American Airlines Premium Economy

American Airlines Premium Economy Seats

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American Airlines Premium Economy

American Airlines Premium Economy


American Airlines was the first major U.S. airline in May 2017 to offer a premium economy product. American Airlines didn't hesitate to implement this new product offering. They installed premium economy on more than 100 aircraft by 2018. American Airlines' premium economy seating is now available on all its Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 aircraft, for international flights.

You may be a newcomer to premium economic on American. Let's look at American Airlines' premium economy seats, meals, and amenities. We also have some frequently asked questions about the American Airlines premium economy.


American Airlines Premium Economy Seats


One of the primary benefits of booking American Airlines premium economy is getting a domestic first-class seating in its retrofitted domestic fleet.

In a few ways, American Airlines premium economy seats offer more value than domestic first-class seats. The main advantage is that premium economy seats come with an in-flight entertainment screen, remote and remote control -- instead of just domestic first class's tablet holders. Premium economy seats also have a footrest and a leg rest.

American installed premium economy seats in three to four rows depending on the type of aircraft. American Airlines installed eight seats per row on Boeing 777 aircraft -- two each side of the window and four in central. American Airlines 787 aircraft, however, have seven seats per row and are arranged in a 2-3-2 fashion. In either case, couples will be happy to share seats in the windows with their loved ones while families will likely prefer the middle seats.


American Airlines Premium Economy Menu


American Airlines' premium economy offers "chef-inspired eating" as well as complimentary beer, wine, and spirits. American will offer multi-course meals on long-haul international flights. They will use real metal silverware and white tablecloths. American Airlines Premium Economy tickets can be as good as business class on other airlines when you add in the solid drink menu.

Premium economy service does not always offer this kind of meal. Premium economy passengers get the same food and drink as economy because American decides what meal type to serve based on where they are located.

The premium economy meal served on a recent flight between Dallas and Bogota wasn't particularly chef-inspired.


Other perks and amenities

American Airlines Premium Economy passengers receive larger seats and amenity kits, including a Casper Sleep Set, headphones, and headphones for select international flights.


Premium economy sleep set


Premium economy passengers on American Airlines receive a Casper sleep set. The sleep set is not as extensive as the one you will find in first and business class, but it does include a lumbar pillow as well as a "day blanket", which you won't find in economy.


Kit with premium economy amenities


American Airlines has been a partner with Shinola since May 2021. American Airlines has partnered with Shinola and D.S. to make its amenity kit. Premium economy: The amenity kit contains items such as socks, an eye mask and hand and body lotions, as well as a dental kit, earplugs, and a pen.

Amenity kits are not available on all American Airlines premium economy routes. American Airlines notes that amenity packs are only available for international flights. Premium economy flights to Hawaii or Alaska would not be eligible for one. Additionally, amenity kits are not available for American Airlines premium economy passengers who fly on short-haul international routes.


Additional perks for American Airlines Premium Economy


  • Headphones: Premium Economy Passenger of American Airlines receive "noise-reducing headphones." This perk is only available on eligible routes.
  • Priority check in and boarding: Premium economy American Airlines passengers can use the Priority Check-In line to board during Group 4 priority Boarding.


You might be interested in booking American Airlines Premium Economy...

Many airlines, including American Airlines, have reduced the number of seats in economy and installed premium economy seats over the last few years. American, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines now offer premium economy. This means that you can fly for a fraction of the cost of business class, but with a better experience than economy.

Not all perks will be included with every American Airlines premium economy ticket. The availability of perks varies depending on the flight route. On flights to Hawaii, Alaska, and other international destinations, it is not unusual to receive economy meals and very few amenities. This reduces the value of American Airlines premium economy seats.

To enjoy the best dining and other amenities, you will need to fly long-haul international flights.


American Airlines app

You will be able not only to stream the entertainment library from the app store or Google play store but also download the app through the app store. You'll also be able manage your bookings, seat assignments, boarding passes and airport maps.


Inflight Wi Fi


Connect to Wi-Fi


Tablet or phone:

  1. Before you take off, download the American Airlines app
  2. Connect to the "AA Inflight" Wi Fi signal and enable airplane mode
  3. If you are not being redirected, please open a new browser and go to


  1. Connect to the Wi-Fi signal "AA-Inflight".
  2. If you are not being redirected, please open a new browser and go to

You can find more information on our blog about AA's entertainment in flight.


AA'S dining experience


AA claims they will elevate your dining experience by being an official airline partner to the James Beard Foundation. Premium economy passengers can enjoy healthy and delicious meals prepared by top chefs. You can also reserve meals up to 30 days in advance, and up to 24 hours before your flight. Log in and choose your meal.

Premium cabins also come with a variety of wines, beers, and spirits that complement the on-board menu.

Note: Temporary modifications have been made to the food- and beverage service. You can find all the latest news on American Airlines' website.




Premium economy is an excellent option if you want to fly with Air Canada with all the benefits of business class but don't want a high price. Premium economy adds luxury and comfort to your flight experience with extra legroom, entertainment and a better dining experience.



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