American Airlines Baggage Policy

American Airlines Baggage Policy

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American Airlines Baggage Policy

American Airlines Baggage Policy

American Airlines baggage fees are fairly consistent with the national average for larger U.S.-based airlines.

Economy passengers will pay for all checked baggage, domestic and international flights to/from Canada or Mexico. This excludes certain status holders and credit cardholders. Your first checked bag is free on most transatlantic and transpacific routes provided you don't book a Basic Economy fare.

American Airlines' baggage policy's excess section is where you should be cautious. If your luggage is overweight or over-sized, American Airlines will charge you for both.


American Carry-on Allowance

1 personal item: Free
1 Standard carry-on: Free

Size Restrictions

  • Personal: 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm)
  • Standard: 22x14x9 inches (56x36x23 cm)

Passengers can also use a soft-sided bag as a carry-on. It can measure up to 51" (130 cm) in length. Bags that need to be gate-checked may be subject to a fee.

Lap Infant Carry-On Policy

  • One diaper bag is allowed per child in addition to the adult's allowance.

Stroller Check Policy

  • Every customer has the right to check 1 stroller or 1 car seat free of charge. Only 1 item is allowed at the gate.
  • All strollers that weigh more than 20 pounds (9kg) must be checked at each ticket counter

American Checked baggage Allowance

All checked bags must not exceed 50 pounds (23kg) for economy or premium economy fares and 70 pounds (32.2 kg) for business and first-class fares (complimentary bag only). Exclusions are for economy and premium economy passengers who fly to Australia and New Zealand. A single checked bag may weigh up to 70 pounds (32.2 kg) for complimentary baggage, and 50 pounds (22.5 kg) for extra charged bags. Maximum linear dimensions for checked bags are 62 inches (158cm).

Seasonal Baggage Restrictions

During certain times of the year, restrictions on excess bags, overweight and oversize bags are applicable to select cities. For more information, visit American's Baggage Limitations Page.

Economy Checked Baggage Fees:


First Bag

Second bag

Third bag

4+ bags

U.S. U.S.
Maximum 10 bags





Maximum 5 bags










Due to COVID-19, only 2 bags are allowed at the moment





Caribbean (except Cuba, Haiti)
Maximum 5 bags





Central America
Maximum 5 bags





Guyana and Suriname





South America (Guyana and Suriname).
Maximum 5 bags





Maximum 10 bags





Maximum 10 bags





* The first and second bags are free for Cubans who travel to the U.S.A. or Canada. Baggage fees apply when you travel to Cuba from the U.S.A. or Canada.
Seasonally, there is a $65 charge for travel to/from Honduras.

Additional/Excess Baggage Charges (Per-One-way)

Overweight Fee 51-70 pounds (23-32 kg): $100 (200 for Cuba
Overweight Fee: 71 to 100 Pounds (32 to 45 Kg): $200*. Not accepted to/from Europe or Israel.

Fly to/from Australia, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong will cost $450. Baggage exceeding 71 pounds is prohibited on transatlantic flights and flights to/from Australia.

Extra Large Fees


Larger Than 62 Inches (158 cm)

The United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Islands and Canada


Mexico, Central America, Guyana, Suriname, Suriname, Guyana and Mexico (except Panama).


South America (except Guyana, Suriname and Panama) and Panama


Europe (transatlantic), Israel and Qatar


China, Japan (transpacific), South Korea, Hong Kong and India.


*Some cities in Mexico, Central and South America are subject to seasonal and/or year-round restrictions on checked bags.

There may be more than one fee per bag -- such as the checked bag fee + overweight fee + oversize fee.

Seasonal Restrictions for Excess Baggage

Only 2 bags are allowed for certain cities in Central and South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. The applicable cities that have seasonal restrictions can be viewed.

Year-round Restrictions

For select cities in Mexico and South America, 2 bags are allowed. The applicable cities are listed below.

Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments

Due to the handling requirements of these items, $150 will be charged for larger items like hang gliders, windsurfing gear, and scuba tanks. More information about specific items can be found here.

Can I prepay for baggage?

American Airlines allows passengers to prepay their luggage online and via the mobile app on selected domestic and Caribbean flights. You can do this at check-in or up to four hours before your flight.

These are the methods to prepay

  • Book your flight on the American Airlines website. You can also add up to 3 bags.
  • Book your flight on the American Airlines mobile application. You can also add up to 3 bags.

