American airlines checked bag fees

Is there an additional baggage charge?

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American airlines checked bag fees

American airlines checked bag fees

Baggage fees can be tricky because every airline has its own rules. It's easy to travel with Texas-based American Airlines. To avoid paying a penalty fee, keep your checked baggage under 50 pounds. Do you want to avoid paying fees? To avoid paying fees, you'll need to be an elite loyalist or pack very light.

Is there an additional baggage charge?

American Airlines customers who are seated in economy pay $30 to get their first bag on domestic flights. This includes most Caribbean, Mexico Central American, Central American and South American flights. The first bag is always free if you are flying internationally, such as Hong Kong or Paris. On domestic flights, the second bag is $40. However, it will cost $65 if your destination is Haiti, South America or select countries in Central America. There are exceptions so make sure you check. The second bag fee increases to $100 if you fly to Europe or Asia.

What is included in the baggage fees?

American Airlines baggage fees do not apply to checked bags, as with many airlines. Each passenger has the right to carry one bag and a personal item such as a purse or small backpack. An instrument that plays music is allowed as long as it fits into the overhead bin. All items, including diaper bags, strollers, mobility devices, and strollers, are allowed. They will not count towards your carry-on allowance.

What's the catch?

These fees are for economy class passengers. It's different if you fly in a basic economic seat. You will need to pay $75 for your first bag to be checked on transatlantic flights, and $45 to travel to South America. The baggage fee may be less than the fare for the basic economy ticket in certain instances. Use your best judgement when choosing how many bags you want to take.

Are you planning to bring a third or a fourth bag? If you are flying domestically, you will pay $150 for each bag.

Let's end with some good news: Basic economy passengers now have the option to bring one personal item or a hand-carry-on. This is a positive change that we can support.


 American Airlines baggage charges for most domestic flights. It also compares to the cost of shipping baggage with Lug Less. Based on your frequent flyer status, fare class and route travelled, the actual American Airlines baggage fees you pay will vary. To calculate your fees, please visit American's Website.


Lug Less
Send a bag

$20+ /bag

  • Maximum 50 Pounds
  • Pickup or drop off local
  • Doorstep delivery


American Airlines
First checked bag

$30 /bag

  • Maximum 50 Pounds
  • - Check In at Airport
  • - Claim at baggage carousel


American Airlines
Second checked bag

$40 /bag

  • Maximum 50 Pounds
  • - Check In at Airport
  • - Claim at baggage carousel


American Airlines Baggage Fees


Baggage category



Maximum Weight

Max Size (L+W+H).

LugLess carry on





First checked bag





Second checked bag





Third checked bag





Fourth (+) checked bag





Lug Less bag





Overweight bag





Overweight bag





LugLess large bag





Bags that are larger than normal





Ship luggage starting at $15



How to avoid American baggage charges

Lug Less makes it easy to ship luggage without having to carry or check bags. It costs about the same as if you checked your luggage on an American Airlines flight. Learn more about how it works, and how we offer the best luggage shipping rates.

American Airlines check baggage fees

American Airlines charges $30-40 for baggage that weighs up to 50lbs and measures 62 inches (L+W+H), or less.

American Airlines excess baggage fees

These per bag fees are charged to passengers who need to check more bags than two. They are $150 for the third bag and $200 each for each subsequent bag.

American Airlines overweight baggage fees

American Airlines overweight baggage includes any bag that weighs more than 50lbs. Checking overweight baggage is $100 for bags between 51 and 70lbs, and $200 for bags between 71 to 100lbs. These fees are added to any standard, excessive or oversized baggage fees.

American Airlines charges extra baggage fees

Bags with greater than 62 inches in length, width and height will be considered oversized. Bags with a dimension greater than 126 inches will not be accepted. American Airlines charges a $200 extra for overweight baggage. This fee is in addition to any standard, excessive, or overweight fees.

Luggage shipping alternative


Lug Less allows you to ship your luggage before American customs fees. Lug Less costs just $15 and allows you to create a FedEx/UPS shipping label that you can attach to your bag to send it to any destination in the US.

Ship luggage starting at $15

Additional information about American baggage fees

Based on your particular fare class and loyalty status, the actual baggage fees charged by American Airlines for checked luggage may vary. To find out more about American Airlines baggage fees, please go to American's website. American Airlines (r), is an American Airlines trademark. This page was last modified on September 26, 2018. This page was last updated on September 26, 2018.

American Airlines baggage allowances are 50 lb for passengers in economy class and 70 lb for passengers in premium cabin.

American Airlines charges extra fees for luggage exceeding the airline's weight or size restrictions. Bags over 50 lbs are charged $100 and bags over 70 lbs $200 respectively. American Airlines doesn't accept checked bags over 100 pounds. Extra-large bags can be checked, but at an additional cost. American Airlines will not accept bags larger than 126 inches. This is done by adding the bag's total dimensions, length + width + height. Baggage exceeding 63 inches in size will be charged $200 for bags measuring between 158 and 126 inches (158-320 centimetres).

