Frontier Airlines Discount Den

Frontier Airlines Discount Den is available to you if you 

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Frontier Airlines Discount Den

Frontier Airlines Discount Den




Are you always looking for the best deals in town? You're in the right place! You'll be the first to hear about promotions, new offers, and new destinations as a member of FRONTIER miles




You will be able to access Frontier's lowest fares with a DISCOUNT (r), member. You can save all year and fly more often to enjoy savings.

The lowest fare

Exclusive access to the lowest fares

Children Fly Free

Children Fly Free on Select Dates and Flights

Exclusive Deals

Enjoy our lowest fare and special promotions

Save Together

Book DISCOUNTED DEN (r-) fares up to 9 persons



  • For one year of savings, annual membership costs $59.99. For a full year of savings, new members pay $99.99 plus $59.99 for their first year. This includes returning members who have cancelled their membership.
  • You'll get FRONTIER miles for every flight as a member. Are you already a member Sign in
  • Receive the latest offers, promotions, and information about hot new destinations as soon as they become available
  • One child under 15 years old can fly free on valid Kids Fly Free flight when an adult DISCOUNT (r-) fare is purchased. Click here for more information about Kids Fly Free
  • You can book fares for up to 9 passengers on the reservation provided you are in the same group as the other passengers.




Terms & Conditions: Minimum Fare Guaranteed For and Frontier Airlines mobile apps, the same flight and time is available when a DISCOUNT DEN (r) fare are offered alongside a public fare. Any fares included in the Go Wild fare discount are not covered by the DISCOUNT DEN lowest airfare guarantee. Pass and similar pass products. Membership in DISCOUNT DEN is required (r). There are limited seats. Additional terms and conditions may apply.


Frontier Airlines Discount Den is available to you if you 


Fly with a child 14 years old or younger


A buy-one-get one deal is a great option if you are able to fly with your child and have flexible schedules. You should read the fine print to learn about any limitations.


Flying solo is not always possible


Discount Den's greatest benefit is the ability to book cheaper airfares not only for you but for up to six other people. Typically, savings range from $10 to $30 per flight. If you discount $10 per ticket, that's $60 off your first round-trip flight for six people, after you add in the annual membership fee. The savings of $30 per ticket would save you $300 on your first-round trip group adventure.


Frontier allows you to fly at least 3 times per year


Perhaps your nearest airport is a Frontier hub. Maybe you travel light, but you still have room for snacks. Frontier will charge extra for checked bags and refreshments. A membership is a good option if you are like that and fly Frontier only a few times per calendar year.


Skip Frontier Airlines Discount Den if 


You don't like being nickelled or dimed

Frontier is all about paying fees. Frontier charges fees for checked bags, seat assignments, carry-on baggage, and in-flight meals and drinks. You don't want to be a nuisance by this behaviour. Southwest is a low-cost carrier with the lowest fees.


Frontier will only be flown once or twice per calendar year


Even if you only fly two round-trips, there is a good chance that you will be in the positive. However, the $60 annual fee might make it difficult to see the benefit. You might find the automatic renewal annoying and end up regretting it if you forget to cancel your subscription when the next year arrives.

Even if Frontier isn't your favourite airline, you may feel obliged to fly with them to maximize your savings.


Frontier's Discount Den benefits


This is everything you get when you sign up to Frontier Discount Den.


Lower fares than others (six per reservation).


There are two prices for booking flights: the price Discount Den members pay and the price everyone else pays. While the price of Discount Den airfares can vary, you can expect to save $10-30 on a one-way flight.

You can book fares for up to six passengers on your reservation as long as they are all on the same reservation. To fly six people one-way from Denver to Orlando, the cost of a reservation would be $594. Discount Den offers a $444 savings, or a $150 saving after the Discount Den annual fee.


Some flights include free airfare for children


Book your Tuesday and Wednesday flights with Discount Den to get a free ticket for any child 14 years and under.

It might be too good to be true if it sounds too good to be true. The "Kids Fly Free!" offer has many limitations. The tickets must be purchased at least 14 days before departure. It must be a round-trip ticket. One-way flights are not eligible. International trips are not eligible, so make sure your family vacation isn’t to Mexico, Canada, or South America.

There are also a number of blackout dates and routes. The deal cannot be used on the following dates and routes:

This list includes a lot of family-friendly places. You might not be able fly your children free if you are heading to Orlando International Airport.

The other caveats are that Frontier miles won't be earned for your child's free airfare and BOGO airfare will be lost if you cancel your ticket. You'll still need to pay for standard Frontier add-ons such as bags and seat selection.


How to get Discount Den membership free of charge (or cheap).


A discount or free membership to Discount Den is one of the greatest benefits of Frontier Airlines elite Status. Frontier's Elite 50k status, which is earned by accumulating 50,000 qualifying flights or 50 qualifying segments each year from January 1 through December 31 of the same years, will give you a 50% discount on your membership.

You'll receive Discount Den membership for free if you earn Elite 100k status (100 qualifying segments or 100,000 qualifying miles per year from Jan. 1, through Dec. 31, of the same years).


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