Frontier Airlines Personal Item

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Frontier Airlines Personal Item

Frontier Airlines Personal Item


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This is everything you need to know about traveling with your stuff. Are you still looking for your bag? It's okay! After your first flight purchase, you can still buy your checked and carry-on bags. You can save lots of money by buying your bags earlier.


Personal Item

One included

Size: 14"H, 18"W, 8"D (includes handles, wheels, and straps).

Consider purses, laptop bags, briefcases and diaper bags as well as computer bags, computer bags, computer bags, briefcases and backpacks for kids.

IMPORTANT: The dimensions of personal items will be verified during boarding. Additional charges may apply for items larger than the permitted dimensions.


Personal Items: Individual items cannot be larger than 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 8 inches long. Personal items should fit completely within the personal item section of the bag sizer. You can think of purses, laptop bags, briefcases and diaper bags as well as computer bags, computer bags, briefcases and backpacks for kids!

Frontier might be one of the most cost-effective airlines depending on where you are located. Frontier is an airline with no frills that aims to get you from A to B as inexpensively as possible. This means that carry-on bags will cost extra. What about personal items?


Frontier personal item policy


Frontier is a low-fare airline so it's easy to think that personal items might be more expensive. This is not true! The airline's website states that every passenger receives one personal item at no cost. You will need to pay an additional fee if you wish to add a carry-on.

Frontier doesn't limit the type of bag or personal item that you can carry, but it does offer a few options such as briefcases and totes, small backpacks, small purses, diaper bags, totes, purses, briefcases, bags, totes, purses, wallets, and diaper bags. Frontier will allow you to take your diaper bag with you, unlike United Airlines, which does not count them separately.


Frontier personal item size limit

Many airlines do not have any specifications, aside from the fact that it must fit under your seat, Frontier has size limitations for personal items. It must fit under the seat and not exceed 18x14x8. Although it might seem a little more restrictive than some airlines, it is quite generous among those who have size restrictions.


Frontier personal item weight limit


Frontier, like most airlines, does not limit the weight of personal items. You can transport it as long as it fits under your seat.

However, it shouldn't be a problem to use the same personal items for any airline.


Frontier is very strict with personal items.


How strict is Frontier?

This is a question that we get asked all the time in the US travel community. Here's the latest.

Frontier is strict about personal and carry-on luggage. One small personal item is allowed onboard for free, while larger carry-ons will be charged. It's best to stick within the limits for your safety.


I have a personal item that is slightly too big. Should I take it off the shelf?


This is the simple answer.

Even if your luggage exceeds the above limits, we recommend that you be cautious.

A lot of people will have to pay full-size, compliant baggage carry on. They will monitor the situation closely than other airlines in order to avoid annoying customers who are not following the strict rules.



Frontier is strict about your personal items.

We recommend that you keep within the boundaries for your peace of mind.

You should take off your bulky clothing when you pass through the gate.


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