Is Frontier a Good Airline

The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

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Is Frontier a Good Airline

Is Frontier a Good Airline


Your question about Frontier Airlines' Quality is answered simply: "YES!" Frontier Airlines is great when everything is going well. Frontier Airlines is great when things go well. If things go wrong, Frontier Airlines is a great airline.

Frontier's punctuality, or lack thereof, is the biggest problem I have had with them. Fourteen of my five Frontier Airlines segments were more than 20 minutes late.

Is Frontier Airlines the worst airline in America? No. They are not the most popular airline in the world. They are not the most popular airline in the world. Not even close. They are average in every way.


The Pros and Cons of Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a frequent queried as I have personally tried them all (multiple times) in my capacity as an airline reviewer. I usually respond with my opinions and advice in the form of a pros/cons table. It would be useful to put them all here for everyone.



  • Their fleet of aircraft is young and well-maintained. Frontier Airlines will not make you worry about old or rusty planes.
  • Frontier Airlines' Denver hub is a great place for connecting. It shares it with United Airlines. If your Frontier flight is delayed, this is the place to go.
  • Frontier Airlines flight attendants are all passionate about their jobs.
  • They offer a better coverage than Spirit Airlines. Below is the "cons" section.
  • The premium seats are called Stretch Seats and can be found at the front of the plane. My Frontier A320neo Stretch Seat Review demonstrates that this is a worthwhile upgrade.
  • Most flights will allow you to purchase food.
  • In contrast to Allegiant Air which is undoubtedly the worst US airline in America, Frontier's gorgeous interiors and stylish Denver hub make Frontier feel more comfortable.



  • Frontier Airlines offers extremely low-cost flights. The price of your flight will increase once you add on additional items such as checked bags and seat selection.
  • Frontier Airlines offers a greater coverage of the west than other airlines, but it's worth noting that they don't have any East Coast destinations. This airline is very Western-oriented.
  • Frontier only serves a few destinations each day. Frontier cannot simply move you to the next flight, or even get you there on time. Many passengers are delayed for days rather than hours.
  • Frontier Airlines' economy seats are some of the most uncomfortable in America. They're also as tough as cinderblock. They are so comfortable that you can sit in them for up to an hour. This is why they were near the bottom on my annual ranking.
  • They are known for their inept punctuality.
  • Frontier Airlines does NOT offer complimentary beverages. Water will be charged at your expense.
  • Frontier Airlines is not currently a partner. Frontier Airlines points can be earned by flying with them, or using their cobranded credit cards to make everyday purchases.


These where my thoughts about why Frontier Airlines is so horrible

As I mentioned, Frontier Airlines' poor time performance is their main problem. Insider ranked them last in the United States for on-time performance in 2019. They came in at an awful 73.1%

To find out more, I visited It seems like things aren’t getting better, as I found that there were only 74.8% on-time flights.

My test covered only a portion of the Frontier route network. It is still enough to prove that Frontier is likely to be late. This is probably why they are so hated.

Many customers have complained about poor customer service. Frontier Airlines employees are not always bad, but it doesn't mean that they lie. When you push the boundaries (flight delays, cancellations or bad weather), things can get heated. It should not surprise that airline employees are also human.

You might be interested in this video on why Frontier is so hateful. It's a more general overview but I couldn't resist asking hard questions on my journey from San Diego to Denver.


These are just some of the reasons why Frontier Airlines is so great.

Frontier Airlines is a great airline. Frontier Airlines offers a quirky and fun alternative to US' major airlines. They offer a refreshing change of scenery and you can fly with them sometimes.

  • Non-stop flights can be made to cities such as Branson, MO or Cedar Rapids IA. To connect to another airline, you would need to fly non-stop.
  • Flying by plane is a cheap option, provided you don't pay any additional fees.
  • Denver's hub is an excellent place to visit in winter.
  • They help me stay on track with my goals. For example, if I fly Frontier Airlines and it turns out that things are worse than I anticipated, it makes me appreciate major airlines even more. There are both flaws as well as good points.
  • Their entire fleet of aircraft is constantly being refreshed. My Frontier A319 main cabin review (from 2015 is an eye-opening reminder of how far they have come!

Frontier Airlines: Are you trustworthy?

Frontier Airlines is a great airline. I like them, but I don't trust them to fly important flights. Frontier's greatest problem is the possibility of being stranded for days or longer if the flight is cancelled. I can't afford to miss an important business meeting or a vacation.

Frontier Airlines is a great option for those who need flexible schedules. Consider one of the legacy airlines (Delta, United, American Southwest, Southwest, Southwest) if you aren't flexible.


Frontier Airlines: How can you have a great experience?

Frontier is no exception to this rule. There are some things you can do to reduce the chances of your whole flight going wrong.

  • Be prepared for delays at the airport. Not being tolerant of arriving late to your destination will make it worse. Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Have a plan B. In the unlikely event your flight is cancelled, you should immediately consider alternative routes to get to your destination. How long would it take to drive? What other airlines offer similar flight times to Air Canada? You will feel more satisfied the more you know.
  • Expect the best. Do your best.


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