American Airlines Business Class Features

American Airlines Business Class Features

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American Airlines Business Class Features

American Airlines Business Class

American Airlines Business Class Features

Business Class is a great option for long-haul travel. Business Class is gaining popularity thanks to its comfortable beds, excellent dining options, lounge access, and other amenities. American Airlines (AA), has a new generation Business Class that is available on all 767 300's & 777's of the airline.

The Seat

Business Class has a distinct advantage over Economy Class in that you can often convert your seat into a bed. The next-generation international Business Class cabin from AA features motorized seats that can be converted into fully-flat beds, including the pre-set and manually-controlled positions. A soft cotton cabin duvet will be provided on the Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and selected International Boeing 757. It is designed to provide warmth and comfort for a restful night. You can charge your electronics in the air with convenient power ports located on the seats. Additionally, they provide additional legroom and a 6-way adjustable leg rest for increased comfort.

Two separate tables are included in the tray table's innovative design. The tray table design features two separate tables. One is located at the seat back, while the other is located at the centre console. You can either use them separately or together to create a large work surface or dining area. You can also raise the privacy divider between seats to give you more privacy and shoulder room, particularly when you are in a reclined position or in bed.


All cabin classes have access to 260 movies and 240 TV shows. There are 40 radio stations. You can also listen to 20 games.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic noise cancelling headphones will be provided to Business Class and First-Class passengers. You'll get a Samsung Galaxy Tab on select flights (e.g., the Boeing 767-300), which will be loaded with movie releases, top-selling books, and music.


Business Class passengers enjoy little extras like amenity bags that are packed with useful items for use on the flight. American Airlines partnered with Shinola, D.S. and revamped its amenity kit in November 2021. To offer travelers a new line, Durga & Co.

These amenity kits are made of sustainable materials and come in beautiful pouches. They include products that make your inflight experience more pleasant, such as sleep masks and hand creams.

You will receive an amenity kit, but no pyjamas for Business. These are reserved for First-Class passengers only.


Business Class passengers of AA enjoy personalized service and a wider selection of menu options, served on modern China. You can reserve your meal at any time between 30 and 24 hours prior to your flight departure.


You can start your flight to Europe with a cocktail of your choice, along with a mix of warm nuts. Next comes a starter like fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, beetroot or goat cheese ravioli.


Your menu may include entrees such as peppered beef fillet with smoked mac cheese, rosemary orange-grilled chicken with cauliflower grin, or grilled salmon and caper lemon butter with primavera rice.


And for dessert? You can order an ice cream sundae made with seasonal berry toppings, butterscotch and pecans as well as whipped cream. A warm pecan tart, or gourmet cheese plate can be added to the ice cream along with fine cordial.

You can also choose from an award-winning wine list that has been selected to match the destination. All alcoholic beverages, even spirits, are complimentary in Business Class. Economy class only offers wine and beer on flights between the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, and selected Latin American countries.

American Airlines' Entertainment Business


This blog will highlight American Airlines' business class and what to expect onboard. We wanted to explore the American Airlines business class services that are admired by both customers and competitors. We will also examine the effects of the pandemic upon American Airlines services.

American Airlines' Star Essentials

American Airlines five-star essentials is one airport option that we chose to highlight. These services enable premium passengers to travel freely through airports. This extra convenience comes at a cost. These are some of the extras that you can expect.

  • A member of American Airlines' team will guide you through the airport.
  • To be taken through security to your gate.
  • You will be greeted upon your departure from the plane, and taken to your next gate.

Five Star Select, Five Star Private Amount, and Five Star Private Departure currently are not available. Our blog explains in detail the differences in economy and business class benefits at the airport.

American Airlines' Flight With confidence

American airlines have been awarded GBAC STAR by the Global Bio risk Advisory Council. This means that HEPA filters will be installed to refresh the air every 2 - 4 minutes. Deep cleaning of tray tables and seatbelt buckles, armrests, window shades, and tray tables is done at set intervals.

American Airlines' Seats and Cabins

It depends on the aircraft and where you're flying. The Boeing 767, 757s and Airbus A330s were retired recently and replaced by the 777-300ER fleet and 787s. The "Collins Super Diamond flatbed" seat was created. It allows direct aisle access and has a minimum 21-inch seat width. American Airlines will add Boeing 787-9s as well as Airbus A321XLR.s in 2023. According to rumours, their business class cabins will have doors.

American Airlines' Website Amenity Kits

Shinola, a luxury brand, and D.S. perfumers, both based in New York are waiting for you on your business class flight. & Durga revamped amenities kits. This new partnership will allow business class international flyers to choose between Shinola's olive or dark navy wristlet wallets. Both wallets combine faux leather and canvas with splashproof inner linings.

You will find lip balms and lotions inside, as well as socks, dental kits (electronic earplugs), sleep masks, tissues, pens, and mouthwash).

American Airlines' Business Dining

American Airlines places a lot emphasis on premium-class dining in its flight experience. American Airlines and the James Beard Foundation were the original partners in creating a delicious menu. This is accompanied by a variety of beers, wines, and spirits.

American Airlines' food and drink services have been forced to make temporary changes due to flight length and destination. The good news is that alcohol is still available on-board for business class passengers.

American Airlines' Entertainment Business

Let's begin by connecting a tablet or phone to the Wi-Fi onboard.

  • Before you take off, download the American Airlines app
  • Turn on airplane mode and connect with the "AA Inflight" Wi Fi signal
  • Open a browser to get redirected.

For laptops

  • Connect to "AA-Inflight” Wi-Fi signal
  • If you are not being redirected, open a new browser and go to

If you need an upgraded connection, AA offers a $10 pay-as–you-fly option. You can still access free of charge during your flight.

Films and other services

Apple TV will be available here with an assortment of Apple Originals, all of which have been awarded. Access to Apple Music, with more than 75 million songs, is also available ad-free. Skill share and Rosetta Stone offer lifestyle classes, such as writing and photography basics, and professional development.

Final thought

We hope that our blog American Airlines Business Class-What to Expect Inflight has helped answer many of your questions. You can also find the latest American Airlines Business Class flight deals here.

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