Special items that are not included in the standard baggage guidelines may be allowed by the airline. This includes select equipment, musical instruments and military baggage. For restrictions or fees on items that are not included in the standard baggage guidelines, please check with the airline.

American Airlines Carry-On Policies

American Airlines offers one carry-on free and one personal item for all passengers on its flights. The following restrictions apply to carry-on baggage and personal effects:

  • Personal item: 18 by 14 by 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm).
  • Carry-on: 22 by 14 by 9 inches by 22 inches (56 x 36 by 23 cm).

Some items are not allowed under standard carry-on regulations. A soft-sided garment bag with a maximum width of 51 inches (130 cm), can be carried as a carry-on. Additional carry-on allowances allow for diaper bags, one per child. Limits don't apply to strollers and car seats.

How to Avoid Baggage Fees at American Airlines

There are many ways to avoid American Airlines baggage fees for checking luggage.

American Airlines: Earn elite status

A free checked bag for you and your travel companions is one of the many benefits of being a American Airlines member. Four elite status levels offer complimentary checked baggage benefits on American Airlines flights.

  • AAdvantage Gold: One checked bag for free
  • AAdvantage Platinum: Two checked bags free
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro: Get three free checked bags
  • Three checked bags free with AAdvantage Executive Platinum

Members of AAdvantage have access to additional perks such as status mileage bonuses, upgrades and preferred seats. Your status tier will determine the benefits you receive.

American Airlines Credit Card

Select airline credit card can be used to get free checked bags American Airlines offers cobranded rewards cards through Citi and Barclays. Depending on the card you have, your checked baggage benefits may vary.

Book a Premium Cabin

American Airlines is one of the few airlines that does not charge baggage fees for premium cabin fares. Flying economy will require you to pay a fee to check your baggage. However, booking a higher-class flight will negate those fees. Select flights are available for first class, premium economy and business passengers. Flagship First customers may receive up to three complimentary checked bags

Travel credit

Some credit cards provide travel credits for those who can't avoid paying extra baggage fees. The Platinum Card(r), from American Express provides up to $200 annually in airline fee credit statements for miscellaneous airline fees, including checked baggage fees. (Enrolment required, terms applicable). Cardholders can get $300 annually in travel credit through the Chase Sapphire Reserve (r).

You can use miles or points to pay for travel costs, such as baggage fees. You can earn bonus miles on purchases made with the Capital One Capital One Venture X Reward Credit Card or Capital One Enterprise Rewards Credit Card To cover travel expenses, you can redeem CapitalOne miles

Join the Military

While airline benefits may not be the best reason to join military, they can help you access benefits such as discounted fares and priority boarding. When traveling on orders, active-duty U.S. military personnel and their dependents can get up to five checked bags for free. For active military members who are traveling for personal reasons, they can get up to three checked bags free of charge with proper identification

Do not check a bag

You can avoid paying checked baggage fees depending on how well you pack your bags. You won't need to worry about extra baggage fees if you pack light enough to fit within AA's carry-on guidelines.

You can avoid long lines at baggage claim by bringing your luggage along. It's an easy way to prevent lost or damaged luggage.

Fly with another airline

You can save American Airlines fees if you are planning to check bags. However, it is worth looking into other airlines. Dependent on where you are traveling, some airlines do not charge fees for checked baggage. Southwest Airlines, for example, allows passengers to check two bags free of charge on every flight.

Every airline has its baggage policies. For information on baggage fees, check with your airline carrier.

American Airlines Baggage Fees: When do I have to pay?

American Airlines often allows you to prepay baggage fees prior to arriving at the airport. Prepay online for up to three bags or via the airline's mobile application up to four hours before your flight departure.

If you are unable to prepay your baggage online or via the mobile app, then you will have to pay baggage fees at the airport check in counter.

American Airlines baggage fees cannot be refunded. If you are eligible for free checked bags at an airport, don't prepay.

Bottom line

If you plan to check a bag with American Airlines, you will need to take out your wallet unless your card offers checked bag benefits or a premium cabin. You might consider the AAdvantage credit cards portfolio if you fly frequently. The annual fees may be worth it for savings on checked bag fees.



  • What is the cost of a bag checked by American Airlines in 2022


Domestic flights allow Economy passengers to check one item of baggage for $30. A second piece is $40 and the third is $150. Any additional baggage is $200.


  1. American Airlines offers a free checked bag

You and up to four travel companions can use the Citi (r.) card to get your first checked bag free of charge on domestic itineraries. These terms apply.

American allows 2 checked bags for free

  1. Business and premium economy passengers receive up to two bags


each, while first-class passengers may check up to three depending on their destination.



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