American airlines economy

American airlines economy

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American airlines economy

American airlines economy

Basic Economy is the cheapest fare onboard American Airlines. This class offers a basic experience with some standard amenities but many restrictions that will make it difficult for many flyers to choose this option.

Basic Economy is a class that books on American Airlines into the "B" fare category. It's easy to remember. Basic Economy is not available on all flights, and B fares may not be offered on every flight. American regularly considers pricing, destinations and demand to determine when Basic Economy fares make sense.

Some routes, especially those that take you to domestic leisure destinations, almost always have Basic Economy. Some routes do not have Basic Economy, while others only offer limited B fare tickets. You may be able to find Basic Economy fares even on the same departure day in some cases.

Passengers will be notified of any restrictions before they pay when booking with, an online travel agency like Orbitz and Kayak. This important warning has been debated. It warns travelers against booking Basic Economy tickets and encourages them to book regular economy tickets that offer more perks and benefits.

A Basic Economy ticket can have a price difference that is variable between regular economy and basic economy. You might see a $10 difference or several hundred dollars. In many cases, the Basic Economy fare was lower than the regular fare by as much as $50.

This can be confusing as Basic Economy's goal is to encourage flyers who want to increase their fares to regular economy. However, such a large fare discrepancy could make it difficult to for many travelers. This strange pricing decision will be left up to the airlines.

The bottom line: Basic Economy is available in the "B" fare category when you search for flights on However, it may not always be. Make sure to understand the differences in price between regular economy and Basic Economy tickets when you search for a Basic Economy flight.

Why was Basic Economy introduced?

Low-cost carriers often segment their ticket offerings in order to lower the price. Items like seat assignments, checked baggage, onboard services, and upgrade all have separate fees. These options are removed from the economy fare so passengers can add them in at their own discretion. This will result in a lower price when a passenger searches for a fare.

Many travelers don't want to pay more for ancillary services and will choose to stay with the least expensive option in order to save money. They pay for additional products or services when they are required, which creates additional revenue for the airline.

American followed Delta (and United)'s lead, which had already launched Basic Economy products. American was in the middle of a merger so it wasn't feasible to introduce the Basic Economy product sooner than they did.

Bottom line: Basic Economy offers passengers more pricing options and creates more revenue for the airline.


What are the restrictions of American Airlines Basic Economy?

A cheaper fare means more restrictions so you need to be able to distinguish between a Basic Economy ticket and a regular Economy ticket.

Baggage Allowance

First, you can bring your carry-on bag with American Airlines Basic Economy. You will find one in the overhead bin, and one under the seat in front. The same applies to all economy class fares. You should be able to carry what is considered a normal bag and fit in the sizer.

However, you will see below that your chances of getting on the plane with enough space are greatly reduced since you will be boarding with Group 9 on a basic Economy ticket. This means that you may not have room for bags, but you might need it.

You will be granted 1 free checked bag on flights to Israel, India and Asia.

Ticket Updates

Second, no flight change requests (changing your flight to an entirely different ticket) or refunds are allowed. However, you will need to pay applicable fees and make any necessary changes.

You book a Basic Economy ticket, and you are purchasing a fully fixed ticket. This allows you to choose the exact flight you desire at the perfect time. The only way to change a ticket within the same day is to enroll in a same-day change program. They have limited inventory. This is especially important for business travelers, who depend on ticket changes to make it through business trips. However, most leisure travelers would be fine with the inability to change tickets.

Priority Access and Boarding

Priority Access will not be available to Basic Economy passengers even if they are willing to pay separately. AAdvantage's elites will board in their respective groups, with the exception of Executive Platinum and Pro. After all elites, AAdvantage cardholders can still board in Group 5.

Basic Economy passengers will be boarding Group 9 boarding . This is the last group to board an aircraft. It is possible that the overhead bin space will be full at this point. This means that you will need to gate-check your bags until you reach your destination.

There is no way around this except for elite status and holding a designated credit card with AAdvantage. Group 9 boarding is not for the faint-hearted. You'll need to wait at the gate until the end and there won't be any storage space for bags once you board the plane.

Seat Selection

Basic Economy passengers are assigned seats based on their available space. Some Basic Economy passengers may be assigned middle seats or other unsuitable seats.

Hot Tipp: Basic Economy Passenger will have 48 hours before departure to select seats, but not the option to buy Main Cabin Extra or Preferred sections.

Some passengers report success in waiting until the very last minute to check-in, even though all the economy seats at the back are full. They are assigned decent seats in front, sometimes even Main Cabin Additional seats because there isn't enough space elsewhere.

However, there is a chance that you might be denied entry if your flight is too oversold. If you absolutely must travel, don't delay!

If you are an elite member of AAdvantage, you can still select Main Cabin Extra Seats for free at your designated window.


Basic Economy tickets will now be available to AAdvantage members as of October 2020. Upgrade privileges, discounted (or free) tickets, as well as Preferred and Main Cabin Extra seating and same-day confirmation flight benefits are all part of this program.

American Airlines' 777-3300ER is a comfortable, international business class flight. American Airlines Image Credit

You can find more information about upgrading on American Airlines flight.


If your plane experiences any unusual operations, including weather-related or mechanical problems, you can be re-accommodated only on American Airlines and joint-business partner airlines. You'll have additional protection and rebooking options if you are an elite member of AAdvantage. This includes other alliance members or other airlines in extreme situations.