Logging in will not allow you to add luggage. This must be done at the airport check-in desk.

Waivers and Exclusions

The first checked bag is free

  • Citi/AAdvantage cardmembers and AAdvantage Aviator members (on domestic American Airlines flights)
  • AAdvantage Silver
  • Oneworld Ruby (includes Alaska MVP


  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • AAdvantage Silver
  • Oneworld Sapphire (includes Alaska MVP Gold)
  • TrueBlue Mosaic members
  • Confirmed domestic customers
  • Confirmed customers in the business class
  • Confirmed premium economy customers

The first, second, and the third checked bags are free

  • Confirmed first-class customers for 3-cabin aircraft*
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro
  • AAdvantage Platinum
  • Oneworld Emerald (includes Alaska MVP Gold 75K & MVP Gold 100K).

*Oneworld Emerald and Executive Platinum members who fly in first on 3-cabin aircrafts may be allowed to check a fourth bag for no additional charge.

Active U.S. Military and/or Dependents with ID travelling on orders: First through fifth bags free

U.S. military ID for personal travel: First through third bags are free

American Airlines Checked Bag Free with Credit Cards

Nearly all-American Airlines credit cards offer a free checked bag when you fly domestically with American Airlines. Your family members and friends can also receive a complimentary checked bag on their domestic flights with American Airlines.

Below are the details for each card's checked-bag benefit:


Baggage Benefit

Citi(r), / AAdvantage (r) Platinum Select (r) World Elite Mastercard(r).

You and up to four traveling companions get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

Citi(r), / AAdvantage (r) Executive World Elite Mastercard (r)

You and up to 8 companions can get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

Citi Business(r), / AAdvantage (r) Platinum Select(r), Mastercard(r),

You and up to four traveling companions get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

AAdvantage(r), Aviator(r), Red World Elite Mastercard (r)

You and up to four traveling companions get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

AAdvantage(r), Aviator(r), Silver World Elite Mastercard (r)

You and up to 8 companions can get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

AAdvantage(r), Aviator(r), World Elite Business Mastercard (r)

You and up to four traveling companions get a free checked bag for domestic itineraries

Bag fees for American Airlines

American Airlines' checked bag fees are determined by fare class, destination, and number of bags. Traveling within the United States is not possible unless you are an American Airlines elite member or have an American Airlines credit card that allows for free checked bags.

If you have more luggage or travel further, the fee may be higher. For families travelling together, or anyone who brings a lot of luggage with them, baggage fees can add up.

Here are some other fees that you might encounter when checking your bag.

  • Extra bag fee: Extra bag fees vary. Extra bags can be checked from $30 to $75. You can check a second bag for between $40 and $100, while a third bag costs $150 to $200. For $200 per person, fourth bags can be checked on some flights. See details here.
  • Oversize bag fee: Bags larger than 62 inches/158 cm or 126 inches/320 cm will cost $200 per way on flights between the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and Puerto Rico. This applies to flights between the U.S. and Canada as well as flights to Mexico, Central America, Guyana and Suriname. Oversize bags on flights to South America (excluding Suriname and Guyana) or Europe will be charged $150 per way. Bags larger than 126 inches / 320 cm will not be accepted.
  • Bag fees for overweight bags: Bags between the U.S. and Puerto Rico cost $100. Bags over 51 lbs/23kgs and 70 lbs/32kgs are charged $100. These charges also apply to flights to Australia, China, Japan and South Korea. Depending on the flight, heavier bags may be purchased for $200-$450.
  • Checked bag fee: Maximum weight for golf bags is 50 lbs/23kgs. The standard checked bag fee applies to all other destinations. Bags weighing between 50-71 lbs and 23-32 kilograms are subject to an overweight fee of $150. Tickets purchased after November 9, 2021 will be charged a $100 standard overweight fee.
  • Ski bag fee: One checked item is a pair of skis, a single snowboard, and one equipment bag. Standard bag fees apply up to 50lbs/23kgs, 126in/320cm (length + Width + Height) and up to 50lbs/23kgs. If the item is larger, standard oversize fees will be applied.

How to calculate American Airlines checked baggage fees

American Airlines' checked bag fees can be confusing, especially if your goal is to determine if it's worth paying for a basic economy ticket.

