what is Southwest Airlines Caso

Southwest Airlines Caso

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what is Southwest Airlines Caso

Southwest Airlines Caso

Although it is not well-known in Europe, Southwest Airlines (SA), is a popular airline that operates in the region. It is known for its unique culture and communication as well as its business model.

Before 2016, when it was named the second-largest airline by passenger numbers, Southwest was a standard in the industry. It was distinguished for having an admirable financial position and remaining profitable for 44 years consecutively, for its fluid relationship and loyalty program, and for being one the most loved brands by many users.

Culture is the essence of a company's spirit. It cannot be touched or seen, but it can be felt and experienced in its behaviour, how they interact with each other, and the way they behave towards one another.

Southwest Airlines' case demonstrates how important it is to build a brand from within, starting with employees and aligning all contact points through the same purpose, code of values, and that this starts with them.

This case will reveal the secret to the company's success: It has created a positive work environment that enables employees to feel happy and satisfied, which is passed on to clients.

  • The corporate purpose is what you build the organization.
  • It is important to empower and appreciate employees.
  • Understanding culture is a tool for risk mitigation and management.
  • A good story is essential for building a brand.


This case shows how humour can improve the work environment, customer service, and brand image. The American airline Southwest Airlines was the largest global large-airline operator in 2018, and it is now one of the most profitable.

Southwest began in 1971 as a low-cost airline. They are affordable and offer a simple service. There is no business class, it doesn't offer snacks, and many of its flights don't have numbered seating. The first person to arrive, picks.

However, Southwest doesn't let that stop them offering other competitive services. Seth Kaplan (a transportation analyst who specializes in airlines and director at Kaplan Research), says Southwest is a success story. He attributes this to the company's humorous work culture. In 2019, Southwest had more than 60,000 employees and 130 million customers. annual passengers.

It is important to hire people who have a sense for humour

Southwest has made humour (or "a fun-loving spirit" as they call it) one of its core values. Julie Weber, vice president of people at Southwest, says that they reject candidates who are too serious or lack a sense of humour when it comes time to hire, even though they may have the technical qualifications.

Weber says that 75% of Southwest employees said that they work for Southwest as a "vocation" in 2014. The alternatives to that were "it's just a job" or "it is a step towards another hit", and 86% were proud that they worked for them. Southwest was ranked #3 on America's Top Employers' List at #37 and #2 on Forbes' World's Best Employers' List at #2.

Sonya Lacore (Vice President of Flight Operations), spoke out to The Washington Post about the importance of understanding each collaborator's talents and allowing them the freedom to explore it. They only accept tasks that are right for them. Southwest doesn't check in advance for jokes or games that co-workers might share with passengers. They trust them completely!

This confidence stems from the knowledge that employees can apply a bit of humour and common sense. They need to be open to all aspects of the environment, including the time and schedule. Collaborators will lower their voices and be more serious when there are plane crashes.

Have a good time with your customers.

Employers and clients can benefit from valuing humour in hiring. Crew and other staff members at Southwest are encouraged to come up with creative and fun ways to build relationships with passengers and create memorable experiences using their resources. Bob Campbell, Southwest's customer service representative, is a shining example. His "gate games", which went viral on social networking, was a great example. Campbell organized contests on paper airplanes, terminal scavenger hunts, and even a contest to determine which passenger has the most disgusting ID photo.

The crew often jokes with passengers onboard the plane. They have made "cakes" from toilet paper rolls to celebrate a passenger's birthday, put crowns of snack packets on their heads and performed stand-up routines explaining security protocols. They are also known to throw caricatures over the loudspeaker system of the plane.

To wear your seatbelt, simply insert the metal portion into the buckle and fasten the strap. The same principle applies to all other types of seat belts. You shouldn't wear it if you don't know how.

"People, we don't choose furniture. Find any seat and take it!"

"Oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling in the event of sudden loss of cabin pressure. Put the mask on your face and stop screaming. If you are traveling with a small child, make sure they have their own mask before you do. If you're traveling with two children, choose the one that you like best.

Leaders who make fools of themselves

Like other successful companies, Southwest has leaders who love to make a fool out of themselves. This is no accident. The people in the highest positions within an organization are the ones who play the game, and they allow others to have a good time.

Southwest was founded by Herb Kelleher who dressed up as Elvis Presley in order to deliver bags to passengers.

Leaders today like Lacore are making jokes just like Kelleher. The best-known prank of his life was hiding in the luggage compartment. This photo was tweeted by a passenger.

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