American airlines miles value

What does this value signify?

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American airlines miles value

American airlines miles value

American Airlines has made many changes to its AAdvantage program over the years. It can be difficult to determine how many miles you are earning and burning with new rules.

The short answer to this question is that American AAdvantage miles are worth 1.5 cents each. This is a base value based on real-world data from hundreds of main cabin routes and not an increased value. This means that you should aim to redeem award redemptions for 1.5 cents or greater from American miles.


  • What does this value signify?


NerdWallet calculated that every American mile is worth approximately 1.5 cents by comparing real-world pricesIt can be used as a reference point when booking your own flights. You're earning above-average value if you get more than 1.5 cents per Mile for any given American redemption.


  • How can you increase your value?


 The basics of redeeming American Miles are the first step. Next, look for sweet spots or other optimizationsYou will generally get more value flying in premium cabins with partner airlines. (See "Value when booking business class" below).


  • What is the best time for American miles to be used?


We can examine the differences in value between miles and different times frames (main cabin versus company) by going one step deeper. Three booking times were compared:

  • 15 days before departure.
  • 180 days before departure (six months).
  • Peak winter vacation travel (Dec. 22-29).

Our analysis showed that booking far in advance provided the best value. While this doesn't necessarily mean that bookings made during holidays or last-minute won't be good, it does indicate that they don't offer an above-average value overall.


  • How to convert American dollars to miles


This calculator will calculate how many American AAdvantage points a number of miles are worth based on our valuation. This calculator is helpful for comparing an award ticket's value to a cash ticket.


  • American miles are flexible.


American miles can be used for booking flights on American as well as dozens partner airlines. However, this must be done directly through and not by transferring to other partners. You can also use them to upgrade your seats.

Other redemption options such as renting cars or booking vacation package are worth looking out for. These can be useful for American miles but are not always worth the cost.


  • How did we calculate the value of American Miles?


We compared the cash value to the award (miles) value for the same dates and routes. We compared the cost of a ticket in cash and miles across multiple tickets.

This method is different from other methods in that it examines actual redemptions and not hypothetical, maximized redemptions. This approach has the advantage of allowing you to see how these miles will be worth in real life under normal circumstances.


  • How much are American Airlines miles worth in 2022?


American Airlines AAdvantage loyalty program can sometimes seem like two separate frequent flyer programs. One offers a consistent, but not great return on redemption miles on American Airlines flights and the other offers a more predictable, but often excellent return on flights on partner airlines.

This is why AAdvantage miles have an average redemption value at 1.4 cents per kilometre with Insider’s rewards valuations. You can receive huge rewards depending on how you redeem them.

Continue reading to learn which redemption options to target and which to avoid in order to get the most mileage from your miles.


  • What are American Airlines miles worth?


When I tell my friends "Trust me, you should be earning American Airlines miles, ", they always ask: What is their value? There are no-annual-fee credit cards that earn you 2% cash back. Why would I bother collecting miles?

They won't be satisfied with my answer. The number of miles you use on your flight does not directly correlate with the value of the ticket. A coach ticket to Europe costs around 30,000 miles, regardless of whether the ticket cost is $400 or $4,000.

Instead of referring to dollar amounts, I will refer to the sign-up bonus on a top American Airlines Card such as the Citi (r)/ AAdvantage (r) Executive World Elite Mastercard (r).

  • The sign-up bonus for this card is well worth a trip to the Eiffel Tower
  • The sign-up bonus for this card is well worth a trip to Machu Picchu
  • The sign-up bonus for this card is well worth a trip to Grandma's Thanksgiving.

What is the average redemption price? Based on previous award bookings, we estimate that American Airlines miles are worth 1.4 cents.

Let's take an overview of how American Airlines miles works so you can see their value in both money and memories.



Here are some examples of the value you can get from American Airline miles

Let's start with the basics.

American Airlines recently switched to dynamic pricing. This basically means that they can charge whatever price and whenever they like. It is difficult to determine the exact value of AA miles. However, you can still refer to their award chart to get an idea of the cost of an award flight.

These are just three examples that will help you to understand how American Airlines miles can be used to pay for your next flight.

Example 1: Round-trip coach trip to Zurich

American Airlines charges approximately 30,000 miles per one-way coach flight from the U.S. to any destination in Europe. However, you may be able to find lower rates depending on your route and date.

Below is an example of the price for a round trip flight from Charlotte to Zurich in June. For a coach flight, you'll need to pay 50,000 miles round-trip plus $67.55 in taxes and fees.

For those same days, the cash value of the ticket is $1,278. Here's how to calculate how many American Airlines miles you have in this scenario: $1,278 cash price + $67.55 taxes / 50,000 miles

Value per American Airlines Mile:2.42 Cents. Beautiful memories that will keep you coming back to Switzerland throughout your entire life. It is one of the three most beautiful places I have ever seen.





frequently asked Questions


  • What is 10,000 American miles worth in dollars?


About $150 is the value of 10,000 American miles


  • What is 25,000 American Miles worth?


About $375 is the value of 25,000 American Miles.


  • What is 50,000 American Miles worth?


About $750 is the value of 50,000 American Miles.


  • What is 80,000 American Miles worth?


About $1,200 is the value of 80,000 American Miles.


  • What is 100,000 American miles worth in dollars?


100,000 American miles can be worth approximately $1,500


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