Frontier Airlines


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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines may be a discount airline that you have seen in your search results for low-cost flights.

Frontier Airlines offers very low airfares from time to time, often as low as $19. Frontier Airlines will often charge extra for services that you get on other airlines. It may be difficult to find the help you need.




Frontier Airlines has its headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

It has more than 100 destinations in the United States and Mexico as well as Central America, Central America, and the Caribbean.




Frontier Airlines only offers one fare class and the fares are often lower than those on legacy airlines. Frontier Airlines offers many of the same amenities as legacy airlines, but at a higher cost.


Seat Selection


You will be asked where to sit during the booking process. However, this is not a free service. Frontier's website states that the cost of choosing a seat starts from $11 per leg. Based on my preference for where I wanted to sit, I was able to determine that the seat selection prices ranged between $18 and $38 per leg.

Frontier Customer Support was contacted to help me determine the exact range of fees required for seat selection. I spoke with three different representatives, and received three different answers.

You will not be given a seat if you do not choose one at the time you book. Frontier cannot guarantee that people will be in the same party seat next to each other even if they don't charge for it.


Baggage Fees


Frontier allows you to bring one personal item aboard for free. This could be a bag, purse, laptop bag or backpack that has maximum dimensions of 14'x18'x8'.

Frontier's website states that strollers, car seat, and diaper bags are exempted from bag fees if you travel with an infant.

The cost of checking or carrying a bag will vary depending on its weight, destination and travel dates.

It is almost impossible to estimate the bag cost page. So, it's best to use the pricing tool to book your flight. Waiting until you arrive at the airport will make you pay more.

For a February 2023 flight from New York City (LaGuardia), I checked the prices in November 2022. A carry-on bag costs $64 per person. The alert box that popped up when I checked out said I could save $4 if I paid at the airport instead of booking.


Priority Boarding


priority board is available if you purchase a bundled fare (more details below) or pay for a carry-on luggage. Frontier offers different priority boarding levels. Yes, it's complicated.

There are different levels and fees for each, which can vary. After I checked out, I decided not to add priority board with a carry-on luggage but was then offered priority boarding for $7.99 per way. You can opt for priority boarding if you don't want to buy a carry-on bag but it is still an important option.


Cancellation and Change Fees


Frontier's website states that all tickets are subject cancellation fees unless purchased a Works bundle fare. (More information on bundled fares later). Federal law allows you to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure time and date.

It was easy to follow the steps for creating and cancelling a reservation on Frontier's website.


Food, Beverage, and Entertainment


Frontier Airlines does NOT offer complimentary food or beverages. A wide range of drinks and snacks are available to purchase. You won't find onboard entertainment at Frontier if you search. Frontier doesn't have Wi-Fi, TVs, movies, or electrical outlets at your seat.


Customer Services


Frontier Airlines closed its customer support line in November 2022.

Frontier's website states that you can reach them via:

  • Live chat 24/7
  • Feedback Form - For questions or concerns (scroll to the bottom)
  • Mobile appAndroid | iOS
  • Social media @flyfrontier Facebook, @flyfrontier Instagram, @flyfrontier Twitter

Before the telephone line was cut, I called Customer Support multiple times to research this article. There were long wait times and contradicting answers from various representatives.


Final Thoughts


Frontier Airlines offers cheap flights, but they also charge a lot for services, which I found lacking in customer support.

You can save money by comparing all fees and choosing a bundle package. Compare that to flying full-fare airlines to find the best savings.


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