American Airlines Carryon Luggage

American Airlines Carryon Luggage

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American Airlines Carryon Luggage

American Airlines Carryon Luggage


American Airlines is a great airline. Be sure to have your personal belongings and a carry-on bag.

This guide will provide information on the latest size limitations for carry-on bags with American Airlines, as well as our top picks for carry-on bags in 2022.


Carry-on Baggage

Number of Pieces

You can carry one small bag and one personal item with you.

It must fit into the overhead bin according to its dimensions.



The maximum dimensions of the carry-on bag are 45 inches. It measures 22 inches in height, width, length and length. These numbers are in centimetres 56-36 and 23.

You must check-in any item that is larger than the size of an overhead bin or under the seat.

The baggage will then be transported to the cargo area. It is important that you ensure your luggage fits within the luggage sizer.


Soft-sided Garment bag

American Airlines allows passengers to carry a soft-sided bag as carry-on luggage.

Bags must be at least 51 inches long (or 130cm in length) Linear dimension is the sum length, width and height.


Musical Instruments

If your musical instrument fits under the seat, or in the overhead bin, you can bring it along. The facility is limited to the first-come, first-served basis.

It is crucial to arrive on time at the airport, especially if your flight is international like Boston-New Delhi flights.

If the instrument is too big to fit in the overhead bin, there are other options.

However, it will cost you more to travel. You may also be able to purchase a bulkhead window seat.

American Airlines has lifted the carry-on bag restrictions for short-haul flights with Basic Economy to allow easier access to lower fares and continue to meet your needs.

American Airlines will remove the bag restriction from short-haul Basic Economy fares beginning September 5. Travelers will be able to bring a personal item and a bag on their Main Cabin flights with American Airlines starting September 5.

Customers who have AAdvantage credit cards and are eligible for elite status will continue to receive earlier boarding and complimentary checked baggage when they travel on Basic Economy tickets.


About American Airlines Group

American Airlines and American Eagle fly almost 6,700 passengers daily to more than 350 destinations around the world. American has hubs in Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Washington, D.C.


What's American Airlines (AA) carry-on baggage policy?

American Airlines (AA) allows one carry-on bag for each passenger. One personal item (purse, briefcase, etc.) is also allowed. for no additional charge.

These limits should be adhered to:

  • 45 linear inches (22x14x9in) or 115cm (56x36x23cm), with handles and wheels.
  • Place your items under the seat or in the overhead bin.
  • You should have enough space for your personal items under your seat.
  • Jacket, umbrella, diaper bag and duty-free items (wheelchairs/walkers, crutches/strollers, child restraint seat, etc.) They are not permitted. do not count towards your carry-on allowance.

Note: Bulkhead seats do not have under-seat storage. All carry-on luggage must go in the overhead bin on take-off and landing.


American Airlines personal items policy

A personal item can be brought along, but not larger than 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20cm). There are many examples of handbags and laptops on their website.

We have however found it very rare for airlines to inspect personal items' dimensions.

You might look into a smaller backpack, or carryall, if you don't have enough room in your main bag. As long as your personal item is small enough to fit under your seat, you shouldn't have problems getting it onboard.


American Airlines carries liquids

It is not permitted to bring anything that is unusual.

You can place them in a clear, resealable bag that is limited to 3.4 oz/100ml each.

Transport Security Administration (TSA) advice contains details about restrictions and exceptions for liquids like baby formula and medicine.

Other products

These items are not included with your personal or carry-on bag.

  • Mobility and medical devices
  • Safety seats for children
  • One diaper bag per child
  • Cooler bags with soft sides. Breast milk.
  • You can also add items such as a coat or umbrella.

TSA can be reached for any questions regarding an item.


What restrictions do American Airlines have on carry-on sizes?

If you bring a large carry-on, you could face a penalty

This is especially true when you are on a busy flight. These dimensions are important because they have a purpose. This is mainly due to the ease of moving an aircraft in an emergency.

This ensures that the airline complies with safety regulations and helps passengers avoid having to fight for space.


I have a large carry-on bag. Do I need to take it?

This is why the answer is complicated. It is best to avoid bags that are soft-sided or slightly big.

You can squeeze these carry-on bags into the sizer. If you can prove that it fits, you'll be fine. You won't have to pay extra to have your bag checked into the hold if it doesn't.

This is more than a fine. It can also be a hassle for anyone trying to leave the airport quickly. Everyone loves to be safe with their bags.

A heavy bag that is too large would not be recommended. It won't fit through the cage.


American Airlines baggage fees

If your bag is too large, you may be subject to significant baggage fees.

More information can be found on their website.


Where can I find quality bags that fit within American Airlines' carry-on limits?

This Maximum Allowance case was created to fit within American Airlines' limitations.

These units are great value and offer the following features:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • 4 spinner wheels are ideal for effortless transportation
  • Separators for your clothing, shoes, or other small items



It is important to ensure that your bag complies with all current regulations. It is possible to use a bag with soft sides, such as a backpack or carryall, that is slightly more than the maximum.

Soft-sided bags with wheels make it easier to transport and can be easily stuffed into the sizer.






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