American Airlines Inflight Entertainment

American Airlines Inflight Entertainment

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American Airlines Inflight Entertainment

American Airlines Inflight Entertainment


In the past, passengers had to bring their own books and magazines to pass the time while on long-haul flights. Today, however, many airlines offer state of the art inflight entertainment systems to your enjoyment.

Inflight entertainment systems offer a variety of movies and TV shows episodes. Even games can be played to pass time. This is great for long flights or when your flight was delayed.

Not all inflight entertainment is equal. There are some airlines that do entertainment better than others. This guide will compare the entertainment options offered by major airlines.


American Airlines Inflight Entertainment


Let's begin by taking a look at American Airlines, one of the most well-known and largest airlines. The entertainment experience in flight with American can be varied. American's large fleet includes many different aircraft. Some of these aircraft offer more entertainment options than others.

While the entire American fleet is equipped with WiFi technology, only a few planes will be equipped with seatback screens. Some allow you to connect to an app onboard to stream content from your device. American offers the most extensive movie collection on the market, but is limited in TV variety.

American Airlines has followed the lead of Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and have made inflight entertainment free for all passengers!

This means that all passengers, regardless of their seat (economy or business), can now watch TV, listen to music, and play games free of charge. The best part? You also get recently released TV shows, movies, and premium offers that were previously available for as low as $4-8. This is amazing! This will make your flight more enjoyable and feel much faster!

You can watch movies on your phone, tablet or laptop.

While 20 of the 300 aircraft equipped with inflight entertainment systems don't have built-in seat back monitors, those on planes that do have them can still watch and listen to free movies on their smartphones, tablets, laptops , and other devices via in-flight WiFi .

You need to download the American Airlines App in order to stream movies and music from your mobile phone or tablet. It is free to download on all iOS/ Apple, and Android phones. This is a good idea to do before you go to the airport to ensure that you're ready for your flight.

American Airlines serves flights to more than 150 destinations in the USA and 50 countries internationally. At the moment American Airlines have built an in-flight entertainment system and WiFi on 300 aircraft and continue adding more and more every day. So, enjoy your American Airlines inflight entertainment!

American Airlines offers in-flight entertainment


Television and movies


American Airlines passengers have the option to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV, depending on their aircraft. They can also view them on overhead screens, seatback screens, personal devices, or airline-provided tablets. The seatback screens are more common on larger aircraft. This allows passengers to access all the entertainment options at their fingertips.

Wi-Fi is available on many airplanes. Customers can stream from their personal devices and watch movies or shows. To be able access the content, users must have the American Airlines app installed before taking off. The Wi-Fi is free for passengers as long as they are not viewing video content outside the American Airlines entertainment center.

American Airlines offers a Samsung tablet to watch movies on first- and business-class flights.




American Airlines is the first commercial airline that offers music streaming via complimentary inflight WiFi access. Apple Music users can stream more than 50,000,000 songs, playlists, and music videos from any domestic flight that has Wi-Fi. Apple Music can be signed up onboard by passengers and gets three months for free.




American Airlines offers high speed Wi-Fi on selected domestic flights. Wi-Fi starts at $10 and is available on all routes. American Airlines offers two options for Wi-Fi: a $49.95 monthly plan that covers one device, and a $59.95 monthly plan that covers two devices.


Last Thoughts


American is known for its insistence on removing entertainment screens from domestic planes, but it's nice to see them finally invest in a high-quality system for international flights. These systems won't be available immediately, however, American expects that the plane orders will continue to increase over the next few decades.

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