Frontier Airlines Credit Card

The Most Important Features of a Frontier Airline Card

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Frontier Airlines Credit Card

Frontier Airlines Credit Card


Are you a Frontier Airlines frequent flyer? Are you already receiving miles and points benefits from your Frontier Airlines account? You might be considering a Frontier Airlines credit or are you already a Frontier Airlines card holder? This article provides all information regarding a Frontier credit cards. Use it wisely to better understand your card!


The Most Important Features of a Frontier Airline Card

  • 50K Bonus Miles with a 100USD Flight Voucher
  • Annual fees of 89 USD are included with the card
  • APR (regular annual percentage rate) of approximately 16.74% - 25.74% (variable)
  • Keep a good credit rating
  • Book flights on Frontier Airlines' official website to earn 5x more miles
  • Orders at restaurants get 3x the mileage
  • Additional purchases eligible for 1 mile

Frontier World Mastercard is a prominently displayed feature on planes and all frequent flyers who are based in Frontier's hub or focus city know it.


Do you have a Frontier Airlines credit card?


Frontier Airlines has a co-branded Credit Card issued by Barclays. It offers amazing benefits to passengers who fly with Frontier Airlines. You will receive a 50k mile welcome bonus and a 100-dollar flight voucher. The airline will only ask you to pay 500 dollars for services, plus an annual fee, within the first 90 day.


In short, you get,

  • Login to your Frontier Airline Credit Card for your purchase and other benefits
  • Receive a welcome bonus when you spend the minimum amount
  • Annual fee of 89 USD, which isn't too high
  • Foreign transactions are free of charge
  • Late payments are subject to a late fee, but there is no APR penalty
  • No fraud liability if your card is ever lost or stolen
  • Accepted in every location that accepts Mastercard

The frontier airlines credit-card customer service is available 24/7 to provide additional information.


How can I use my Frontier credit cards?


To earn more points and to get cheaper fares, most passengers opt for a Frontier Airline credit card. How do you earn and use rewards on Frontier Airlines World Mastercard’s? Let's see!

Get Rewards on Frontier Credit Card


Frontier Airlines credit card offers 50,000 bonus miles and a 100 USD flight voucher if you spend 500 USD on purchases. You must also pay the annual fee within the first 90 day. These are some other ways to earn rewards

  • Fly Frontier website bookings offer 5x more miles
  • For restaurant purchases, you get 3 times miles
  • Everything else is 1X Miles

You can also earn Elite status quicker if you earn one qualifying mile for every dollar spent on Frontier Airlines purchases.

Frontier Airlines World Mastercard passengers have the option to unlock Family Pooling benefits, which allow them to share their miles among friends.


What are the benefits of Frontier Airlines Credit Card?


Frontier credit cards offer many benefits. With this card, you can earn more, save more and spend more all at once. Let's learn more about these options!

  • No blackout dates apply, so if you use your Frontier Airline credit cards at most once every six months, your miles won't expire.
  • Frontier's world Master Card gives you free access to your FICO credit score online. This allows you to see if it has changed over the past few months.
  • This Mastercard can also be used to pay taxes and fees for your award tickets, which start at 5.60 USD one-way.
  • Priority Zone 2 boarding is available to all cardmembers who have enough miles.
  • Balance transfers have a low introductory APR. For 15 months, however, the intro APR will be 0%. This applies to balance transfers made within 45 days after opening an account. This is when the variable APR value applies.
  • The airline will not hold your card responsible if it is lost or stolen.


Only for


If you live in a Frontier Airlines hub or focus city, restaurants and other apparel shops/businesses accept your card. You can only redeem miles for this card if you meet the minimum spend requirements. Frontier has a smaller network. However, Frontier is a great choice for avid travelers who want to purchase the card.

Call 801-401-9000 to speak with an airline expert and receive additional information about redeeming and earning rewards



You can fly up to 2 roundtrips.

To get points, you need to spend only $500 within 3 months

15% Months at -0% APR

Free FICO Score Check

-If you keep your card after using points, you get 2x points for frontier flights

You can get a $100 coupon every anniversary for spending $2,500 annually. However, you will need to pay an additional $69 per year.



-The annual fee is $69, which means you can technically get up to 2 flights for the $69+fees below

-There is an additional $5.60 taxes/fees when you book a roundtrip flight ($11.20 per person).

If the ticket is not purchased within 180 days, there will be a $15 booking fee.

You can't book a flight to another person with your miles without calling customer service. Although they may try to charge you a booking fee if you tell them that you tried it online, sometimes they will waive this fee.

You can only use cash or full miles for each flight. You can't split the difference. If you have 5,000 miles but the flight is 10,000 in price, you can't purchase a flight until you have 10,000 miles on your card.

Unless you travel during the week or at extremely inconvenient times, most flights will cost more than 10,000 points.

To use your miles to purchase a flight, you must wait until the 3 months mark

You earn 1 mile for every dollar you spend on any other flights than frontier. Most cards offer 1.25+ points

There are additional fees for all items (check bags, insurance, seats, and carry-ons). If you're able to take just a small backpack and be able sit anywhere, you can avoid paying any fees.

If you do not make a purchase within 6 months, your miles will be lost

This credit card is a good option for cheap flights if you have a small backpack that you can carry and be able to sit anywhere you like on the plane. There are better reward programs that will suit your needs if you need a particular seat, carry a bag, or have insurance. Spend $500 on the card and then get rid of it once you've used all your points!


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