Be aware that rebooking options for Basic Economy tickets may be limited due to flight loads and destination cities. Other passengers will have priority. In the event of major mechanical disruptions, American might decide to fly qualifying passengers to United in order to reach their destination. This option is not available to Basic Economy customers.

What Does Regular American Airlines Economy Entail?

To compare offers, it is helpful to know what normal economy pricing looks like so that you can see both sides.


Normal economy fares include a carry-on bag in an overhead bin and personal items under your seat, the same as Basic Economy. Regular passengers and Basic Economy passengers will need to pay for checked baggage. We've provided more details on AA baggage fees.

Ticket Updates

Normal economy fares do include the possibility of same-day flight changes (usually at a charge) and the option for travel to be changed completely for the difference in fare. Even though the fare is higher, there will still be flexibility in case your plans are disrupted. Businesspeople and large corporations book regular fares to enjoy this option.

A regular fare is required to cover any minor changes in your schedule or to waive fees. These restrictions are why many business travel accounts are programmed and not to include Basic Economy prices in search results. If you're in a corporate environment, speak to your travel coordinator to learn more.

Economy Boarding and Priority Access

Priority Access can be purchased on regular economy tickets. All elite levels will board with the respective groups: Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro and Platinum in Group 2. Platinum in Group 3. Gold in Group 4. AAdvantage cardholders will board with Group 5 after all the elites.

Economy Seat Choice

Regular economy customers can select their seats at no cost; however, some preferred seats and Main Cabin Extra seats may be subject to an additional charge. In any event, all seats are available for purchase or selection at any time. Elites can choose from Main Cabin Extra or preferred seats at any moment.

We believe that having better seats on long flights is one reason to not purchase Basic Economy fares. The flight capacity will determine your assignment, but those who wait for the auto seat assignments are often assigned undesirable middle seats (mostly in the rear).

No matter what type of ticket you purchase, the actual seats types will remain the same. However, some seats may be preferred due to their location or greater legroom. There are no designated "Basic Economy” seats.



Regular economy allows for paid and complimentary upgrades. These include complimentary domestic upgrades and miles and copay upgrade, systemwide upgrades and load factor-based upgrades (elites and non-elites).

An option to upgrade your fare to a regular economy ticket can be purchased. This will not incur any change fees. Some people have reported that they can upgrade a Basic Economy ticket from regular economy to regular economy, even though they didn't know it.

If you are in this situation and need to convert your ticket from Basic Economy or regular to another class, contact American reservations. They can help.


If there is an irregular operation, regular economy passengers or business/first travellers have several options.

  • If they can get them to their destination quicker than any other options, all long-haul and transcontinental first-class passengers can fly on non-partner airlines.
  • Non-partner airlines can also offer ConciergeKey and Executive Platinum as well as Oneworld Emerald and Platinum Pro in all cabins if they are able to get them there faster than any other options.
  • If American or its partners are unable to get passengers in business or short-haul first-class to their destination within five hours, they can use non-partner airlines.
  • If American or its partners are unable to get them there within five hours, they can put Platinum, Oneworld Sapphire and Gold on non-partner airlines.
  • You can't use partner airlines if you don't have status or are in economy. However, American will work with you to rebook your flight on their flights.

As you can see you are already a bit behind in rebooking priority for a regular flight. A Basic Economy fare would not be possible under these circumstances.


What about Basic Economy on Other Carriers

You can expect similar logistics and treatment on Alaska and Delta for Basic Economy fares. You can bring your own carry-on bag on board all three carriers. There is no fee for making changes, upgrading, or selecting any advanced seat assignments.

Most airlines don't want to make Basic Economy customers feel any different than other airlines. This was the case in 2018, when American banned carry-on bags. Because customers could see the difference in pricing when booking through online travel agencies, they started to choose United over Delta.

The benefits offered by the airlines are basically aligned, so they show up in search results for no-frills passengers. Let's do a quick comparison to help us decide.

  • American and United assign seats to you at check-in. Delta, however, allows you to select your seat.
  • United does not offer this credit to elite qualifying credit.
  • All airlines offer award miles.
  • No carriers offer ticket change, but American offers the option to upgrade your status with AAdvantage.

There is no better Basic Economy experience than the one you have now.

Last Thoughts

Do not let American's Basic Economy experience fool you. It is an excellent product for people who aren't concerned about extras or amenities, and are very price conscious. A Basic Economy fare is more than likely to suit your needs if this is you.

If you are a businessperson, travel in a corporate environment or prefer extras such as upgrades and seat selections, then the Basic Economy experience is not for you.



  • What's the difference between economy and basic American Airlines?


What is the basic economy? The basic economy is the best option if you want to get the lowest price in American Airlines main cabin. These tickets are just coach fares at deeply discounted prices, with no restrictions. The only difference is that these seats cannot be reserved in advance



  • Are economy and basic better?


Basic economy permits carry-on bags and seat selection. Basic economy is the least expensive.



  • Are you allowed to carry a bag in the American economy?


Bag details

One carry-on item and one personal item can be carried onboard. You can only bring one carry-on item, and it must not exceed 22x14x9in (56x36x23 cm). Personal items such as a purse or small bag must be placed under your seat. It should not exceed 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm).


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