Does southwest airlines often cancel flights

Southwest Airlines Cancel Flight

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Does southwest airlines often cancel flights

Can you cancel Southwest flights? 

Yes. Southwest Airlines offers one of the most flexible cancellation policies in all major airlines.

If you are trying to book a holiday 2022 flight but it was cancelled due to chaos, the challenge is to find a way to travel on another flight. You may still need to return home. Get advice on Southwest flights that were cancelled due to holiday chaos if you flew or attempted to fly with Southwest during 2022 holidays.

If you don't want to fly again, but just want your money back then you are at least in some luck. Southwest's customer-friendly cancellation and change policies have been a hallmark of Southwest Airlines. Despite other airlines being more flexible about flight changes due to the pandemic of 2001, the Southwest cancellation policy remains the most flexible.

Here are the details to cancel your Southwest flight.

How to cancel Southwest flights

It is easy to cancel your Southwest flight. You can cancel your Southwest flight by going to, or you can look up your reservation using the Southwest mobile app. Enter the first and last names of the ticketed passengers, as well as the confirmation number for the reservation.

Call the Southwest reservations department at 800-435-9922. If you have included your Rapid Rewards number in your initial reservation, you will be able to find the flight via your My Account page. After you have entered your flight information you will see any travel balances and refundable amounts attached with the confirmation number.

Select "Cancel" to cancel your flight.

Southwest Airlines Flight Changes and Rebooking Instructions

Southwest Airlines has a simple policy for flight changes: there are no fees to change your flight reservation. If the new flight is less expensive than the one you have, you can still change your flight. However, you will need to pay for the difference.

Call the reservations department to make a change on your Southwest flight. You can also look up your flight online with your confirmation number and passenger information.

Southwest Airlines: How can I get a refund

The type of Southwest Airlines flight you bought and whether you paid with cash or Rapid Rewards points will affect your eligibility for a refund. Some flight add-ons like Early Bird Boarding are not refundable. The amount paid for Early Bird boarding will not be refunded if you cancel a flight.

Book flights with cash

Want to Get Away tickets tend to be the lowest-priced airline fares. If you cancel, you will only get Southwest travel funds. The same applies to the want to Get Away Plus fare.

You can book an Anytime and Business Select Southwest ticket if you would rather have your money returned to the original payment method than as a travel coupon.

Southwest Rapid Rewards points are available for flights booked using Southwest Rapid Rewards points

Southwest offers a generous cancellation policy for award tickets. Southwest Rapid Rewards points can be used to cancel flights. Your points will automatically be refunded.

You can also convert any taxes or fees that were paid with your points to travel funds.

Southwest cancel policy

Southwest's cancellation policy is straightforward: You can cancel your Southwest flight at any moment, without penalty, up to ten minutes before departure.

  • You'll get your loyalty points back if you book a flight using Rapid Rewards Points.
  • You can book a flight using cash or it will be refunded to you via your payment method. It may also be converted into Southwest travel funds depending on which type of fare was booked.
  • You can cancel non-refundable reservations within 24 hours.

You must be aware that Southwest travel funds can only be used if you cancel a Southwest Airlines flight. The want to Get Away Fares travel funds can only be accessed with the confirmation number of the ticketed passenger. They are not transferable to any other person. Anytime, Business Select, and want to Get Away Plus fares can be transferred to another person with a Rapid Rewards account.

You can keep your travel funds indefinitely, regardless of what ticket type you purchased.

The cancellation policy for flights is easy to understand and is very user-friendly. You should cancel if you have any changes in your plans or the price drops. You can always cancel with your points, travel money or cash refund.

What should you do if you're flying Southwest in the near future?

If your flight is cancelled due to bad weather, you can either rebook in the same class or request a refund. You can cancel your flight if you have a non-refundable ticket and receive a refund.

Southwest operates only around 1,500 flights per day (or about one-third) of its scheduled flights through Friday according to the Points Guy. So, customers who are disrupted likely won't have their flights rebooked until at least that date.

Despite the fact that many flights are still making it to the Bay Area despite the disruptions, the cancellations above do not reflect the full extent of the problem. If travellers decide to continue with their plans, they should regularly check flight statuses and be ready for lengthy wait times to reach customer service.

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