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Frontier Airline Deals

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Frontier Airline

Frontier Airline


Frontier Airlines considers themselves a low-cost carrier. They charge their customers for everything. They charge fees for choosing seats, carry-on and checked bags, as well as any food or snacks in flight. It is important to avoid paying these fees when flying low-cost carriers.



Frontier Airline Deals


I signed up to receive multiple flights email alerts. As soon as the Frontier deal alert for $14 tickets came through, I bought the tickets instantly without wasting any time. These deals are often very popular so you should make sure to purchase your tickets immediately after you receive the email alert.

Frontier Airlines tickets were only $14 each, plus taxes. I bought them directly from the Frontier Airlines website. Below you can see that each one-way ticket for all six of them costs $85.20.

Frontier Airlines was the only airline that we paid taxes. This is roughly the cost of filling up my car with gas for a short trip. I was very excited about this deal!

Frontier Airlines Check In


Check in online for Frontier flights or via the Frontier mobile app, up to 24 hours before departure. If you are planning to do a Frontier check-in that includes luggage, you can order your luggage online before your flight. Then you will need to check in at Frontier Airlines and pay the luggage fees.

Frontier's check-in process is simple and easy. Frontier offers online check-in, in-person check-in and an app check-in. You can buy a seat assignment or priority boarding when you check in online with Frontier.

We check in using the Frontier mobile app, and I rarely buy any extras. Frontier makes it so simple to travel with them via mobile check-in.


Frontier Airlines Flight Seat Assignment


The airline charges $10-20 per seat. I didn't pay this extra when I purchased our tickets. My goal was to not pay more than $14 if I had to select our seats.

This is something that many people worry about, especially when they are traveling with young children. Sometimes, children are assigned seats that are different from their parents. This can cause problems for young children.

In such a situation, I wouldn't expect people moving to be near me so I can watch my children. This is especially true considering that those who paid for seats may not have chosen the best seats. It is unfair. I didn't worry and decided to take the risk of not further investing in seat selection. Frontier Airlines was able to assign us all seats that were right next to one another.


Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy


Frontier Airlines charges $30 for carry-on baggage (less than 35 lbs) and $25 for checked luggage. You will be charged $60 at the airport if you fail to pay the Frontier baggage fee or if your bag is larger than a personal bag. You will be charged an additional fee if your bag weighs more than 50 or 100 pounds.

Frontier Airlines offers a complimentary personal item bag of 18inX8inX4in size (similar to a diaper bag). I didn't want luggage to cost me a penny so I searched for personal items approved luggage. It was simple for the children as they used these Osprey1 backpacks. All our bags came free of charge.

I spent a lot of time online researching, reading many reviews about Frontier Airlines baggage, the discount den, before finally settling on the boarding blue personal item. (By the by, it also works for Spirit Airlines and American Airlines etc.



Frontier Airlines Car Seat and Stroller Policy


Frontier Airlines allows you to check in a stroller or a car seat free of charge. Although we didn't bring a stroller with us, we did have the option to check in our children's car seats.

The Gogo Baby was used by the kids. They were able to easily transport their car seats around the airport using the Even Flo Maestro Car Seat. We were also able to transport their scooters, and checked everything in at the gate.

The Car Seat Gate check bag was used. We put the car seat, baby travel mate, and their scooter in the bag. When we got off the flight in Florida, all their bags were there at the gate.

Also, we took the Safety First My Guide on Frontier flights before and Aiden rode in the car seat during the flight. You have the option of doing that too, if you wish.

Frontier allows parents to use booster seat during flights if their children are older than the age of a car seat. Only during take-off or landing.


Comfort On a Frontier Airlines Flight


Frontier Airlines seats do not recline. This is important to remember for long flights. The seats are large and there is plenty of leg room. We didn't use the seat back tray, so it didn't really matter to us.

Frontier doesn't offer comfort or first-class seating. Frontier Airlines does not offer comfort seating or first class on red-eye flights. They did not have blankets for our flight so bring something to cover your kids.


Frontier Airlines in Flight Service


Frontier Airlines charges you for all meals and beverages on your flight. Frontier Airlines does not accept cash, but only debit and credit cards. So that we could fly without me buying anything, I packed snacks and food for our children. I was unaware that they offer water free of charge, so I brought a water bottle and filled it up at the airport before we flew.


Frontier Airlines Flight Entertainment


Frontier Airlines doesn't offer in-flight entertainment, and their flights don't have internet. Plan accordingly, especially if you are flying Frontier Airlines with children.

To ensure a smooth flight, make sure they have enough entertainment to keep them occupied. Make sure your children have access to apps and TV shows that can be downloaded offline if they have a tablet.

You should bring toys to the children if you fly without a tablet. For all the details, check out my post " How to Keep Your Children Engaged on Flights". The red-eye flight was chosen so that the children slept throughout the flight.


Tips For Your Frontier Airlines Flight


* Save time by checking in at Frontier Airlines within the 24-hour check-in timeframe. If you need to, print your boarding pass. You can scan your boarding passes from your mobile phone or email.

Frontier Airlines is a participant in TSA Precheck. To zoom through airports, make sure you enter your known traveller number. Frontier Airlines allows you to bring your children along for the TSA Precheck process.


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