Calculator for American Airlines Domestic Baggage Fees

A handy calculator has been created to help you determine the true cost of your ticket if you wish to check bags. It also takes into consideration any co-branded credit cards or elite status you may have. You will need to contact American directly for information about international baggage fees.

How to get your baggage free on American Airlines

American Airlines offers free checked bags to premium cabin passengers, elite members, and co-branded credit card holders. Passenger who travel to certain destinations are eligible for a waiver of checked bag fees. Here are some options to avoid American bag fees.

Destination fees waived

American Airlines offers one checked bag for long-haul international main cabin flights. American Airlines gives away one checked bag for certain flights to the U.S.

These destinations offer one checked bag for free:

  • Cuba.
  • Haiti (except for basic economy fares).
  • South America (except Guyana, Suriname)
  • Transatlantic flights (except for basic economy fares)
  • Transpacific flights

The baggage allowance for a basic economy ticket may be different. American Airlines can confirm the cost of your checked bag.

American also offers a basic economy and bag fare for flights to Asia, Oceania or India. This includes one free checked bag.

Premium cabin travel includes free checked bags

While premium economy, first class and are more expensive, they offer additional checked bags for free. Premium economy and business passengers receive up to two bags free, while first-class passengers can carry up to three depending on their destination.

Elite members get free checked bags

American Airlines offers four elite tiers with a variety of useful benefits including free checked bags. This benefit is available to elite members as well as guests who travel on the same reservation with American Airlines or American Eagle.

  • AAdvantage Gold: One checked bag for free
  • AAdvantage Platinum: Two checked bags for free
  • AAdvantage Platinum Pro: Get three free checked bags
  • AAdvantage Executive Platinum: 3 free checked bags

Oneworld and JetBlue TrueBlue members are eligible for free checked bags when they fly with American Airlines.

  • Oneworld Ruby: One checked bag for free
  • Oneworld Sapphire - Two checked bags for free
  • Oneworld Emerald: Three checked bags for free
  • TrueBlue Mosaic: 2 free checked bags


  • American Airlines allows you to carry as many bags as you like on their flights.

American Airlines allows you to bring 1 standard piece of luggage and 1 personal item. Your standard carry-on cannot exceed 22x14x9 inches in dimensions, and your personal item cannot exceed 18x14x8 inches.

  • American Airlines: How much do they charge for baggage?

For your first checked bag, you will be charged $30 if you fly American Airlines within the U.S. to Mexico, Central America, Central America (except Panama) or Colombia. You will be charged $75 to add a second checked bag if you fly transatlantic in basic economy.

  • American Airlines allows you to take both a backpack and a bag on board.

A backpack can be brought onboard with your carry-on items provided that it does not exceed the maximum dimensions of personal items (18 x 14x 8 inches). A small backpack. You could also use your backpack's carry-on allowance and bring a smaller personal object.

  • American Airlines has a limit on the weight of carry-on bags.

American Airlines doesn't have a limit on the weight of carry-on luggage. You would normally need to be able lift the bag and store it without assistance, while still adhering to the dimensions of 22 x14 x 9 inches.

  • Are Advantage members eligible for free checked bags?

Eligible AAdvantage Aviator cardmembers and Citi/AAdvantage cardmembers get 1 piece of checked baggage free (on domestic American Airlines flights), and AAdvantage gold members get 1 piece of checked baggage for no charge.

2 checked bags are free for AAdvantage Platinum Pro members and AAdvantage Gold members.

For AAdvantage Executive Platinum Members, 3 bags are complimentary

  • American Airlines will accept cash to pay baggage fees

American Airlines accepts cash payment for baggage fees at certain airport ticket centres. Check individual airports to see if cash is accepted. You can also pay with a credit or debit card or vouchers or a gift card.

  • What happens if your bag weighs more than 50 pounds?

American Airlines charges a fee if your bag exceeds the standard baggage allowance. You will be charged $100 for bags between 51 and 70 pounds and $200 for bags between 71 and 100 pounds. This excludes flights to/from Australia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Bags weighing more than 71 pounds are not accepted on transatlantic flights, or flights to/from Australia and Cuba.

  • Does American Airlines charge for ski bags?

American Airlines allows passengers to carry sporting equipment and musical instruments in their standard baggage allowance. However, the bag must not exceed 50 lbs or 126 inches. If your first bag costs $30, this will be the cost to check your ski bag and other sporting equipment.