Is Frontier Airlines Safe

FAA Safety Certification for Frontier Airlines

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Is Frontier Airlines Safe

Is Frontier Airlines Safe


There's better news for Frontier Airlines' fleet. Frontier Airlines currently has over 50 A320s and more than 176 A321s in order. These aircraft are still being delivered so there is a lot of new airframes to come.


FAA Safety Certification for Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA. It carries an official Air Operator's Certificate (F3LA008Y). The FAA makes sure that any airline adheres to safety laws and codes. Frontier Airlines is able to operate safely with a valid and current certificate as an air operator. also gives Frontier Airlines a solid 7/7 safety score, which means:

  • Frontier has not been involved in a fatal accident within the past ten years. Frontier Airlines has not been involved in a fatal accident.
  • Frontier Airlines has never experienced any serious incidents involving pilots.
  • Frontier Airlines is not listed as a blacklisted airline by the United States or Europe's aviation authorities.
  • The USA scores well in ICAO Country Audits, which evaluate a country's approach to safety oversight and regulation of airline flights. Frontier Airlines is safety regulated and supervised by the FAA. The FAA's IATA Safety Audit results show that the FAA has achieved very high implementation rates in all eight areas. This is well above the global average.
  • Frontier Airlines has been IOSA (International Air Transportation Association Operational Safety Audit), certified. This audit, which is optional, assesses if an airline has the right systems and processes to safely operate. Every two years, airlines are evaluated.
  • Frontier Airlines adheres to COVID-19 standards.


Accidents and Incidents at Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines has a poor safety record, as do many other airlines with a large aircraft fleet. To find Frontier Airlines-recorded incidents, I looked into the FAA Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing Database (ASIAS). Over a 28-year period, I found 49 incidents. These incidents did not involve fatalities and there were only sixteen personal injuries.

The FAA database cannot determine the cause of these incidents. However, it is highly probable that some of these incidents and ensuing injuries were caused by events beyond Frontier Airlines' control, such as lightning strikes and turbulence. Frontier Airlines isn't perfect, however. Research has shown that some of these incidents were caused by aircraft tail strikes upon landing.

Does this mean Frontier Airlines has not had any safety incidents since October 2021, the last incident that was recorded in the database? It may not be the case. There may have been other incidents that did not make it into the database. You might also find some more recent incidents if you do an internet search. Let's not forget to put these events in context.

The FAA has recorded 49 incidents over its 28-year history. This is an average of one to two incidents per year. This is quite normal for a large airline. Frontier carried more than 20,000,000 passengers annually before the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This would translate to approximately 150,000 flights annually, according to my estimates. I hope that this gives you some comfort.


What can Frontier Airlines do to be both safe and affordable?


It is common to believe that low-cost/low airfare means poor safety records. Frontier Airlines can offer low fares because it lowers its costs in areas that are perfectly safe and increases its ancillary revenue.

One way to reduce costs is by operating a single-type fleet of aircraft. This lowers crew and maintenance costs, and allows for greater flexibility and operational efficiency. Frontier Airlines uses its aircraft more efficiently than full-service carriers. It also maximizes revenue by increasing the number of seats in each aircraft up to the authorized exit limit.

Frontier Airlines can increase its ancillary revenue by selling beverages and food onboard and charging for checked in and carry-on luggage, as well as charging for seat assignment airport and for check-in.

Frontier Airlines, like all low-cost airlines finds ways to reduce costs and maximize revenues while ensuring safety.


Fines and complaints


Statista shows that Frontier Airlines had the highest number of complaints per 100,000 passengers than any other US airline. It wasn't even close. Frontier is another airline that attracts passengers who are unruly.

Although I was unable to locate official passenger flight data, it seems that whenever these brawls or scuffles ( like this ) occur on social media, either Spirit of Frontier is involved. Some passengers feel that they must "watch their backs" on ultra-low-cost airlines, which is a sad fact.

Frontier Airlines was also recently involved in issues with the FAA. They were penalized for operating aircraft without required medical supplies on hundreds.

The FAA claimed Frontier personnel installed emergency medical kits in aircrafts that were missing injectable epinephrine or atropine.

Every airline has had problems with the FAA at one time or another. Being fined is not an indication of a problem.

Safety from Coronavirus


Frontier Airlines, like many US airlines has taken a lot of measures to address safety concerns related to coronavirus. They follow the Airbus Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) for a Disinfection Procedure.

This includes making sure surfaces and touch points are cleaned with disinfectant cleaner. Doors can be opened and antibacterial soap added to the bathrooms.

They also use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestors), which can filter 99.97% dust particles and other airborne contaminants like viruses.


Summary: Is Frontier Airlines Safe?


Frontier Airlines is considered a safe airline.

It has a fleet of young Airbus aircraft, and has not experienced any fatal crashes over its 28-year history. Frontier Airlines is also IATA safety certified. Frontier Airlines meets all safety requirements and standards set forth by the FAA.

Frontier Airlines is a safe airline with only one to two incidents per calendar year. I fly well over 100,000 flights each year and would have no hesitation flying with Frontier Airlines.


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