Delta Airlines Chat

Delta Airlines Chat

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Delta Airlines Chat

Delta Airlines Chat


Delta Airlines doesn't offer live chat support to customers.

Delta Airlines Phone Number: 800-692-6980

New customers: Call 844-205-7736

Websites will often be able to provide a help guide, or find the right contact information for you if you give more details about your issue.



Chatting with Delta Airlines Customer Services


When it is available, people know how to chat live with Delta Airlines. We can usually provide tips and talking points to help speed up the conversation and achieve a better outcome. We have had to inform customers that they do not offer chat support for Delta Airlines customer service. There is still an option to speak to a person to resolve your Delta Airlines customer service issue. This is by calling them on the telephone. We have provided the best phone number and the most accurate information we could find from Delta Airlines customers. You can also use our free tool to skip the waiting on hold. You can find that information here. Customers are most likely to contact Delta Airlines to make a booking, change flight, cancel flight, delay flight, baggage problem, or any other customer service issue. However, they often end up using websites other tools and information to resolve the issue. We recommend that you indicate the nature of your issue above, as live chat is not possible. website will then direct you to the right phone, web, email, twitter or Facebook address for your problem. We started collecting information from customers to help us determine if Delta Airlines offers live chat customer service. Keep sharing your knowledge about Delta Airlines contact with website, and continue sharing it with others to make customer service easier.



Contacting Delta Airlines


Although Delta Airlines doesn't offer live chat, it does have a telephone number. There are 20 ways you can get in touch. You can reach Delta Airlines at 800-692-6980 by clicking the link above. This number is the best. Do you have any other options to reach Delta Airlines? Is any of the above information incorrect? We would love to hear from you so that we can continue sharing the best information possible with our customers.


Do you need to change your name, birth date, or gender?


You will need to provide supporting documentation for any changes in your name, birth date, or gender.

  • Send a copy of any court documents to make changes in your name (e.g., court order, marriage certificate, divorce certificate etc.) Along with the request for change
  • To make changes to your birth date or gender, please send us a copy of your identity verification documentation. Please send a copy of your identity verification documentation (e.g., passport, license) with the request for any changes.
  • SkyMiles accounts must match your legal identification (driver's licence, passport, etc.). You use to travel

To submit documentation or complete your request, please log into.


Only need to change your middle name?


You don't need to provide documentation to update your account.

  • Add middle name
  • Modify middle initial to full name
  • Change middle initial to full name

To submit documentation or complete your request, please log into.


Are you having trouble accessing your account?


If you are unable to access your account and need to verify your identity, please complete the Identity Verification Formula.

You can access your account but only need to change your basic information (e.g., To assist you with your request, please log into first.

Soon, Delta will offer a chat feature on Delta Professional. This is a suite of enhancements for its Delta Edge meetings product and enhanced operational reporting for corporate customers. All this was in response to feedback received from corporate travel managers and travel agents.

Kristen Shovlin Vice President, Sales Operations and Development, stated that "We never stop trying to improve the products which we offer to our customers so we can make doing Business with Delta easy." "Sometimes that means industry-leading launch - such as our new Delta Professional Chat feature. In other cases, it's about continuously refining our top-selling suite of products based upon listening to our customers.


Travel agents’ industry-first chat function

The new industry-first chat function on Delta Professional gives travel agents an additional channel to help their clients quickly. Global Sales Support's chat function mimics the chat feature, which allows travel agents to instantly connect with Delta Global Sales Support associates.

Chat is an additional channel for travel agents. They can also continue to use all other features of Delta's sales support, such as online self-service and email interactions, or phone calls via the airline’s Global Sales Support Desk, which is available 24-7-365.


Self-service options to speed the filing process

Delta will roll out Securities Hub in November. This self-service application will simplify the corporate agreement filing process. The new tool will simplify the process of securities updates for Delta's corporate customers as well as agency partners. It includes automatic error-checking, built-in filing status tracking, and automatic error-checking. Securities filings can be made in GDS within 24 hours thanks to this simplified process.


Enhanced corporate meeting product

Delta Edge Meetings, its corporate meeting product, is being enhanced with new features, including a 24-hour filing obligation and expanded reporting. Based on the feedback of corporate customers who use Delta Edge Meetings each year to manage large-group travel, these features were developed.

Corporate customers who register events through Delta Edge Meetings now have 24-hour access to special meeting fares, rather than the previous 10-day period.

Customers who use Delta Edge Meetings will also be able to access enhanced reporting. This allows them to collaborate with their account representative to view real-time data about top destinations, time periods, and back-end payment details.


Sky Partner Reports - More data, simplified look

Sky Partner Reports was launched by Delta in 2011 to give corporate travel managers easy access to all aspects of Delta's value proposition, including Delta's Contract Value, Beyond contract Value, customer service, and Delta Edge points. The airline has been improving the reports over time based on feedback received from travel managers.

The reports will be redesigned in November and will include new data points to show Delta's value. These data points will include country-level Beyond Contract value as well as global savings data, which includes partners such Air France and KLM.

Delta will offer additional flexibility based on customer feedback. Customers can also choose to personalize Beyond Contract Value preferences. This option, which will be available with Sky Partner reports, is based directly on customer feedback.


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