American Airlines Seating

American Airlines Seat Selections: How to Choose Preferred Seats

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American Airlines Seating

American Airlines Seating


American Airlines Seat Selections: How to Choose Preferred Seats


American Airlines offers passengers the ability to choose a seat either during or after a flight booking. If you purchased an American Airlines seat choice, you can follow these steps to select a seat.

  1. Visit, then click on the "My Trips" section.
  2. Enter your 'booking number and 'last names. '
  3. Choose your booking, then search for any seat that is available.
  4. You can now choose a seat and follow on-screen instructions.


What is the cost of a seat on American Airlines.


A fee of $9 per person can be paid to select a seat. This fee varies depending on the type of ticket and route. American Airlines will assign your preferred seats to you even if you do not purchase seat selection. The official AA website has information about the cost of seat selection. You can also contact the customer service team to find out more.


How do you choose your seat on American Airlines Economy flights?


You can select your seat on American Airlines Economy Class up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. However, this is subject to American Airlines seat assignment policies. Depending on your elite status, you may be able to pick your seat free of charge if you are an AAdvantage member.


What's the difference between economy & basic economy on American Airlines?


American Airlines offers both basic and economy classes. Both fares include a carry-on bag free of charge and personal items. Both would need to pay for checked baggage. The only difference is seating. Economy class passengers can have the Window or Aisle seats on priority basis, while economy class passengers will be able to get the economy seat.


Should I pay for seat selection?


The cost of selecting a seat depends entirely on your travel requirements. You can't choose your preferred seat if there isn't one available. You may not get your preferred seat, but you can usually choose from any available seats.


What are American Airlines' preferred seats?


The preferred seats are those with more legroom than the standard seats and are usually located in the main cabin. These American Airlines preferred seats can be booked by any passenger for a fee, but they are free for those below:

  1. Personnel serving in the active U.S. military.
  2. Members of AAdvantage Executive Platinum and Platinum are eligible.
  3. Customers who are Full Fare
  4. Holders of AAdvantage AAnytime and Business Extra award tickets
  5. Sapphire and One world Emerald members


What happens if my schedule or equipment changes?


This happens often when you don't get the seat you booked. American Airlines will attempt to offer the same seat if possible. If you do not get your seat, you can request compensation or reimbursement. This depends on American Airlines' rules for these types of situations.


Why can't I select seats when I book my flights?


You should not choose your seat at the time of booking if you have any other reason. Instead, you should wait until the scheduled departure to make a selection. American Airlines may assign you a seat at check-in if they have any availability.


What's the policy regarding refunds for preferred seats?


American Airlines will not refund you for the preferred seats. However, if you cancel your flight and paid for the preferred seats, you might get a refund along with the preferred seating.


How do I change my seats?


You can change your American Airlines seat by going to My Simply enter your last name, booking number, and your flight number. You can then choose a seat and pay for it. You can also change your seat at check-in if you are unable to find one.


American Airlines Seat Selection Policy


You don't want to miss out on your dream destination. Don't worry if your booking is made through an American airline. American Airlines' seat selection policy allows passengers to select their seats with ease. You have the right to select a seat that suits your needs and is comfortable. All you have to do is choose from the available seats, and then pay for them.

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy states that when you book a flight, you will be shown a seat map. You can then choose the best seat among the available seats. Here is a detailed explanation of the guidelines to choose a seat on an American airline.


How do you check the availability of seats on American Airlines?


Follow these steps to check if there are seats available. American seat selection is simple and straightforward.

  • Visit American Airlines' official website at
  • Register with the correct credentials
  • Select your cabin class, then enter the seat selection box to choose a seat
  • You will see the seat layout or in-seat map.
  • Each colour indicates the availability or non-availability for seats. The priority cabin level is green, while orange represents the main cabin level. Blue indicates the seats that are available, and white signifies the seats that are not available.
  • After you have selected the seating option, fill in your contact information. If there are additional fees to select a seat, be aware.


How do I book/ select a seat with American Airlines?


American Airlines offers three options for seat selection. Call +1-888-526-41112 to learn more about American Airlines' seat selection fees before you book an AA flight ticket. American Airlines offers a convenient and easy way to select the seats you want. You can also select seats during check in.


Method1: Online at the Official Site

  • Visit
  • Please fill out the following information for flight bookings such as number of adults, departure and available dates
  • You can choose the flight that suits you best.
  • Once you have chosen the flight, find the best seat available according to the seat map.
  • Choose the seat that is most comfortable for you.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting your seat.
  • You can pay the total amount of the ticket using your debit or credit cards. You will be charged extra for the seat you choose. If this happens, the ticket price will increase.
  • You have booked your ticket.


Method2: By Phone Call

Call American Airlines directly at 1-888-526-4111 to book your seat according to your preferences. They will request your booking information and will check availability of seats. If the seat you prefer is available. The ticket will be booked and paid for by the person you registered via your email.


How do I upgrade/change my seat?


You may feel the need to upgrade your seat or change it to your preference. It is easy to follow with American Airlines. These steps will allow you to easily upgrade your American Airlines Seat Selection.

  • Visit
  • Visit "My Trips".
  • Please enter your first and last names, and any other information you have been asked.
  • Click on "Find your Trip".
  • You will see a list with flight options. Click on the "change seats" icon to select your flight option.
  • The vacant seats will be displayed with the prices included
  • Select the seat that you like. Continue clicking
  • To make payment for your seat upgrade, you'll be redirected back to this page
  • Within a short time, you will receive a confirmation email after payment has been made.

Upgrade your seat to include legroom, a lie-flat or fast check-in.


American Airlines Pick Seats


American Airlines passengers can choose the seats they want at the time of booking or after the booking is complete. You can also select seats for your minor. How do you select the seats that suit your needs on American Airlines? This can be done by visiting, or calling American Airlines Customer Service number. If you are traveling with pets, you will need more space.


What is the cost to change a seat on American Airlines?


American Airlines' seat selection policy states that you are assigned a seat by American Airlines. However, if you need to cancel or change your mind, you will be charged $9-$13 per side. It costs around $13 for an aisle seat and $12 for a middle/center one. You will be charged $40 if you book your seat in advance. The Main cabin starts at $20. The price for the Main cabin in premium economy or first-class starts at $80. You should also be familiar with the baggage policy for each class. These charges are applicable to all American Airlines flights, including A321, A319 and A320 as well as Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 777.



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