Is Frontier Airlines Good

Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

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Is Frontier Airlines Good

Is Frontier Airlines Good


The simple answer to your question about Frontier Airlines' quality is "YES!" Frontier Airlines is great when things are going well. Frontier Airlines is great when things are going well. However, if they go wrong, you'll probably regret it and vow to never fly them again.

Frontier's punctuality (or lack thereof) is the main problem I have encountered with them. In my 5 Frontier Airlines segments, 4 were delayed more than 20 minutes.

Are Frontier Airlines the worst airline? No. They are not the best airline in the world. They are not the best airline anywhere in the world. Not even close. They are mediocre in every way.


Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines is a frequent questioner because I have tried all of them (multiple times) and am an airline reviewer. I typically respond with opinions and advice in form of a pros/cons list. I thought it would be helpful to list them here for everyone:



  • The aircraft in their fleet are very young and well-maintained. Frontier Airlines won't make you worry about old, rusty airplanes.


  • The Denver hub of Frontier Airlines is a great place to connect. They share it with United Airlines. This is a great place to go if your Frontier flight is so delayed you need to look for other options.


  • I have never met a flight attendant on Frontier Airlines who doesn't love what they do.


  • They have a much better coverage than Spirit Airlines. You can see the "cons" section below).



  • They offer premium seats, called Stretch Seats, at the front of the plane. My Frontier A320neo Stretch Seat Review shows that it is a good upgrade.


  • You will be able to buy food on most flights.


  • In comparison to Allegiant Air, which is arguably the worst US airline, Frontier's beautiful interiors and stylish Denver hub make it feel better.



  • Frontier Airlines offers ultra-low-cost flights. However, once you have paid for additional items like checked bags, seat selection and other extras, the price will start to climb.


  • Frontier Airlines has a better coverage of the west than its competitors, but it is worth noting that they do not have any East Coast destinations. This airline is very Western-oriented.


  • Frontier only serves a handful of destinations daily. This means they cannot just move you to the next flight or get you there an hour late. Many times, passengers are delayed for days instead of hours.


  • Frontier Airlines' regular economy seats are among the most uncomfortable in America. They are also as hard as cinderblock. You'll be able to sit in them for an hour and you'll understand why I ranked them near the bottom of my annual list.


  • They have a reputation for being the worst airline in America when it comes to punctuality.


  • Frontier Airlines does not offer complimentary beverages. You will have to pay for your water.


  • Frontier Airlines is not a partner at the time of writing. You can earn Frontier Airlines points by flying with them or using their co-branded credit cards for everyday purchases.


These are my thoughts on why Frontier Airlines is so hateful


Frontier Airlines’ poor time performance is the main problem, as I have already stated. Insider placed them last among all US airlines for on-time performance in 2019. They came in at a terrible 73.1%

Looking for more information, I visited to get the most up-to-date information. As I calculated that there were 74.8% of on-time flights, it seems that things aren’t improving.

My little test was only a small portion of the entire Frontier route network. However, it is enough to show that Frontier is most likely going to be late, which is probably why everyone hates them so much.

There are also many complaints about bad customer service. Frontier Airlines employees have never been bad to me personally, but that doesn’t mean they are lying. Things can get heated when you push the limits (flight delays and cancellations, bad weather or overcrowding), It shouldn’t surprise to learn about airline employees who are human too.

If you are interested, I made a video about why people hate Frontier. Although it’s more of an overview, I couldn’t resist asking tough questions on the way from San Diego to Denver.


These are just a few reasons I think Frontier Airlines is great (almost amazing).


Frontier Airlines is a great airline. Frontier Airlines is a fun, quirky alternative to the US' mega carriers. It's also a refreshing change of scenery to fly with them occasionally.

  • You can fly non-stop to other cities like Branson, MO and Cedar Rapids, IA. You would need to connect somewhere on any other airline.
  • It's a very cheap way to fly, as long as you don’t have to pay any additional fees.
  • Denver's hub is a great place to visit, especially in winter.
  • They keep me on track with my expectations. If I fly Frontier Airlines, for example, and things turn out to be worse than I expected, it makes me appreciate major airlines more than ever before. There are flaws and there are also good points.
  • They are constantly refreshing their entire fleet of aircraft. My Frontier A319 main-cabin review (from 2015) is an eye-opening reminder how far they have come since then!

Frontier Airlines: Can you be trusted?


Although I enjoy Frontier Airlines, and I think some of their hatred is exaggerated, I wouldn't trust them to fly an important flight. Frontier's biggest problem is that they could leave me stranded for days if the flight is cancelled. If I'm going to an important business meeting, or to a vacation I need, I don't have the money to take that chance.

Frontier Airlines is an excellent option for flexible schedules. If you don't have any flexibility, consider one of the legacy carriers (Delta or United, American, Southwest, or Southwest).


Frontier Airlines: How to enjoy a great experience


It's impossible to avoid flying problems, especially with Frontier. However, there are certain things you can do that will reduce the chance of your entire flight going wrong.

  • Expect delays when you arrive at the airport. Being intolerant about arriving late to your destination is going to make it miserable. Relax, take a deep breath, and remember the people you are flying with.
  • Make a plan B. You should immediately think about alternative routes to reach your destination in the event that your flight is cancelled. What would the driving time be? Which other airlines offer similar flight times? The more you learn, the more satisfied you will be.
  • Don't expect the worst. Hope for the best. Negative Nancy is the person who will most likely be able to get out of the stress of small seats and overcrowded gait areas.



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