little entertainment.

Do you recall when you had to take a book or magazine with you? You may also remember the days when you had to carry a CD player or Walkman with lots of tapes, CDs and batteries.)?

Although I may be in a relationship, I am grateful for the many options today.

In the past I have written many articles about Southwest Airlines. They are my favourite domestic airline, but they also fly to international destinations. I love Southwest Airlines' inflight entertainment. It is often free!

Southwest Inflight Entertainment

Southwest offers an entertainment portal in flight that includes many free features. The flight tracker allows you to keep track of your flight time and show you how long it is until you can view live or on-demand TV.

Although not all Southwest planes have Wi-Fi, I have found most of them to be. I have never encountered a plane without Wi-Fi when flying Southwest.

Remember that international flights do not have access to the inflight entertainment or movies you pay for. Until you cross an international border, however, you can still use Wi-Fi.

How to access Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines

  1. Your Wi-Fi enabled device should be turned on and put it in airplane mode. While in airplane mode, make sure that your Wi-Fi remains on.
  2. To connect, go to your wireless network and choose "Southwest WiFi".
  3. Launch your Internet browser for immediate access to the Southwest Airlines Hotspot portal, or type in the address bar.

Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi Price

Access the internet from a Wi-Fi enabled aircraft $8 per hour You can browse the internet, check your emails, and access social media for as low as $8 per day. Southwest offers inflight entertainment for no additional charge.

Live TV Free

Southwest offers a wide range of entertainment options during flights, including 16 live TV stations.

  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • CBS2
  • Fox5
  • Fox News
  • NFL Network
  • HGTV
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • NBC 4
  • FX
  • Discovery
  • USA
  • Disney
  • CNN

Get Free On-Demand TV

A selection of on-demand TV shows are also available for viewing during your flight. These show changes frequently, but include Cake Boss as well as Who Do YOU Think You Are.

You might be able to fly during Shark Week if you are lucky! Southwest celebrates in a way that no other airline can.


You will need to download the Airtime Player app from either the App store or Google Play store before you can view movies. Movies can be streamed free of charge during flights.

Multiple flights can be used to view the same movie, so you don't have to worry about finishing it before your layover.


With iHeartRadio or, you can listen to music on your flight. This feature is new and only available on selected aircraft.

You can also listen to your downloaded iHeartRadio app free of charge without needing to purchase inflight WiFi.


You can buy a messaging package for $2 per device if you want to keep in touch with family and friends while you fly.

Before you fly, make sure that you have downloaded the app. The full internet access package includes messaging capabilities for $8.

How to connect to Southwest Wi-Fi

Required Devices

Before you board your flight make sure that you have a compatible device. Most people have at least one of these devices with them at all times.

  • Laptops and Macs

    • Operating System: Windows 7 and higher; OSX 10.9 and higher
    • Browser: Internet Explorer 10 and higher; Firefox version 47; Google Chrome version 51; Safari version 9; Safari version 9; or higher
  • iOS Mobile and Tablets

    • Operating System: iOS 9.0 or higher
    • Plug-In: The Airtime app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store
  • Android Mobile and Tablets

    • Android 5.0 or higher
    • Plug-In: The Airtime app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store

How to get FREE Wi-Fi on Southwest Flights

Wi-Fi is great, but it's even better when it's completely free. Southwest Airlines offers a lot of its inflight entertainment for free.

Free Wi-Fi Entertainment

Many of the Wi-Fi-enabled inflight entertainments are already available on Southwest flights. Access to live TV and on-demand television will be available for free. You also have access to iHeartRadio music stations.

Access Wi-Fi to browse the internet will cost you $8 per day.

Earn A-List Preferred Status

You can access Southwest Wi-Fi if you are a Preferred member without paying $8 per day

You must fly at least 50 one-way qualifying flights to earn A-List Preferred status.

You can earn Tier-qualifying points by purchasing a revenue ticket or using the Chase Southwest Rapid Reward(r), Plus Credit Card, Chase Southwest Rapid Reward(r), Premier Credit Card or Chase Southwest Rapid Reward(r) Priority Credit Card.

Qualifying points can be earned for both the personal and business versions of these cards.

What is the cost of Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines flights?

To access the internet, you can buy an internet package at $8 per day per device. You can purchase messaging capabilities for $2 per day per device. Renting a movie cost $5 per day per device. Southwest offers live and on-demand TV as well as music via their inflight entertainment portal.

How do I get Wi-Fi free on Southwest flights?

Any Southwest flight with Wi-Fi can provide access to live and on-demand TV as well as music. A-List Preferred members can waive the $8 charge for full internet.

Last Thoughts

Southwest is a great company that does many things right. They offer free checked bags, and no fees for changing your flight.

You can also enjoy a lot of entertainment in the air, including on-demand TV and live TV. You can buy a day pass for $8 if you want full internet access. However, loyal Southwest customers who have achieved A-List Preferred status will get the fee waived.